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Their President is Missing

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mr. Yar Adua who millions of Nigerians regard as their Nigerians is missing. He is not in the hospital in Saudi Arabia as originally thought or reported. So, where is their president?

This is so ridiculous and shameful. The US has just listed Nigeria as one of the countries under scrutiny because of one stupid boy called Abdulmuttalab who tried to blow up an American airliner. Seriously I’m beginning to have a second thought on my support for Mr. Obama.

1 Nigerian terrorist and 151 million people guilty. Mr Obama needs to re-examine his thoughts and actions. Indeed Northern Nigeria is a potential hot spot for recruitment of idle or wasted minds into terrorist network but the more literate south is devasted by this situation. Nigerians should be removed from the useless list of passengers to be “stripped” when flying to the US. All passengers deserve the same treatment.

Anyway how much blame falls on Obama’s admin is another perspective into the entire scenario. 151m Nigerians have been kidnapped and held hostage by a cabal and some gangsters that have refused to move the country forward more than 40 days since Mr. Yar Adua went missing.

Nigeria is a peculiar country no doubts. Our politicians and rulers are more or less idiots and nonentities. If not, how can there be a power vacuum for more than 40 days when there is a VP? They have turned the VP to a mumu. I could throw up reading his new year message! Pray, Support, this, that and all the useless and nonsense statements we’ve heard before. Nigerians need a new way forward, we want a leader and to even think that this entrapped man called Jonathan is the likely ruler in the days ahead makes me shiver. Still I hope he gets the chance and we’ll see where we go from there in 2011.

Many things are wrong and lies and propaganda are flowing freely. Power vacuum remains as some irresponsible people continue to toy and play with our lives. They stole our future and they are about to set the stage for the destruction of the next generation.

If I may repeat (how many times have I done this?), Yar Adua should be left alone wherever he is and whatever he is doing, we MUST MOVE ON.

We are a nation of 151m people and we are currently at the centre-stage of world’s attention as a terrorist nation. Still we have no one to address the issues plaguing us. Their president is missing, no one knows where Yar Adua is!

Maduekwe is giving the US a 7 day ultimatum. Very funny. Where is your president Mr Ojo Maduekwe? Where is the ultimatum coming from and who are you chatting with? Please give me a break. A country without a legal president is a symbol of useless politicians who should be ignored.

I’m sure Obama will listen to you when you tell him where your president is.

Where is their president, Mr Yar Adua?

Nigeria’s Political Dilemma and Secession in the air

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria has been without a ruler or leader for several days now. In my opinion Nigeria has never had a president since May 2007. The man who was illegally imposed on us is now very sick and lying in some hospital in far away Saudi Arabia. Call it the shame of Nigeria-the nation with the largest concentration of black people not been able to provide good health care for its own (fake) president! Imagine the fate of the man on the street who has to beg to be able to afford a pill for his headache! What a tragedy for our nation?

Before he was bundled away he didn’t hand over the reign of power to his deputy, the so called vice president Goodluck Jonathan. On several occasions in the past Mr. Yar Adua had left his ill-gotten post unceremoniously without handing over to the man next to him. But this time it appears he will be away for a long-long time. There are uncertainties if he would be able to stand on his feet again, let home forcefully and illegally govern a nation of 150m passive people. Yes, we are that many but almost stupidly passive!

If we are not too passive or fashion-ly resilient we should have taken back all the things that were stolen from us or we should have kicked away the things that we didn’t ask for. Nobody voted for Mr. Yar Adua in the first place, so it was a stupid passivity that we allowed him to reign, forcefully.

We have been left alone several times without a ruler or a leader we still sit down and adopt the wait and see approach. By now millions of Nigerians should be on the streets demanding an end to this useless dilemma. Our economy is bad and investment is uncertain, yet we sit at home or go to work pretending that all will be well. The national budget is unknown making the already bad economy even looking predictably worse in the days ahead.

