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I Made You The President, Obasanjo Tells Jonathan (with regrets!)

By Adeola Aderounmu

Obasanjo made it clear in his letter that he made Goodluck Jonathan the president of Nigeria. According to Obasanjo, he said he did the same when he made Yar Adua and Shagari presidents in 2007 and 1983 respectively.

What Obasanjo implied here is that he acted in the interest of Nigeria on these 3 occasions when he had the opportunities to pass power to other people.

It is true I actually promised not to attack Obasanjo but it is hard to let go and forget our history.

In 1979 Obsanjo rigged the elections in favour of the NPN and Shagari, an incompetent crook from Northern Nigeria was made the civilian president of Nigeria.

What followed the handover was massive corruption among the civilians and severe hardship on Nigerians. Nigerians have not recovered from the grave error that Obasanjo made. The coups and counter coups that followed Obasanjo’s errors destroyed the essence of our lives in Nigeria.

Obasanjo had always done all in his power to prevent intelligent people from ruling Nigeria. Awolowo was blocked several times and 1979 was not an exception.

In 2007 Yar Adua was sponsored by Obasanjo and they used Ibori’s stolen wealth from Delta State to propagate the elections. Today Ibori is in a UK prison and Yar Adua died after a protracted illness.

In 2011 Obasanjo sponsored a drunkard named Goodluck Jonathan to become the president of Nigeria. Today Obasanjo is regretting that sponsorship.

Obasanjo felt betrayed that Jonathan now sees him as the enemy of his administration. On page 14 of the letter he wrote to Jonathan, Obasanjo must have been closed to tears.

Three times, Obasanjo made decisions or supported candidates that ruined Nigeria. Obasanjo himself ruled Nigeria as a military dictator and alnost succeeded with his third term ambition as a civilian president. His “boy-boy”-Nuhu Ribadu was used to chase everybody around town under the disguise of the EFCC.

Obasanjo’s letter is important but we will never forget the roles he played in the promotion of corruption and how his name has been mentioned in a number of corruption files.

What Obasanjo must also not forget is that mild and severe corruptions are both corruptions anyway and in no small ways, these acts have promoted poverty and penury in Nigeria.

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Hypotheses Surrounding The Deaths And Diabolism in Aso Rock, Nigeria

I have a strong feeling that wouldn’t go away so I am “forced” to write about it. These are my hypotheses.

I think there is a covenant with some blood sucking gods or ritualists that human blood would be shed to keep the powers that be in Aso rock in Abuja on a smooth sail. This can be interpreted in several ways.

Since Babangida arrived in Aso rock, there has been some “necessary” bloodshed within the ruling family and a sacrificial onslaught on Nigerians.
Babangida has been in the killing business for a long time. As a soldier he may find it necessary to plan coups, execute his enemies and do whatever it takes including sending a letter bomb to an editor in 1986. He could have even killed an entire generation of Nigeria’s Naval entourage in the ill flight that ended in the mangrove of Ejigbo in Lagos.

I would not be surprised if he sacrificed his wife since the days he was in Aso rock only for the woman to depart this world later in a country far away from Nigeria. Who knows if blood pact is what keeps you in power against all odds in Aso rock even when the indications are rife that you run a corrupt government that should be overthrown by nothing less than a violent revolution. Who knows?

Who knows why Nigeria remains a single country when all indications are that the different regions will fare better as separate entities? What forces are keeping Nigeria together with over 100 million people living in penury and extreme poverty while the ruling class remains untouchable and merry-ing daily with billions of dollars?

How can we tell that Obasanjo did not sacrifice his wife? Afterall he also killed an entire community in Bayelsa State. Are these parts of the family and national sacrifices that must be made to keep power at all cost? These hypotheses may sound illogical but they definitely fall in line with a known pattern since the days of ruling from Aso rock.

