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My Random Reflections @ 46

For my random reflections at 46, my thoughts are varied (as usual) and the physical and emotional pains l feel are real. I cry many times for Nigeria. I’m living through some of the saddest days of my life as a Nigerian as l continue to see the disconnection between the people and the government. I kept a mental image of the country Nigeria ought to be and l compare it with the reality that l face everyday as a Nigerian-born and my heart bleeds, profusely.

My Random Reflections @ 46

By Adeola Aderounmu


A trailer fell on Lagos road due to the bad state of the federal roads.  (c) Adeola Aderounmu, Lagos. July 2018.

This is the 11th edition of my random reflections. I have done this for a decade to mark the celebration of my birthday. However it is hardly a celebration now because as l take a look at my country of birth Nigeria, all that comes to mind is the tragedy that befell the country.

Today’s Nigeria is a far cry from what the founding fathers dreamt of. Nigeria in 2018 is mostly in the hands of criminals who people wrongfully tagged as politicians.

The things l will write about today are repetitions (more or less) of what l have written about in almost 20 years.

Nigeria had gone a full cycle. Western Nigeria especially had gone from being one of the best places to live in the world (during the 1950s) to probably the worst place to live in the world today. This can be argued depending on the writer or speaker.

If you think about the fact that Lagos of the 1950s was ahead or at par with London and Paris in terms of development and compare the 3 cities today, you may perhaps decide on which part of the argument you want to pitch your tent.

Many Nigerians are growing up without the knowledge that western Nigeria was the tourist destination and medical health center for other commonwealth countries in the 1950s. The University College Hospital in Ibadan was among the best places to receive medical help at that time.

Many people have grown up not knowing that Nigeria was meant to be a super power based on regional government. It was on that path until the mid-1960s when things began to fall apart. The 1966 military coup and the civil war from 1967 to 1970 set the tone for what Nigeria is today.

Nigeria is now ranked as the poverty capital of the world.

The way things are now in Nigeria should bring tears to the eyes of anybody who has some sense and emotions.

You ought to be very, very sad if you can compare living in Nigeria with living in another country like Sweden.

If you travel on Badagry expressway and remain a normal person, you deserve some accolades. If you wake up early to go to work and return late at night, you need a thumb-up.  If you are sick and manage to remain strong through it, you are the man/woman. If you struggle between thick and thin to put food on your table, for yourself or for your family, that is an everyday miracle.

The stories of our struggles in Nigeria are endless. The people running the government of Nigeria at all levels ought to be arrested, prosecuted and tried for crimes against human dignity as well as crimes against humanity.

The people of Nigeria need to get up one day and march down the entire country with a resolution that never again shall we be slaves in our country.

There is no justice from the Judiciary. There is no justice from the security agencies. There is no where you can turn to in Nigeria and find peace and equality for all men and women.

It is almost wrong now to describe Nigeria as a country because for a country to exist the welfare of the citizen must be paramount.

Nobody cared about my welfare in Nigeria. My basic right to education was long gone. Job creation and availability are not guaranteed as both public and private enterprises provide their own electricity and security.

A lot of enterprises, big, small and medium have closed businesses as they could no longer bear the cost of running businesses. Many have closed because of the raids from criminals and other gangs of unemployed youth.

Nigeria is as lawless as it can be. I can give examples of lawlessness from every office, organization and institution in Nigeria. I can give uncountable examples from walking down the streets and driving on the dangerous roads.


Most parts of Lagos are dirty and stinking. The roads, especially the federal roads are terrible and the worst in the whole world. Don’t believe the juicy images from Victory Island or Ikoyi.  This is Lagos 2018! (c) Adeola Aderounmu. July 2018. Lagos

My frustration about Nigeria and how we got here knows no bound. My anger against how people behave, act, reason and talk is unquantifiable.

There is no plot for Nigeria at the moment. We sail to nowhere led by vagabonds!

One of the most painful things about Nigeria today is the lack of unity among the people. On the political stage, this lack of unity keeps the useless unitary system running from 1966. Nigeria will never make it as a country with the senseless system of government.