The men and women who pretend to be in the national assembly are too busy with personal interests and political survival that they do not see or realise how USELESS they have become in their own existence. If they are not useless what are they still doing when Nigeria with a population of over 140m has no legal president? Their own personal individual emergence continues to haunt them and they know that trying to do anything “right” will jeopardise their political future. I dare any member of the Nigeria Senate or House of Rep to sanely move for the removal of Yar Adua! They are all birds of the same feather-wicked and evil in colour.

The junta who want to have a northern president at all cost or the removal of Goodluck Jonathan to pave away for a Northern President to replace Yar Adua have now sown new seeds of secession. If the North must be president at all cost or at any cost, it makes more sense that they should keep the north to themselves. The rest of the south can decide what to do with their regions.

If the constitution of the PDP takes pre-eminence over that of Nigeria, then there should not be a country called Nigeria. This definitely is not the best option for Nigeria but it appears sensible that if the north wants to always dominate power then the other regions have the opportunity and reason to say, NO MORE!
The South-South have already issued a warning that if Jonathan cannot be the president in the absence of Yar Adua then the rest of us should brace up to a secession. That is more than justified. I mean if the constitution is not followed then there is no country to belong to. Therefore the individual nationalities have a reason to carve out their own existence. No one knows if there will be civil rife and on what scale.

But seriously what is wrong with Nigeria and Nigerians? I cannot stop looking at the intelligence question and the black race. Are we really stupid? Why is it so hard to follow the norm?

One man is sick and incapable, what is wrong with the deputy taking over as it is written in the constitution? Why should there be any rumour or allegation that a group from the north is putting pressure on the VP to resign? What sort of useless agreement could have been made between the VP and the North before the emergence of this unelected government? Are these the outcomes of Nigeria’s crazy democracy-one in which our votes are never counted? How long shall be continue with this nonsense? For how long shall we remain captives and slaves in our own country? For how long shall we bring shame and dishonour to ourselves and to Africa?

A time must come and maybe this is the best chance to redefine our mode of existence and the conditions for our co-existence or disintegration. What is of paramount significance and importance is the quality of lives that we want to live. We must be able to address the best avenues to attain our objectives for the nearest future.

To continue to live passively, doing nothing and encouraging these dictators-visible and invisible is a disservice to ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Just over the weekend Shakira said on Larry King Live: “we should be political, we must participate in the decisions that affect the future of our nations”

This statement must be directed to every Nigerian. We must participate-and we must start to do so positively-in the decisions that affect us now and our children in the future. Our political madness must stop and the way we do our elections must change. If nothing changes then we are confirming the fears of some group that as the black race we are not intelligent afterall. The prevalence of poverty and the fact that more than 90m live on less than 1 dollar per day despite the oil wealth of our country does not show that we are intelligent on our own soil. Maybe we are elsewhere.

The days ahead will shed more light on our intelligence especially in the political arena. The future of Nigeria is in our hands and whatever we decide to do or not do about it.

Nigerians, free yourselves from Bondage, Seek Change Now!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s illegal president Mr. Yar Adua has gone (again) to Saudi Arabia for another medical check up. The man is extremely sick and very weak. His physical appearance speaks volumes. He is not fit for the post of a councillor how much more the (illegal) president of Nigeria. He was fraudulently imposed on Nigerians by the machinery of the evil PDP government largely assisted by Mr. Obasanjo and the fraudster called Maurice Iwu who is still the head of the useless Electoral Commission in Nigeria.

Mr. Yar Adua

Mr. Yar Adua since his illegal ascension to Nigeria’s top post has visited hospitals in Germany, Brazil and more recently and frequently Saudi Arabia. This is the shame of Africa and Nigeria. For 8 years this man ruled over Katsina State and could not build any hospital that would be able to manage his health and that of the citizens of Katsina. For an additional 2 years of recklessness, absolute waste and meaningless governance he has been unable to design or build or update any hospital in Nigeria to take care of his failing health. And his health is failing rapidly! Not to my joy but to our collective shame that this is the type of nonentity that rules the most populous black nation on earth.