It is easy to argue that people have been killed in Nigeria since 1959’s violent elections. But the pattern since the arrival of the corrupt Nigeria government in Aso Rock is different and resoundingly similar: kill a family member and kill as many as possible within the country! It sounds like the blood of the dead keeps the wheel of corruption and impunity rolling and then the perpetrators remain above the law. Therein lies the diabolism that reigns in Aso rock.

For all the crimes they committed, Babangida and Obasanjo have not been prosecuted. It seems they will never be prosecuted in their life time because they made the sacrifices-family and Nigerians!

Enter Yar Adua. He had been sick for some time and made it through as the governor of Katsina State. Something tells me he could have made it through the first 4 years of his presidency. But of course a humble man he was in some respect and he decided to take the bow himself. He probably thought Nigerians would let his wife rule as planned (or not). Before his departure he did something similar to Obasanjo by wiping a community in the Niger Delta. These men always made the National sacrifices to keep the blood flowing, to wheel corruption and impunity. My hypotheses continue…

I can make a very strong insinuation that Goodluck Jonathan gave his brother in place of his wife who celebrated her return from hospital with an alleged sum of N500 million. Nigerian rulers are insane.

Goodluck’s brother walked into Aso rock but he was carried out a corpse. Goodluck could not give his wife I assume. But something must be paid to remain in “bloody” power. Maybe I am wrong with my hypotheses. They just would not go away.

But in Nigeria, for the love of power, for the love of money, anything is possible.

Maybe I have been thinking too much, I don’t know. But these things ran in my head at the same time. I had to let them out.

In Nigeria, autopsies are rare. It would have been nice to find out exactly what killed Goodluck’s brother. Was Jonathan’s brother sicker than Jonathan’s wife who said she’d been dead for 7 days and her tummy opened 9 times? Her revelations came after all the stupid lies from her husband and the useless presidential spokespersons. We will never know. In Nigeria, secrets and corruptions go hand in hand.

When Jonathan’s brother died, Mrs. Jonathan was wearing gold. Now they have spent over N500m after this burial, they called it their own thanksgiving.

On the Nigerian fronts, it took a long time before Goodluck Jonathan saw anything wrong with the Boko Haram killings. For him, that is the blood needed to run the wheel of corruption and keep the impunity in his government intact.

Even after the intervention processes, blood is shed daily in Nigeria in line with failure of government and negligence.
So whichever way you look at it, my hypotheses follow a pattern that are arguable but definite.

I could have articulated this essay better. I could have added details, dates and all that but I’ll leave it and move on. I’m just blogging.

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The James Ibori Confession

Adeola Aderounmu

James Onanafe Ibori is a Nigerian convicted for crimes in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom but who later became the governor of Delta State in 1999.

His stories have been well documented the latest being a BBC report on the extent of his criminal records/criminal life (

This story of a criminal who found his way to the highest office in Delta State is not unique or peculiar. Many Nigerian politicians are crooks and thieves before they get into offices. Several others join the bandwagon and became part of the looting syndrome. Dimeji Bankole is a proven classical example.

As I have written several times, the worst thing is that these thieves get away to enjoy their loots. The laws in Nigeria are useless or non-performing. Those who stole big now live big. Even ordinary personal assistants in government offices in Nigeria are thieves.

One way or the other all these crooks find ways to enrich themselves and cart away millions. Sometimes it’s just simply sharing money.

Several people have told me that I will never make it in Nigerian politics if I don’t loot and that I will be brushed aside. Whoever told them that I have a Nigerian political ambition? They have no idea I’d cursed the day I was born if I steal public loot.

Unless Nigerian politicians are executed or beheaded there is no solution for the looting syndrome. All Nigerian politicians will remain thieves as long as the power and privileges they enjoy remain the same. They have one special and stupid immunity clause that makes crime legal. And when they are out of offices, they still enjoy the immunity in 99,9% cases.

Not even a Ribadu-boast in the run-off to the botched third term agenda could ignite a mass prosecution.

The situation will NEVER change because it is accepted in Nigeria that you have to be rich after your political sojourn. It is okay to be a thief and governor or president because that is what your family, community and associate expect from you. It is what the political parties expected. Nigeria is a program invented to fail.

