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Obama’s Victory: My Takes

Adeola Aderounmu

Barack Obama will lead the USA for another 4 years. Mitt Romney, the republican candidate lost the key states and lost the election.

Four years ago I was an Obama enthusiast. Today my views are completely indifferent. I didn’t stay up to follow the election but I must congratulate Obama for winning another 4 year term to lead the United States.

There are so many things to work on in the United States and globally as well.

The economy in the United States requires a quick turnover so that the unemployment rates can be reduced and many people can work to get a better life. There are lingering problems with house ownership, mortgage and health-care delivery among many others.

There will not be a perfect country or a perfect world but the situation can be much better than it is now. Four past years of Obama may not have been miraculous; the four coming years must be if the expectations of the electorates are to be met.

In several ways the Senate and the house of reps have a lot to do in working together to make America a better place.

But when the years row by and things don’t work according to plans, I hope the people will know where to look at. The USD 2 billion that saw the election campaigns through definitely came from some pockets and there were key players. Are people paying attention to the key donors and their interests? It is up to the American to do their homework.

On the foreign scene I didn’t like the role the US played in the death of Gadhafi. Ghadhafi was not a saint, nor is anyone of us. But Libya was prosperous and probably the best African country to live in under Gadhafi. There were the oppressed people in Libya (including strangely Nigerians) , there were people tortured by Gadhafi. There are ways to go by these symptoms of dictatorship that are far better than the killing of Gadhafi. What about not throwing the dirty water away with the baby in it?

Saudi Arabia has no democracy and this has never been criticized by the United States. Hence the double or even triple standard of the United States under Obama gave me concerns.

I pity the Syrians. One day they will wake up and realize how they have inflicted harm and injuries to one another without finding the reasons why they did so. Two or more wrongs have never made a right in historical perspectives. They can ask Liberia and Somalia what it means to live for decades without a functional government. Liberia is trying to get back on track and Somalia is still among the most dangerous places on earth.

In the Middle East generally, many issues have reached boiling points. I don’t blame other countries for the woes of a given country but the expectations and hopes are usually hinged on the US and her foreign policy.

China presents news and old challenges through her new leadership and old trades.

The bar has now been raised as Obama enters another term in office. I wish him all the best.

I wish my friends and acquaintances in the US the best of these four years. I hope they won’t look back four years from now and wished they’d made a different choice.

The future you know or can predict is the one you create. In a constantly changing world where the circumstances around you are often out of your control, it will definitely by impossible to create a perfect future.

US Election: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Baby Talk!

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Did anyone listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger? Did he listen to himself? He was talking about Obama’s skinny legs! What rubbish?

What has legs got to do with Ideology? This is the rubbish campaign that the republicans have been focussing on. Is that what the next leadership of the US should be talking about? Skinny legs?

Obama has spent substantial part of his campaign telling Americans what he intend to do with his democratic mandate if elected. His words are clear and his eloquence is a source of jealousy even to Arnold Schwarzenegger. When Schwarzenegger spoke at a rally in Ohio in support of McCain, it was obvious that he was jealous of Obama.

His jealousy for Obama’s eloquence and success robbed him of the ability to think right and straight. He was talking about Obama’s skinny legs. Has Arnold asked himself this question: what is the significance of big bodies with small brains and shallow thoughts?

Obama may has skinny legs but he’s definitely more intelligent than Arnold plus McCain. Like John McCain and Palin, Schwarzenegger joined in mere chorusing Obama’s policies and viewpoints. The republicans have shamefully spent the bulk of their campaign time listening to Obama and responding to his comments. What a way to go! Obama is leading in the pre election polls because he is talking sense and he is carrying people along. The republicans are not doing the same. They are busy responding to Obama and echoing his well thought out plans.

When Obama gave his infomercial Senator McCain said Obama was not telling the truth. But what stops McCain from telling the truth that we don’t know. What is the truth about the war in Iraq? What is the truth about the economy since Mr. Bush took over from Mr. Bill Clinton? What have the republicans been doing that has suddenly sent the American economy into recession? What is the truth about the nature of the problems that are confronting the Americans? McCain should tell us if he thinks that Obama has not.

Obama gave us issues, he offered ideas and he explains point by point how he intends to run his presidency. Obama has a plan. However, we are not oblivious of the fact that a president does not rule the country on his own and most of the decisions on economy, taxes, war situations and other issues of national discourse always have to pass through the Senate for approval. It is in this light that one can examine Obama’s juicy claims as tentative. Election promises are always tentative and there are no assurances that they will be fulfilled when reality of the day to day running of the political office surfaces.

Still, the election on Nov 4 will be a major turning point in the history of the United States. Will the undecided voters look beyond race as they make up their minds in the final moments? Will Obama excel over the Tom Bradley effect to become the next ideological president of the United States of America? Will racism be relegated on Nov 4 so that the actual voting will reflect the opinion polls?

The answers to these questions will be known in about 72 hours. As Americans themselves will say: God Bless America…!

Sarah Palin on wrong tracks

By Adeola Aderounmu.

No doubts Sarah Palin has brought a distasteful insight into the upcoming US presidential elections which is about 4 weeks away. It is no longer news that she doesn’t know the answers to simple questions affecting Americans. But she is also seriously negating all the efforts and energy that a tired McCain has put into the campaign so far.

The biggest problem in America right now is how to restore the economy and eradicate the fears and anxieties in the minds of the people on the main streets. But Mrs. Palin is busy dragging us several years back. McCain and the other political enemies of Obama got tired of calling him (Obama) a terrorist or a friend of Mr. Ayers. We heard this allegation several months ago and the issue had been discussed inside out. Where was Palin all of those times? Ironically she was in Alaska routing for Obama!

Another big issue in America is how to end the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. These are issues that Palin should be tackling Obama on. She should also involve herself with domestic issues centred on the family, taxes, education, crime and other relevant issues affecting the US.

Mrs. Palin also wanted Americans to be discussing Obama’s former pastor. This is a very stupid suggestion. Obama is an individual of his own and the pastor is another person. Obama is contesting to be the next president of the US and he has since dissociated himself from the pastor and his utterances. Can Mrs. Palin move on with life?

Indeed the past is important, no doubts! But when issues as stale as Ayers and J. Wright are what Palin can cling on to, then she is yet confirming her dullness and her complete lack of initiatives. According to a report on BBC, “Mr McCain had previously indicated that he did not want Rev Wright’s inflammatory sermons, which Mr Obama has repudiated, to form part of his campaign”.

This must be why Palin is being shielded from the press. She does not understand anything. So why did McCain opt for such a great liability in his quest for the topmost job in the world-the American presidency?

Right now Obama is leading in the opinion polls even in states that are considered Republicans. It seems therefore that the desperate and unnecessary attacks on the person of Obama are like “hanging on to the crooked straws of the past”. What a shame and what a way to go for the republicans.

The second debate is here and it might just be the passage that Obama needs as he “homestretches” to the white house come Nov 2008. Issues and policies please Mrs. Sarah Palin and back to school if that is what it takes!

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