Yar Adua

There are so many problems in Nigeria and an incapable leader is the last thing we desire at this point of our history. We are already battling with many issues including fraudulent elections, poverty, lack of infrastructure, decay in education, low standard of living, internal rife, high cost of living, hopelessness, crime, kidnapping, environmental pollution, lack of electricity and extreme lack of both social and national orientation. We are also battling with politicians who continue to loot the treasury and persistently remain neck deep in the deep rooted corruption. We are becoming a failed country.

Some fools are suggesting a second term for Mr. Yar Adua. In the 2 years of his first term, he has spent more time in health institutions than in the office. He has done almost nothing and he is extremely weak and probably depressed. There is a huge doubt he will make any impact in the 2 years remaining of his illegal reign. The present government in Nigeria needs total FLUSHING. They have to be bundled out one way or the other. With the likes of Aondoakaa, Ibori and Iwu, Nigeria remains in a deep mess. Ogbulafor the PDP chairman heads a network of undemocratic hell angels who will for eternity suppress the will of the people. Under the PDP state of affairs, Nigeria will not rise. It is doomed for calamity.

Nigeria and Nigerians need public institutions that will bring back the glory that is long lost. We must be able to choose and remove public officers as the situation or conditions demand. We must be able to account for our positions in public. All the corrupt people and politicians since 1999 and before remain free. The prosecution of Bode George is 0.0001% of the job that should be done in the fight against corruption.

The 2010 and 2011 elections are already reaping casualties with assassinations. This is the madness of Nigerian politics. This is where social and national orientation is a missing gap. The spirit of live and let’s live is completely absence as successive governments have made jungle of our existence. We live like it’s a rat race.

Nigerians must begin to reflect on recents developments in the country. Bode George was prosecuted-no condition is permanent. Mariam Babangida is terminally ill in an American hospital-her husband could have build hospitals in Nigeria instead of the mansions he built in Minna. The Babangidas could have done more for the good of all. Babangida cancelled the most peaceful and the fairest election in the history of Nigeria and he is reputed to have stolen more than 12 billions dollars of Nigeria’s oil money. Nothing last forever you see. 12 billion dollars cannot buy life.

In one of my articles, I have written that life is a passage. It will always be. The best way to go through life is to live and let others live. What is the outcome of evil acquisition? It is absolute vanity.

Yar Adua squandered 8 years as a governor and 2 years as an illegal president. That he lacks the mentality required to build a state of the art hospital in Nigeria speaks volume about his fate. The good and evil that men do now follows them and live with them.

To all those who are waiting in line for their turn to loot the treasury in Nigeria and to those who are shielding corrupt politicians and other evil people systematically destroying the country, look around you and seek wisdom. Good life is good, but it is evil and wicked to gain that status at the expense of millions of others. More than 70m Nigerians are living on less than 1 dollar per day whereas someone has the guts to steal 12 billions dollars and nothing has been done about that.

The life of all men is not different from those of the flowers that boom at one time and are weak or dead at another time. Everybody deserves a good life especially in a country like Nigeria where the oil wealth from the Niger Delta can cater for the needs of all Africans. Why is poverty so widespread in Nigeria? it boils down to not only corruption but the greed of the leadership/rulership.


Nigeria must go through a new period of genuine transition. Honestly I don’t have the formula but I think there is a need to recall all the thieves who called themselves senators or lawmakers. There is a need to send home all the ministers and public officers who are there just to loot and serve their personal interests. Nigeria needs a period of say 6 months to one year to build up fundamental institutions especially the electoral commission and the anticorruption agencies.

