Zambia Crashes Out of NATIONS Cup, 2013

Adeola Aderounmu

Zambian’s coach Herve Renard should learn a lesson: pride goes before fall.

Thanks to the useless Egyptian referee they got a 1-1 draw against Nigeria. But Nigeria has not been superb in this tournament.

Zambian drew all their 3 games making them one of the weakest footballing nation in Africa this year, 2013.

Indeed they won the championship in 2011 but you can tell that their performance has been a taint on African football.

What I have seen this year is less fancy to what I saw even in 1994 and 1996.

It seems that African football is on a decline.

Africans need to look into their game and find out how to improve their games and style generally.

The games have been rough and the pitches have been terrible. The balls are bouncing all the time and it is difficult to see the formations.

Teams like Zambia that won 2 years ago and played so badly this year should go back to the round table and find the way forward.

Nigeria with her all stars and glorious past can do much better than what she has done this year.

In general, one would look forward to a better future for African football. One expects something better than what we are seeing now.


Zambia, Champions of Africa 2012

Adeola Aderounmu

I congratulate the Zambian National Football Team for their exploits in the 2012 African Cup of Nations. They beat Ivory Coast in the final game. After extra time, the game stood at 0-0.

Drogba missed a second half penalty that could have ended the game in normal time. He scored though in the shoot outs.

It was Kolo Toure and Gelvinho who threw away the 6th and 7th penalty. Zambia missed the the 6th but got the 7th in to clinch the title they well deserved.

Well done Zambians and thank you for the good game demolishing Ghana and then stopping Ivory Coast in the semi and final respectively.

Well done for the deserving tributes to the ’93 set that perished in the plane crash.

The Zambian coach has won my respect. He doesn’t wear unnecessary suits to match venues and that makes sense. Highly technical and gifted no doubts, he will win more awards in the future I am sure.

Zambia, once again, accept my congratulations. Enjoy every moment of it. You have now joined the leagues of champions.

One day I hope you will qualify for the world cup. It’s your next big challenge. All the best.