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By Adeola Aderounmu.

If the answer to these two questions is YES, then there is a very serious problem on our hands. Indeed, we have always had big problems in Nigeria.

If Nigeria has a minister for external affairs then that person is grossly incompetent and unfit for that position. If after 365 days the body of slained Osamuyia is still lying in the cold morgue somewhere in Spain, then it is better for that Minister to resign and bury his head in shame.

I declare that the minister for foreign affairs in present day Nigeria (2008) is the most incompetent human alive today. The person occupying that position should be sacked and replace with someone else who is capable and knowledgeable.

A new minister should be appointed in that position and his or her first mandate should be to secure the corpse of Osamuyia for burial in Nigeria.

This also makes me wonder what the role of an ambassador is in Spain. Apart from Nigeria, what is the general function of ambassadors from all over the world who are sent to Spain? This question is important to me because the answer probably lies with the Spanish government.

Maybe the Spanish government can tell the world what they are doing with a corpse for 380 days. The Spanish government can explain to us or to the world why they have not been able to release the corpse to the family or the embassy of Nigeria in Spain.

Depending on the explanation, we can figure out the roles of the Nigerian ambassador to Spain because until now I think the ambassador is also very useless.

If I was the ambassador, I would either resign due to my incompetence or publicise the issue by criticising the handling of the matter by the Spanish authority. Doing neither of this means the ambassador is not protecting the rights/privileges of Nigerians in Spain. Therefore he/she should be sacked forthwith.

The Minister for External affair and the Nigerian ambassador to Spain should quit offices now, they are unfit, incompetent and un-knowledgeable to fulfil the positions that they occupy. I know that this is the pattern in Nigeria-having wrong people in political offices-still this particular episode of the killing of Osamuyia and the retention of his corpse by the Spanish murderers speak volume and such a matter should not be swept under the carpet. It is an international issue!

What more shall we do to ensure that Osamuyia’s body is released by the Spanish government one year after they murdered him?

This is the third day (out of 4) that I have dedicated to this story. I will conclude my story tomorrow and surely if nothing happens, I will dedicate an entire BLOG to this story. Osamuyia must be buried in Nigeria-this will not be compromised.

We will also continue to seek justice regarding the manner of his death.

The Killing of Osamuyia: The Irresponsible Nigerian Government.

By Adeola Aderounmu.


Osamuyia, the young man killed by the Spanish Police in 2007

Yesterday, I reminded the world that the useless government of Spain is keeping the corpse of a Nigerian Killed over one year ago by the Spanish Police.

Today I am telling the world that that is possible because the Nigerian government is also useless. Imagine if the Nigerian Police have killed a Spanish man in 2007, would the body of the dead man still be in Nigeria in 2008? I don’t think so. I also imagine that Spain would have taken the case to the United Nations or to the EU. Spain would have done everything possible to paint Nigeria blacker

This is the ridiculous level of governance in Nigeria. I don’t care attitude! The people who have shown that they care about Osamuyia have done so at an hypocritical level. Some miscreants even travelled to Spain on fact finding information/Investigation. Is this the result of their mission? To allow the corpse of the dead Osamuyia to rot away in a Spanish morgue?

I am still at a lose how these types of things are still happening in this age and time of human civilization. Is there one responsible person in the Nigerian Foreign Ministry who can take this issue up with the Spanish Government? Please let him or her take this burden up and her the family of Osamuyia.

They want to bury their son at home in Africa; it has been more than one year since he was slain in Spain.

The Government of Spain: Please Release Osamuyia’s Body to his family!

By Adeola Aderounmu.


Photo of Osamuyia.

Osamuyia was killed in Spain on June 9 2007 by the Spanish Police. I have written about this several times and for the next few days I am going to remain focussed on this issue. He was killed by the Spanish Police while being forcefully deported on a notorious Iberia Flight.

Killed in Flight

Notorious Iberia Flight

Today is June 27 and the purpose of today’s blog is to Condemn the Spanish Government for not releasing the body of late Osamuyia one year after its agent murdered him.

The family is is distress and they want to be able to bury their son at home in Nigeria.


Osamuyia's family in Nigeria


Chester, Osamuyia's brother
Chester, brother of the slained Osamuyia

What is wrong with the government of Spain? Does that country have a sane leadership? You cannot keep a dead body for this long and be normal, can you? The families and friends of this young man whom you murdered are waiting, they have been waiting for more than one year, to be able to bury Osamuyia.

It is time you let Osamuyia go home afterall your dirty mission was to deport him dead or alive. So what are you still waiting for?

It is time to let him rest. The Government of Spain must release the body of Osamuyia NOW.

Photos/Images courtesy of Ahaoma Kanu and The Nigeria Village Square.


By Adeola Aderounmu

I would like to make a humble request that Nigerian Bloggers Worldwide set aside 4 days, June 27-30 2008, as special days for one line of publication. Can we all dedicate these 4 days in June to Osamuyia Aikpitanhi? That young man was murdered on June 9 2007 by the Spanish Police while being cruelly deported on a notorious Iberia Flight.