It was Obasanjo who used James Ibori to sponsor late Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan to Aso Rock in 2007. The ring of looters (Obasanjo, late Yar Adua and Jonathan) knew that Ibori was stealing money from Delta State to sponsor a presidential campaign and it was okay.

If the judiciary was effective in Nigeria and if there are no useless immunity clause, the Ibori confession should lead to the arrest of both Obasanjo and Jonathan without further delay. But since Nigeria is program to fail as a result of massive corruption, this will not happen.

Obasanjo and Jonathan have their own individual crimes which are still in progress but these men lead Africa Union negotiations and Nigeria respectively. There is no hope for the future under the present arrangement of things in most part of Africa and locally in Nigeria. We are ruled by gangsters and thieves.

Nigeria under Jonathan is a joke. This guy has taken new loans to finance his personal extravagancy and clueless regime. Nigeria under Jonathan, with the persistent of corruption and the rise in terrorism, is heading for an expected disintegration. Nothing has happened in the last one year to prove otherwise.

The National Assembly is even a bigger joke. Together with the executive these bunch of thieves run the most inefficient yet the most expensive government in history. Despite all complains and agitations they have not seen any reason to cut out their expensive salary and pay packets. The looting continues.

There will be no expectation from Nigerians that their lawmakers should pass a law that looters should be executed because it is tantamount to committing mass suicides. No one will come out alive of the National Assembly and the House of representatives. David Mark would lead the pack of awaiting death sentence if such law is passed today.

This is the severity of the calamities in Nigeria. More than 50 years of executive recklessness and outright stealing and looting.

It will not end because Nigerians are used to it and have come to accept such as norms.

It will not end because Nigerians put their hopes in Gods (Jehovah and Allah).

It remains a tragedy that 160m people think that it is okay. The common prayers have been that everybody’s time to (steal, loot, and benefit) from government should come.

Amazingly the churches and mosques are beneficiaries. Millions of stolen funds are paid weekly as tithes. This makes religious organisations in Nigeria to rank among the most successful business enterprises in Africa and Nigerian pastors especially are ranked among the richest men in the world.

Nigeria is a box of irony and metaphor.

Now and when Nigerians have gone their separate ways through true federation or outright split, it remains a pertinent question of how to solve this social malaise called corruption. Corruption has no tribal marks and it will continue to remain a stumbling block to progress.

Unless something radical is done to all the public servants and politicians who steal and loot, more and more people in that geographical zone will slip below the poverty level and the abundant resources will continue to lie in ruins and waste.

Today more than 100m Nigerians are poor and live day in day out with limited hopes. The situation will be worse if all the Iboris in the local, state and federal houses are allowed to continue to enjoy the useless immunity clause.

Nigerians need to stand up and they can start by asking the blood sucking Jonathan government to stop stealing. They can gather the momentum from the Ibori trial in London and ask the sleeping judiciary in Nigeria to wake up to its responsibilities. It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than to expect the corrupt Nigerian judiciary to be effective. How did I miss that?


The Last Days of Umaru Yar Adua

Adeola A.

One fateful day in Nov 2009 Yar Adua was flown to Saudi Arabia in emergency mode. What could have been a national sympathy was turned into a national tragedy when the wife and associates of Umaru Yar Adua (UMYA) decided to toy and play politics with the entire situation.

From that fateful day in Nov until his final demise on March 6 2010, UMYA was not seen in public. The only report that he was heard on BBC early this year was not verified.

Turai lied to Nigerians about the status of UMYA’s health. Knowing that the man was helpless and probably unconscious she constantly fed lies into the national and international news media.

Without knowing the truth and being unable to trust Turai, Nigerians made up their own news and speculations. Yar Adua was rumoured and reported dead time and time again in Nigeria and on the web. In one American comedy show Yar Adua was reported to be secretly dead. There are some Nigerians who think that Yar Adua died since Nov 2009. Since no one saw him alive since then or heard him in public that hypothesis remains valid to those who proposed it.

