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Obasanjo’s Medicine: Shake After Use

Obasanjo’s is shaking after taking his own medicine. He will not be canonized. He ran a corrupt government too. If it took him 8 years to realize he also handed over to corrupt people like him then he may have suffered from a form of premature dementia

Obasanjo’s Medicine: Shake After Use

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Around 1988 my physics teacher at Festac Grammar School Mr. Olatunji, a civil engineer by training told the class a joke. He said there was a man who was given a prescription by the doctor. So the man went his way, bought the medicine and took it.

After a few days his condition did not improve. So he picked up the bottle of medicine and read the instructions carefully. Somewhere on the bottle it stated “SHAKE BEFORE USE”.

When the man discovered the instruction, he started to jump up and down, whirled his waist and shook his belly at the same time. He wanted to ensure that all the medicine he had taken mix thoroughly inside of his body.

You’re guaranteed of getting wiser for every lesson you attended with Mr. Olatunji in front of the classroom. He told us at that time that with his knowledge and education-he should be sitting on the 35th floor of a civil engineering firm.

But he was stuck with us for a while, teaching and giving us hope for a brighter future. To make ends meet Mr. Olatunji also ran a private coaching outfit popularly called lesson. A very clever man with excellent skills in mathematics, I learnt later on that he found a job outside of teaching. I hope life treated you well, sir!

Now I look forward to reading General Obasanjo’s book. But I have seen a few of the previews that early birds have posted online.

Sometimes in late 2007, several Nigerians started the process of canonizing Obasanjo. It was either he controlled the media or the impatient people were doing an early comparison of his tenure as the ruler of Nigeria with that of the puppets that he almost singlehandedly installed after his failed third-term bid.

Some believed that Obasanjo brought in Yar Adua and Jonathan because he wanted to show Nigerians that they would have been better off with him as a life president. There are still many theories on why Obasanjo brought 2 peculiar political invalids to rule Nigeria.

I am trying to place Obasanjo in the positions of both the doctor and the patient in Mr. Olatunji’s narration.

As the former ruler of Nigeria for a total period of about 10 years, are there pieces of information in Obasanjo’s book that he could have applied in making Nigeria a better place for all? Were there prescriptions he didn’t read out loud when he addressed Nigerians for 10 years?

What efforts did Obasanjo make to minimize corruption under his regime as a military dictator and a civilian ruler? Does he have the justification to accuse other people of the same crimes that he committed? What efforts did he make to stop the introduction and implementation of extreme Islamism in Northern Nigeria?

Why did he employ the services of a criminal in the person of James Ibori to spearhead the change that would have ensured that he ran for the office of the Nigerian president for a record third time?

Then when the third term bid failed Obasanjo oversaw that Ibori continued to drain the resources of the people of the Niger Delta in promoting Yar Adua. Ibori, an ex-convict was almost going to become Nigeria’s vice president under Obasanjo’s watch, a road map that could also have placed him in line to the presidency.

Obasanjo is like the people he criticized in his new book. How did he get Otta back from scrap to a multi-billion naira project just after emerging as the military’s choice in 1999?

What happened to all the billions of naira spent on power generation under his watch? I hope I will read about his shady deals in his new book of revelations because from space Nigeria is still one of the darkest places in Africa today. What about the funds meant to equip the police force that ended up with his family members?

Obasanjo and some of the people mentioned in his book like Atiku where co-criminals at the helm of affairs in Nigeria. They even went a step ahead in their criminal pursuits in the international Halliburton bribery scandal. It was only in Nigeria that the criminals involved in this scandal were not punished. The criminal law system in Nigeria is a huge joke.

Obasanjo can win accolades for his book, for the gladiate contents. He likes to play to the gallery and that sort of excitement is what most Nigerians want.

They want to accept one form of evil above another. They want to agree that Obasanjo was better than Jonathan because the law system in Nigeria does not query, try and send people for prison for serious crimes like state murder and looting of the treasury with good governance as the opportunity cost.

How has the larger Nigerian populace benefitted from Obasanjo’s wit and tricks since he emerged as a PDP politician?

I am not thankful to Obasanjo for his contributions to the misery of the Nigerian life. I cannot appreciate him for his roles directly and indirectly in the demeaning of the Nigerian life.

In terms of establishing institutions and empowering people that will contribute to the progress of Nigeria Obasanjo is probably more clueless than Jonathan.

If the law and justice system in Nigeria are fair, would Obasanjo be a free man or a prisoner today? Who takes the responsibility for the political assassinations under his watch? Who killed Bola Ige? Did he provide the hints in his book?

Obasanjo enjoys having his hands and voice in everything. The preview of Obasanjo’s books that I’ve read placed him in the category of the people I described in my column last week-the people with foolish expectations.

He led a corrupt government and imposed another clueless corrupt government yet he’s out there crying over a foreseeable tragedy. What hypocrite!

In the same vein, when I would have read his book, I might still find it difficult to remove Obasanjo from the category of Nigerians on Lagbaja’s scale of mumuism.

Millions of Nigerians also fit in to the patient role in Mr. Olatunji’s story. They are now jumping up and down and wriggling their bellies because they have taken their medicines without reading the label where it state shake before use. We’ll see where this takes them in February 2015.

Obasanjo knew that Jonathan was incompetent as the governor of Bayelsa. Everybody in Bayelsa knew his deputy was in charge when he was a governor. If Obasanjo was not aware of that then he must have suffered from a premature dementia. If it took Obasanjo 8 years to realize that he handed over to a corrupt government like the one he managed, then he needs a quick help.