The story was featured prominently on the

Nigeria Village Square

and Concerned Nigerians Worldwide (CNW) organized a global demonstration to protest the brutal killing of Osamuyia. These four days will coincide with the same time last year (2007) when protest marches were organized to Spanish embassies across the globe.

It may interest you dear fellow bloggers that Osamuyia is still lying in the cold somewhere in racist Spain and his killers are walking tall and free. Our Nigerian government is bad and wicked and this is one of the pieces of evidence that we need to know that our lives remain in our hands. Being our brothers’ keeper is a moral that we should never throw away. Without that principle, millions of people in Nigeria will slip from poverty zone into the zone of extinction.

Many of us have impacted our world with our blog messages and we have teeming readership. If we dedicate those 4 days to Osamuyia, we may succeed where our government has failed woefully. The government failed to build on the Momentum gathered by CNW Some of us have no faith in governance in Nigeria. How else can one express the shocking revelation that the Federal Government of Nigeria cannot secure the release of Osamuyia’s corpse one year after he was murdered in Spain by the Spanish Police?

The Aikpitanhi Family is still in agony and pain as shown by the investigative report of Ahaoma Kanu. They are yet to get the opportunity to bury their son and brother. Osamuyia needs a proper resting place and his family would like to have him back. Let us direct parts of our publications / messages along that line.

While doing that, we must also condemn the racism involved in this entire unfortunate episode. Let us condemn racism in Spain as well as the lack of proper prosecution for the erring murderers in police uniform.

Our message will not be complete if we do not direct more of our energy towards the government at home. Let us condemn in strong terms the handling of this matter by the Nigerian Government. We can call for the sacking of the Minister of External Affairs. Maybe, just maybe we may sensitize someone who has the solution to this shameful act. We can also request for the re-call of Nigeria’s Ambassador to Spain. He may be neglecting his duties.

In calling for the sack of the Minister, we can raise questions regarding the investigations that have been carried out and what has stalled the process of demanding for justice for Osamuyia. As Nigerians we deserve to know why a brother has been left in the cold for more than one year.

I hope that we can heed this call to dedicate 96 hours to our late brother and friend. He had dreams like the rest of us in the Diaspora but his was cut short very prematurely. His death has implications for our world: racism, bad governance, irresponsible public servants, police brutality, murder and negligence of duties.

By speaking out and writing boldly on June 27-30 2008, we can one way or the other change the world we live in for the better. We must also hope that Osamuyia’s body will finally arrive in Nigeria at the end of the blog dedication. This is a task started by NVS/ CNW but it is a solidarity call for all of us wherever we are on planet earth.

Suggestions for Blogging

June 27: Condemn the Spanish Government for not releasing the body of late Osamuyia one year after its agent murdered him.

June 28: Condemn the Nigerian Government for not caring for one of its own, even in death.

June 29: Comment further on the situations above and ask for the resignation or sacking of Nigeria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs for negligence of duty and incompetence. Please request the recall of Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain for not acting effectively to send Osamuyia’s corpse to Nigeria.

June 30: Condemn the Spanish government for not prosecuting murderers in its ranks and make a final call for JUSTICE and the release of Osamuyia’s body to his family one year after he was murdered by the Spanish police.

This is how I will blog these four days in addition to what I have written about this case in the past/present.

The Spanish Government Should Cover its head in Shame!!!

Adeola Aderounmu.

A Nigerian named Osamuyia Aikpitanhi was killed by Spanish Police on June 9 2007. One year later, the policemen who killed Osamuyia have not been successfully prosecuted. The story goes that the Spanish authority will protect its officials even when they commit rape, murder and other heinous crime. What a scandalous country!

Osamuyia was killed on a notorious Iberia Flight while being forcefully deported to Nigeria. His corpse is still lying cold in a Spanish Mortuary more than 1 year after he was murdered.

Can one sane person in Spain kindly tell the government to release the body for burial in Nigeria? The father, mother and family member of Osamuyia are still mourning the death of their son and brother.

Please and please release the body of the man for burial in Nigeria and let him get a final peaceful rest.

The world is full of injustices and this act of racism which is profound in Spain needs to be totally condemned. That is a story for another day.

Please again, I am instructing the Spanish government to release the corpse of this young man so that his family can bury him. It is time for him to rest.

Here is the link to the latest news about the MURDER OF OSAMUYIA

Nigerian (Illegal) Government shows signs of weakness.

One of the conclusions I can draw from this shame of the Spanish government is that the Nigerian Government is also a very useless one.

Imagine that a Nigerian was murdered in Spain in 2007 and the government did almost nothing about it. Worse still, the government made no effort to press for the release of the corpse.

Really, who are these mad men in power? Can someone anywhere in the world please do something and help the family of Osamuyia to get his corpse released for burial.

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