Towards the end of the sickling games played by Turai and her accomplices who by now should be on trial for deceiving Nigerians and performing all kinds of unconstitutional acts, some unreliable religious rulers in Nigeria were paid to tell lies about the status of Yar Adua’s health. And lied they did!

At one point, documents were forged by the then useless and worthless Attorney General of Nigeria, Mr. Aondoakaa and other greedy nuisance in public offices, claiming that the documents were signed by Yar Adua-the man who was motionless and unconscious. Mr. Aondoakaa at the height of his own craziness told the world that UMYA can rule from anywhere-sick bed, toilet and what have you. He was close to telling sane people that Nigeria could have a dead man as a president.

What is more important? The health of one man or the lives of 150m others? It beats me when greed and politics make people so silly and senseless.

Anyway, for 6 months, we were left to speculate as no official or open information were made available by Turai to explain the nature of UMYA health and status. In the past when UMYA had the opportunity to be open and explicit, he chose his words carefully or he hid them. In the beginning actually he lied. He never played any game of squash. It was impossible.

Rumours had it that the German doctors wanted him to resign from office so that they can help him to treat his conditions and that he could get rest from public life after the treatment. It was mentioned that he neglected the advice and went to seek help from Brazil and eventually Saudi Arabia. It must be that he was stubborn or that he had bad advisers around him. Between public office and being able to manage a worrying health condition, what could have been more important?

We are humans, when we die; it is like taking a cup of water from a bucket of water. The impact of our exit is unnoticed. A little ripples and it’s over. Life goes on. Beyond our immediate family, life will remain normal for the rest of the world. What do we live for? Some people don’t even have families, yet they appreciate life with the warmth and company of the people around them.

Since Turai had a mission that the rest of us will never really understand or comprehend she kept 150m people in the dark by ensuring that almost no news filtered out of Saudi Arabia and the hospitals where UMYA laid, invariably unaware of his environment.

When Nigerians were protesting “enough is enough” I was quick to point out that they were wrong to direct their messages to UMYA. The man at that time was totally unaware of what is going on in Nigeria. At that time, he had become a hostage for turai, Aondoakaa and all the other stupid kitchen cabinet of UMYA. Even one Mr. Segun Adeniyi was talking from the 2 sides of his mouth.

For 6 months (Nov 2009-May 2010), evil was on the rise and the main actor was not even aware. In my quiet time, I was full of rage and I felt so sorry for the man. He made several mistakes and there was no point of return.

He came into office illegally. He sustained the illegality with the upside down wisdom of Aondoakaa and the stolen wealth of Ibori continued to work wonders. He had an unnecessary 7 points agenda and barely fulfilled one. He promised an emergency in the power sector. Nothing happened because he did nothing in that direction. The lists are endless of what he didn’t do. Nigeria needs a strong man in strong health in strong institutions because of the nature of our peculiarities and problems. Even if we don’t need strong men, we need strong institutions. With UMYA it was triple jeopardy.

Unfortunately in the end game he became a victim, like the rest of us. Truth is constant. In public life we must not be afraid. We must say the truth. It is bitter and it will cost some of us a lot but sacrifices must be made otherwise there will be no victories. History is full of real stories of how a few good men helped to shape the course of human history. When they were absent and no one did anything, we know what happened.

At that point of no return, UMYA could have died a decent man in his village. But his wife didn’t allow that to happen. She smuggled a whole president into Nigeria in the early hours of the morning another fateful day in February 2010. If ghost stories are real, Turai will be in real soup by now. She turned her sick husband to an exhibition to the chosen few, at a huge cost.

Why didn’t she take UMYA to Katsina? She brought him back to Aso rock for reasons best known to her. Is it about money? Is it about political power? Who can tell her motives? Were these her decisions or the suggestions of those who she cannot disclose? Whatever the case, she made a mess of an already sour situation.

And to imagine the Nigeria scenario-“siddon look” approach. People laid back and watch from a distance as usual. Even Jonathan did not see UMYA since Nov 2010.