A new reawakening is needed in Nigeria whereby a sense of collective social responsibility is created in the mainstream but starting with responsible leadership. We need a few men and women of honour to steer Nigeria under this transitional period so that we can achieve concrete goals and development in the nearest future.
As mentioned above it is difficult but it requires a great deal of sense and sacrifice. Some people must give way especially as they got into our lives through questionable means. The damage is far too extensive and the earlier we make this needed transition the better. I am no longer worried about my generation, I’m 37 and I can see the
absurd mentality pervading my generation. It appears we have been indoctrinated or absorbed into the wasted generation of Soyinka and Obasanjo. My worries are now towards my children, our children and the future of this blessed nation.

We must set out now, it is no longer dawn, but it is not too late. We can start by sending Mr. Yar Adua back to Katsina when he returns from Saudi Arabia. To do nothing now will confine the largest concentration of black people on earth into the doldrums, FOREVER!

10 Reasons Why Yar’ Adua Should Resign..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Yar’ Adua continues to receive treatment for his ailments overseas. No excuse will be enough to justify why a man who ruled a state for 8 years and a wealthy country like Nigeria for 2 years cannot build a state of the art hospital in Katsina or Abuja so that he can have direct access to medical treatment.

It is not impossible that the frequent treatment that Yar Adua is receiving overseas might be gulping millions of naira each time. Tax payers’ money so recklessly spent is inhuman and wicked. If the ruler of a country travels abroad to receive treatment, what is the fate of the helpless poor masses? What is the fate of Nigerian children, pregnant women and the elderly? This shame is unbearable for the normal people in Nigeria, Umaru should resign!

It must be repeated as often as necessary that Yar’ Adua was not elected. That he admitted it is not enough. He has a moral obligation to let go of what he got illegally and against the wish of the Nigerian people. If Yar’ Adua is a normal human being or an educated graduate that we are told he is, then he should know that acquisition of power by falsehood is a depiction of daftness. The knowledge of books or letters does not translate to intellectualism. Only thieves claim things by falsehood, lying and stealing.

One of the rare moments when Yar’ Adua made good a promise was when he set up the panel that examined the electoral process in Nigeria. But like the dictators before him, he has decided not to abide by all the recommendations of the Electoral Committee. Political analysts asserted that the National Assembly can actually adopt the entire recommendations. Those lazy crooks! However the struggle for the actualisation of those recommendations has been sustained by Pro-Democratic groups and the NLC. Causing Nigerians these unnecessary pains and agonies is enough for the clueless idle dude in Aso Rock to return to his village.

Yar’ Adua and his gang have refused and failed to grant all Nigerians a fair chance to attain their fullest potential. The Nigerian Education system today is a complete disaster. The entire blame is not on this lazy government but the fact that after 2 wasteful and destructive years in power they never came up with reasonable steps or attempts to prevent the deterioration in the sector. Most of the unscrupulous politicians and government officials have given their own children the best of education in Nigerian private schools and also at colleges and universities abroad. This is unfair and the man who oversees a failed system should give way, immediately.

In a previous article, I have discussed the scam called vision 20-2020 and the fake 7-point agenda. Yar’ Adua is a liar. What can he point to after 2 years that shows that Nigeria will be a strong economy in 2020? If he decides to go all the way to 2011 Yar’ Adua has a limited time left to show what bravery is all about. Let him try to round off all his former colleagues who stole from the coffers of government when they served as state governors. He should bring them and other crooks in government to justice as a genuine first step towards 20-2020. In the absence of such a sincere commitment, Yar’ Adua should immediately stop the 419, 7p agenda/vision 20-2020 and return to Katsina.

Yar Adua has intimidated and bullied some jelly-hearted governors into the PDP fold. That is Yar Adua’s way of deepening Nigeria’s democracy. Bringing everyone into PDP with a promise for automatic selection in 2011 is Yar Adua’s way of restructuring government’s staff. Seriously the inefficiency and sourness of this illegal administration are extremely disgusting. Yar Adua should return to his village before Nigeria tops the list of failed states. We are getting there too quickly.