You must be a senseless person to operate or partake in a senseless system of government. Nigeria is a joke in the comity of nations and this system of government where one man sits in Abuja and tries to control everything in and around the country is the most telling on the intelligence of the most populous black nation in the world.

We are a bunch of jokers!

The unity that Nigerians need is the acknowledgement that the system of government needs to be dismantled without fear or war. The unity that Nigerians need is to trace their steps back to when Nigeria was among the global pacesetters in development and good quality of life.

Without that unity, Nigeria will remain permanently as the representative of the poverty capital of the world. For those who think this is unreal, my suggestion is for you to take a flight to Lagos and drive from the airport to Mile 2. From there take the ride of your life along Badagry expressway to Agbara and continue your journey to Atan towards Ota.

If you don’t find the pieces of evidence that Nigeria is a massive (s-hole), l’ll refund you for the ticket and trouble.

For my random reflections at 46, my thoughts are varied (as usual) and the physical and emotional pains l feel are real. I cry many times for Nigeria. I’m living through some of the saddest days of my life as a Nigerian as l continue to see the disconnection between the people and the government. I kept a mental image of the country Nigeria ought to be and l compare it with the reality that l face everyday as a Nigerian-born and my heart bleeds, profusely.


N10 000 Each for Youths in Bayelsa to Support Subsidy Removal

By Adeola Aderounu

The shame of a Nation..!

Anyone can check this fact at Hayalla Hotal in Yenagoa.

This is either the handiwork of G. Jonathan or his servants in Bayelsa State. Tribalism is one of the evils in the Nigerian society.

Money, as much as N10 000 has been given to Bayelsa Youth so that they can carry placards to support the removal of subsidy.

What a shame! Generation of hungry Bayelsans!

They have police protection to collect this money and to stupidly parade themselves in the streets.

Goodluck just ran out of Nigerian..!

Source: Lookman Abolaji Yusuf, and Adesile Obisanya

Wasting Nigeria’s Money, Wasting Our Time and Lives

Adeola Aderounmu

In the last 60 days The Presidency in Nigeria may have spent nothing less than N30 Billion in lobbies only. This is to prevent the debate on Yar Adua’s health in the National Assembly. I continue to insist that Nigeria is governed by mad people!! It can only be madness to do this type of thing. Whoever is approving the money and whoever is accepting are also part of the madness in Nigeria’s government.

Last year one man spent over N2 billion naira oscillating the universe because they call him the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Add these sums to the billions of naira that are stolen daily across Nigeria and you may arrive at the reasons why Nigeria is populated by poor people living on less than a dollar a day. You will arrive at the point where you will understand why the quality of lives in Nigeria is depictive of a failed state despite the oil wealth of the nation and the vast unutilised agricultural and natural resources.

I will consider as a HUGE JOKE the idea that Mr. Yar Adua will be brought back to Nigeria on a stretcher and made to rule from a life support machine. It will be the BIGGEST joke in the history of man to have an invalid at the helm of affairs of a nation of 150m strong, capable, determined and indefatigable people. Nigeria will not only continue to be a laughing stock, we will by that time be erased from world map if that ever happens!

How much more money and how much more time do we have to spend on this wasteful family holding 150m of us to ransom? So they want to build a life support machine in Aso rock? Let them also go ahead and build a life-prolonging machine as well. Life support will not be enough!

I salute Nigerians who have began to take to the streets to make their voices and frustrations known. I salute the Wole Soyinkas, the Chinua Achebes and the Femi Falanas of this world. I salute the Nigerian worker, I salute the Nigerian woman and children. I salute all the brave people who are now talking and acting for the rest of us.

The revolution is starting slowly and that is exactly how it should be. I salute all the Nigerians abroad especially those who have defiled the cold weathers to join the long march to freedom. All of these actions will converge in the days ahead to get the evil and wicked people out of our government. They will be gone soon.

We must ensure that we keep up the tempo, the pressure and never to neglect ourselves in these trying times. I salute Nigerians for what they have done so far and I know that with such actions, will and determination, the journey on the long road to our liberation, to our freedom and to our real independence have just started.

Together we will get there and freedom and peace will come to our children and children’s children. I still believe in Nigeria..!

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