And the man died! When he died will be a subject of debate. I have read and listen to many comments and theories. It didn’t have to be this way.

UMYA fell sick because his condition worsened in Nov 2009. Why and how that suddenly became a final journey into his secret exit from earth are questions that Turai will explain if she likes to.

If she doesn’t, we will never know. We will pin our guesses on her greed for power and money. We will continue to think that she didn’t brace up early for life after Aso Rock. Human memory are really short and shattered! Who is talking about Mariam Babangida today? Where is Marian Abacha? People come and people go, good or bad.

What lessons are we going to learn about this story of a woman who became obsessed with power and money (my guesses until she opens up)? I have an answer. Mr and Mrs Jonathan should start planning for life after the presidency. It is the law of existence that political power or statuses are transient-they come and go. I don’t know how many things last forever.

People should not cry for what doesn’t belong to them. When you go borrowing, be prepared to pay back. Don’t kill to avoid paying back as that will only increase your sorrow. Work hard to live beyond the days of your debts. If you can, don’t borrow at all.

Life is a lesson. It remains a stage with all kinds of possible actors.

We must constantly remind ourselves that we brought nothing into this world and we will leave with nothing. With such thoughts, we will learn to live our lives with contentment knowing that greed, selfishness, corruption and insatiable desires will only multiply our unhappiness and sorrows.

We all make mistakes but not learning from our mistakes and those of others is a great disservice to posterity.

Nigeria and Nigerians must learn from the last days of UMYA. If we didn’t learn anything at all, our glory days will never return to us. Never!

Treason in Nigeria and other stories

Adeola Aderounmu

We need to continue to remind ourselves of the nature of our problems and our frustrations concerning our inability to solve our national problems. And for me it becomes a personal burden that as much as I’ve tried to stop, I still find myself in this position of criticizing the Nigerian government and politicians because of what I see as willful acts of wickedness and evil machinations on their parts.

And I don’t want anybody to tell me about proffering solutions. It’s simple, if those who are destroying Nigeria do not have the common sense of how to govern a country and how to tackle our national woes then let them get out of the way. I reserve my rights and freedom of expression to continue to say that in Nigeria most of the people in power are empty-skulls whose only idea of governance is to steal and loot. And that is so disgusting!

Take Dimeji Bankole for example, you will never understand why such an individual have made himself the new face of corruption in Nigeria. I am so ashamed and disappointed in him that I cannot express myself enough in words. That young man is a disgrace to his generation (my generation) and on a broader scale a serious embarrassment to his race. And let me make it clear that on my honour I would rather quit a political post than accepts bribes or make decisions that will destroy the lives of other people. I have done that before, it doesn’t matter that I did it as a student leader at the University of Lagos, way back in ‘95.

In recent days we have seen how crazy and foolish people can be in our public institutions. Those people who brought Yar Adua to Abuja are stupid and should even be facing treason charges by now. It was purely an attempt to destabilize the country and throw it into turmoil. If they brought Yar Adua to Nigeria in an ambulance, why not take him to his house in Katsina? Why Abuja?

All the military men from Kebbi State who participated in the criminal activities perpetrated during the wee hours of Wednesday and those who gave the orders for the deployment of military men in that unsuccessful bloodless coup should be arrested without further delay. Delay is dangerous. And this is not a question of arresting Military men from the north. No, far from it. This is a matter of arresting military men irrespective of their tribes for participating in a coup. They and their sponsors must face the law. To do nothing is to imply that a coup will be accepted in Nigeria today or tomorrow.

Yar Adua remains sick and probably unconscious. He cannot make his own judgments-and if he could- they are probably not sound enough. Why did the members of the kitchen cabinet plan a coup against Goodluck Jonathan? They gave orders to military personnel and they compromised the security of 150m Nigerians. No greater coup, no greater acts of treason! They should be arrested and tried in the court of law.