Yar’Adua has failed woefully in the area of infrastructure. Where is the mass transportation that he promised 2 years ago? Where are the railroads? Where are the jobs? Yar’Adua promised a dramatic development in power generation, transmission and distribution. Indeed the development has been more than dramatic? Who would have thought that Nigeria will be envelope in total eclipse of darkness by 6pm each day? There is nothing wrong if the man under whose notorious command electricity became a relic in Nigeria is also shown the way out by people power. Are Nigerians not tired of Yar’ Adua?

Yar’Adua committed genocide in the Niger Delta because he had no single clue on how the lingering crisis can be resolved. Out of shame and in one of the most fascinating ironies of modern history he declared amnesty to the winning party. Peace in the Niger Delta demands a holistic approach. The starting point will be the trial of Obasanjo and Yar Adua for acts of genocides. The continuation will be the prosecution of all the past and present looters who called themselves Niger Delta Governors or South-South Governors.

The sincerity of a legitimate government working hand-in-hand with disciplined oil industries in the Delta will bring a permanent solution to the Niger Delta through the application of justice and fairness in all dealings. Pertinent issues relating to environmental degradation, general pollution, health care, employment opportunities and provision of social amenities/infrastructure cannot be compromised, not even by a fake amnesty. It’s simple logic: no justice, no peace!

By way of repetition Yar’ Adua lied when he said that he will intensify the war against corruption. Mrs. Clinton was blunt when she said that in the last 2 years the anticorruption agency is dead in Nigeria. This is the handiwork of Yar’Adua. He succumbed to pressure to appoint a stooge for the corrupt governors who worked under Obasanjo. By so doing Yar’Adua totally killed the anticorruption war in Nigeria. Farida Waziri is product of maladministration and evil connivance. By refusing to fight corruption from the top Yar’Adua accelerated the spread of poverty in Nigeria. No meaningful impact will be felt on the economy by witch-hunting or titbit war on corruption by using certain out-of-favour persons as victims. The missing word in the fight against corruption is TOTAL.

The failed PDP government said Mrs. Clinton was misinformed when she declared that Nigeria has a leadership problem. PDP also said that Hilary’s comments about the EFCC are out of place. For making this type of foolish comments, the National Publicity Secretary of PDP Rufai Ahmed Alkali is one of the greatest enemies of Nigeria and should be avoided like a plague. As a Nigerian, I want to state categorically that I don’t need a Mrs. Clinton to know that Nigeria has no leaders. Nigeria has a very big leadership problem.

Nigeria’s self appointed leaders are the biggest obstacle to the development of Nigeria. The story goes on and EFCC is a failed institution because all the corrupt politicians in Nigeria under the previous and present dispensations are all free people. PDP as it is today is the most evil organisation on the surface of Africa because of the impact of the attitudes and actions displayed under the PDP banner and the effects on the lives of over 140m black Africans 75% of whom are completely hopeless. Does R.A Alkali not know this before Clinton visited Abuja?

Yar’ Adua promised to be a worthy personal example. Has he done this by travelling overseas every now and then for treatments? Has he been a good example by travelling to Brazil when Nigeria was boiling courtesy of failure of governance which resulted to the rise of Boko Haram? What type of example has Umaru provided by eliminating a whole community in Bayelsa State using the Obasanjo Odi Approach (OOA)? What type of example would make a man stupidly coerce other people into the PDP because of the promise of automatic election victories in 2011? Is that how democracy can develop in Nigeria?

When Yar Adua visited Imo State everything was closed down for his sake, school children were forced to wear uniforms on a Saturday and markets were closed down. These are the hallmarks of dictatorship. Yar’ Adua and individuals of like-traits have no businesses in our quest to build a nation which by 2100 should by among the league of developed countries in the world, if we start the process of change today. To make our dreams come true when our grandchildren start arriving Yar’ Adua should give way now. Delay is dangerous!

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