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Osamuyia: Buried at Last!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Reports reaching me from the Nigeria Village Square indicate that the Nigerian killed by the Spanish Police in July 2008 has finally been flown home and buried in his home town. The family also received compensation from the Spanish Government.

I checked my blog now and discovered that I have written about this case 20 times. On one occasion I was forced to ask if Nigeria has a Minister for External Affairs or an ambassador in Spain . At another time I was compelled to tell the spanish government to cover its head in shame!

Surely, I have to contact my friend who has been on this case since 2008 to provide me with an update which I will post here later.

What is good now is that “it was better late than never” that Osamuyia Aikpitanhi finally got a rest after sleeping in the mortuary in a strange country for more than one year!

(To be continued)…

The Killing of Osamuyia: The Irresponsible Nigerian Government.

By Adeola Aderounmu.


Osamuyia, the young man killed by the Spanish Police in 2007

Yesterday, I reminded the world that the useless government of Spain is keeping the corpse of a Nigerian Killed over one year ago by the Spanish Police.

Today I am telling the world that that is possible because the Nigerian government is also useless. Imagine if the Nigerian Police have killed a Spanish man in 2007, would the body of the dead man still be in Nigeria in 2008? I don’t think so. I also imagine that Spain would have taken the case to the United Nations or to the EU. Spain would have done everything possible to paint Nigeria blacker

This is the ridiculous level of governance in Nigeria. I don’t care attitude! The people who have shown that they care about Osamuyia have done so at an hypocritical level. Some miscreants even travelled to Spain on fact finding information/Investigation. Is this the result of their mission? To allow the corpse of the dead Osamuyia to rot away in a Spanish morgue?

I am still at a lose how these types of things are still happening in this age and time of human civilization. Is there one responsible person in the Nigerian Foreign Ministry who can take this issue up with the Spanish Government? Please let him or her take this burden up and her the family of Osamuyia.

They want to bury their son at home in Africa; it has been more than one year since he was slain in Spain.

The Spanish Government Should Cover its head in Shame!!!

Adeola Aderounmu.

A Nigerian named Osamuyia Aikpitanhi was killed by Spanish Police on June 9 2007. One year later, the policemen who killed Osamuyia have not been successfully prosecuted. The story goes that the Spanish authority will protect its officials even when they commit rape, murder and other heinous crime. What a scandalous country!

Osamuyia was killed on a notorious Iberia Flight while being forcefully deported to Nigeria. His corpse is still lying cold in a Spanish Mortuary more than 1 year after he was murdered.

Can one sane person in Spain kindly tell the government to release the body for burial in Nigeria? The father, mother and family member of Osamuyia are still mourning the death of their son and brother.

Please and please release the body of the man for burial in Nigeria and let him get a final peaceful rest.

The world is full of injustices and this act of racism which is profound in Spain needs to be totally condemned. That is a story for another day.

Please again, I am instructing the Spanish government to release the corpse of this young man so that his family can bury him. It is time for him to rest.

Here is the link to the latest news about the MURDER OF OSAMUYIA

Nigerian (Illegal) Government shows signs of weakness.

One of the conclusions I can draw from this shame of the Spanish government is that the Nigerian Government is also a very useless one.

Imagine that a Nigerian was murdered in Spain in 2007 and the government did almost nothing about it. Worse still, the government made no effort to press for the release of the corpse.

Really, who are these mad men in power? Can someone anywhere in the world please do something and help the family of Osamuyia to get his corpse released for burial.

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