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CAF-The Confederation of African Football is TOTALLY CRAZY!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Africa never stops to surprise me. Sometime I wish I could just wake up from the nightmares of African governments and organisations.

Togo have been banned from the next two Africa Cup of Nations following their withdrawal from this year’s tournament. The Confederation of African football (Caf) also fined the Hawks $50,000 for quitting the competition in the wake of a gun attack on the team bus in Angola“-BBC

CAF has gone crazy.

It is Togo who should be seeking legal action against CAF and the Angolan government for not providing adequate information about security in Angola.

Seriously I am short of words to express my disappointment in CAF. Whoever made the decisions is completely insane and out of his or her mind.

What are we going to do about the people who lost their lives? Some families will never be the same again as a result of the avoidable tragedies in Angola which was completely the fault of the Angolan government and the recklessness of CAF.

Togo should ignore the fine and even withdraw (by itself) from CAF competetition for life until CAF becomes “human” in nature and reasonable in thinking. This is nonsense and completely idiotic on the part of CAF.

Nation Cup Scandals: How Angola Messed Up the African Cup of Nations

By Adeola Aderounmu

Angola is giving Africa bad image ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. These must be worrying times for the Organising Committee in South Africa. South Africa must continue to monitor the useless errors emanating from Angola and the world must be told in clear terms that whatever is happening in Angola right now is basically Angola and CAF’s problems and is not related in anyway to South Africa 2010.

Togo went home because Angola and CAF did not warn of the rebels in Cabinda. Togo lost key members of their national team to organised terror acts in Cabinda. Togo therefore went home to bury their dead compatriots while praying for the reserve goalkeeper undergoing treatment in SA.

Malawi has filed a fresh complain. The team has not been able to train since they beat Algeria 3-0 in their opening game. Ahead of their game to Angola which they lost, the Malawians were not allowed to train. Each time they got to the training pitch, they were turned back. Sometimes it was the Angolans training there and at other times they were being chased away by the police.

What a scnadal? The Angolans are lucky that everyone is not like me. This scandal is enough for the Malawians to withdraw from the competition. I mean if you are not allowed to train or practise ahead of your game, then you are like going to a war without weapons.

The Malawians did not get the chance to train on their tactics, and they had no time to exercise and charge-up for the game against Angola. That they lost is therefore no surprise.

Angola has messed up this year’s Nations Cup. Angola should never be allowed to host any competition in the next 20 or 40 years. They should learn to do their homework. I actually see this particular case as a way of demoralising the Malawians and making sure that they did not get the necessary time to plan the downfall of the Angolans. It worked perfectly well!

This is a shame-a BIG scandal by any magnitude. Angola is disgracing their country and Africa. Angola should bury its head in shame. This is nonsense!

The Shooting of Togolese Footballers

Adeola Aderounmu

I read with dismay the unfortunate shooting of Togolese Footballers as their entourage were driving through Cabinda to reach Angola.

If I was one of the footballers I would been long gone, home!

I mean they could all have been dead by now if they were seated in the first bus. The driver of the bus was killed but they were lucky to be in the bus coming behind. Still one or two players got bullets embedded in their bodies and losing consciousness.

This is very frightening. The Angola Government and the Angola Football Federation has not tried at all. What kind of nonsense and stupidity is this?

Why was there no warning of war or rebellion in parts of Angola or Cabinda? This is completely unacceptable in a world now dominated by terrorist activities. Yes terror and the fear of it has gripped the world whether we like it or not. This is why we now have to be stripped naked by machines especially if we are travelling to the US.

The Angola Government and the Football Federation, even CAF has a lot to explain to the world and to the Togolese especially. This could have been a much more devasting tragedy. It is still a serious tragedy because someone has been killed for no fault of his.

The terrorists who carried out this devilish act deserved to be hunted and captured by all or any means possible. What is the crime of the Togolese players that they made them the target? Absolute nonsense and unacceptable act of war on innocent people plying their trade and flying the flag of Togo.

Like I wrote earlier, I would be long gone if I survived such an attack. Morally and psychologically I would not find the strength to play any stupid game when my teammate is down injured and my driver is dead. If Togo goes ahead to feature in this African Cup of Nation Tournament, I wish them luck but they deserve a break from it-if only to send a strong signal that security is not a joking matter when you are a visitor of a certain government.

Angola has let African down not because they attack actually took place but because it didn’t provide any warning system that there are terrorists within its territory. Angola has failed even before the kick off because an entire entourage could have been massacred. If that has happened I am sure we will be talking about a cancellation of the entire tournament by now.

Well let this serve as a good lesson for nations all over the world. Give early signals and warn visitors to your country of the type of terrorists that you habour and the areas to avoid. The Togolese team was driving from Congo to Angola and it seems the the Confederation of African Football (CAF) is now shifting blame that the team should have flown (by air). Lame excuse! CAF should just accept responsibility for its failure rather than make useless comments at this time that Togo is experiencing pain and sorrow.

There is no point trying to paint the condition of perfection when your country is under siege from within by terrorists or rebels. Make is open, give warnings, offer maximum protection and provide adequate security that will avert the unnecessary lose of lives and property.

My greatest sympathy to the Togolese Team in the African Cup of Nation. To Nigerian-born Emmanuel Seyi Adebayor and his teammates I send my condolence for the lose of your driver. Surely the siege is over but the shock will stay for a long time. If you decide to play, we will understand if you don’t play your hearts out. Whatever happens, we have all learnt a new lesson, like we do everyday, and football is just another kind of sports. It should never be a do-or-die event and the earlier the perpetrators of this ugly event are captured and prosecuted the better for the global village.


(The death toll has increased to 3: an assistant coach and the press officer are now dead from their injuries). Some players are receiving treatment and a goalkeeper is undergoing surgery in South Africa.

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