To let them get away with this act will be the greatest mistake Jonathan has made so far as acting president or president. Jonathan should try all he can to be a hero. He needs to make bold decisions and he needs to show the traits of a leader. Nigerians are tired of rulers and dictators. They want a leader. How can Jonathan, against the backdrop of his massively corrupt past, provide good leadership morally and socially? Time is short but it will surely tell. History will not forgive those who stood on the same side as tyranny and those who refused to make the decisions that could have sharpen our lives for the better.

This nation is falling apart for many reasons that we have highlighted before now. What has happened, since 2007 especially, gives us reasons to worry and ponder about now and the future. Corruption has increased, ineptitude is on the rampage. Poverty is spreading like wild fire. Unemployment became firmer than ever and the banking industry has not been spared.

Education is dead as public institutions are mere shadows of themselves. Brain drain continues unabated. Roads and other infrastructure are not being provided. Road accidents are common and traffic congestion remains a public health hazard. Nigerians are at an all time low. Motivation is zero and the struggles are tiring and sickling.

Social security remains at zero level. No one is talking about vulnerable women, children and old people. Pension schemes are death sentences and health care does not exist, not even for Yar Adua! He was in Saudi Arabia for more than 90 days. Mariam Babangida died in a US hospital. It doesn’t matter that his husband was a ruler for more than 8 years in Nigeria. These wicked and evil rulers even forgot to take care of themselves! Otherwise they would have provided the health care for themselves and the rest of us right here on our own soil, in Nigeria.

With all these national problems, it becomes worrying that rather than we focusing on how to solve these problem, the best we have done is to remain in conflicts fighting for political powers and political positions. Why? Because the winner takes all. Those who win political offices steal all the monies and make themselves richer and richer. In Nigeria the politics is about politicians getting rich and stealing. The masses have no say since the politics is bridled in violence and arson.

Direct target and elimination of opposition is part of Nigerian politics. It is well known that some politicians send assassins to kill their opponents as part of the dirty game of politics in Nigeria. Intimidation or the ability to intimidate and instill fear is a plus factor. These are some of the reasons why decent people do not participate in Nigerian politics. I make bold to say that in Nigeria, we do not have democracy. Our politics is complete nonsense. This is why some people think that the black race is cursed or non-intelligent.

In Nigeria we have the largest concentration of the black race. 1 out of 4 Africans is reputed to be a Nigerian. Therefore what we do or don’t do in Nigeria reflect on the black race. What we do in Nigerian politics is pure madness. We don’t even count votes and in several instances we know who will win an election before the actual voting.

Since 2003 many people have won (s)elections simply for 2 reasons. One if that Mr. Iwu who is in charge of the results can decide who wins or loses. The other reason is that the ruling PDP has the federal machinery, ex-military dictators and stolen monies to influence the results of elections. But that is not to say also that some opposition parties are beginning to learn some tricks to counter these scenarios.

So, here we are. We remain at a crossroad for most part of our history. We have the resources. We have the money, we have everything to make Nigeria the greatest country on earth but we have not done enough in that direction.
Nigeria remains in the hands of a few people who will never give us our freedom if we don’t fight for it. We have oil. But we also have pains and sorrows. We have no refineries and a cabal has held us hostage for 50 years. Our 1960 independence from the British was actually the beginning of internal slavery. We have one more fight to go. We must earn this freedom and with that we will (hopefully) be able to do some of these things:

• Be able to install true democracy where our votes will be counted
• Be able to say no to corruption and yes to prosecution of all those who have stolen our money
• Be able to plan our lives through participation and recognition of our common rights, social justice and fairness
• Be able to rebuild this nation through a sense of oneness and belonging
• Be able to respect the religion and rights all and sundry
• Be able to relegate tribalism and nepotism and give the jobs to the best man or woman
• Be able to do all that is necessary to enjoy our lives and live as decent people
• Be able to tackle problems without fear and favour
• Be able to raise our heads high and say YES, I’m a Nigerian and I represent the black race.

If these things don’t happen in my life time, we have succeeded in breeding three wasteful generations. What hope is there for our children and children’s children?

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