Millions of Nigerians were basking in 2011: we are voting for Jonathan, not the PDP. It was laughable, yet very sad to read the collective reasoning of a people drained of both mental and physical strengths. What options were available anyway? An endless dilemma it must be.

It sounded as foolish as when Babangida said he did not cancel the results of the 1993 elections, that he only annulled it. It’s the same rigmarole when he said he was stepping aside when he ought to have been arrested and imprisoned for treason.

It was that fateful cancelled elections that Obasanjo benefitted from. He even campaigned on behalf of the treason perpetrators like Ibrahim Babangida. Obasanjo said MKO Abiola was not the messiah.

Obasanjo’s messiah for Nigeria since 2009 was Mr. Jonathan. When did he detect the truth that now set his wicked mind free?

I am making efforts to get Obasanjo’s books to my domain. I look forward to reading Obasanjo’s explanation as to why he collected the Halliburton bribe.  Also I want to know how much he got. Was it a third of $74m or a straight N27b?

I will like to read Obasanjo’s book so I can mock his gullibility-that at his right and ripe ages in 1979 (Shagari), 1993 (Abiola), 2007 (Yar Adua) and 2011 (Jonathan) he was fooled or he fooled Nigerians.

Obasanjo’s is now shaking after taking his own medicine. Too late I am sorry.

When Mr. Obasanjo is done with whirling his waist or shaking his belly, I hope someone can tell him that some people actually read the labels and instructions on their medicines before they swallowed them.

If he ever gets another chance in his life time, one hopes that he reads the label before prescribing or taking the medicine himself.

For now he should stop crying over the milk he spilled as the search for true and exemplary leaders continue in the rising struggle to liberate Nigeria and Nigerians.

I Made You The President, Obasanjo Tells Jonathan (with regrets!)

By Adeola Aderounmu

Obasanjo made it clear in his letter that he made Goodluck Jonathan the president of Nigeria. According to Obasanjo, he said he did the same when he made Yar Adua and Shagari presidents in 2007 and 1983 respectively.

What Obasanjo implied here is that he acted in the interest of Nigeria on these 3 occasions when he had the opportunities to pass power to other people.

It is true I actually promised not to attack Obasanjo but it is hard to let go and forget our history.

In 1979 Obsanjo rigged the elections in favour of the NPN and Shagari, an incompetent crook from Northern Nigeria was made the civilian president of Nigeria.

What followed the handover was massive corruption among the civilians and severe hardship on Nigerians. Nigerians have not recovered from the grave error that Obasanjo made. The coups and counter coups that followed Obasanjo’s errors destroyed the essence of our lives in Nigeria.

Obasanjo had always done all in his power to prevent intelligent people from ruling Nigeria. Awolowo was blocked several times and 1979 was not an exception.

In 2007 Yar Adua was sponsored by Obasanjo and they used Ibori’s stolen wealth from Delta State to propagate the elections. Today Ibori is in a UK prison and Yar Adua died after a protracted illness.

In 2011 Obasanjo sponsored a drunkard named Goodluck Jonathan to become the president of Nigeria. Today Obasanjo is regretting that sponsorship.

Obasanjo felt betrayed that Jonathan now sees him as the enemy of his administration. On page 14 of the letter he wrote to Jonathan, Obasanjo must have been closed to tears.

Three times, Obasanjo made decisions or supported candidates that ruined Nigeria. Obasanjo himself ruled Nigeria as a military dictator and alnost succeeded with his third term ambition as a civilian president. His “boy-boy”-Nuhu Ribadu was used to chase everybody around town under the disguise of the EFCC.

Obasanjo’s letter is important but we will never forget the roles he played in the promotion of corruption and how his name has been mentioned in a number of corruption files.

What Obasanjo must also not forget is that mild and severe corruptions are both corruptions anyway and in no small ways, these acts have promoted poverty and penury in Nigeria.

(More reactions to follow)

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Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to Goodluck Jonathan

By Adeola Aderounmu

Many Nigerians are reacting to the letter that Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to Goodluck Jonathan. I have downloaded and read the letter. I will write my own reactions. This is one moment of Nigeria’s history that will not pass me by.

Whilst I have written before that Olusegun Obasanjo himself is a disgrace to Nigeria (a statement I still stand on today) because of the ills that he contributed to Nigeria and because of his parts in the destruction of Nigeria (whether you believe or not is not my headache), I will, in my forthcoming reactions try to leave Obasanjo’s character out of my reactions.

I will try my best not to attack the messenger but to analyse his messages.

They will appear here and above this entry.

The New PDP in Old Skin

By Adeola Aderounmu

If there is something that Nigeria does not need now, it is the so called splitting of the PDP resulting in the re-emergence of corrupt and useless politicians.

When Obsanjo third term bid was botched it was Atiku Abubakar who spear-headed the rofo-rofo fight. It was a “good” fight because he send Obasanjo packing using his might and that of the senate. Despite all the funds that Obasanjo wasted on the senate he was unsuccessful in his bid to change or manipulate the constitution to suit his evil third term agenda.

Even Ribadu could not save the day despite all the witch-hunting that he led with the EFCC. Nigeria is never short of useless people and thoughtless politicians.

As Atiku battled Obasanjo, Obasanjo fought back by exposing all the monies that Atiku has also looted. Everyday in the newspaper we read about the shady deals of both Obasanjo and Atiku.

They provided evidence and counter evidence of how they both looted Nigeria.Yet both men were never arrested. They were never tried for their criminal acts and for looting the Nigerian treasury. So in short Nigeria is a country where rulers can loot, expose their loots and still walk free. What a useless country!

Hence when a man like Atiku decides that it is time to divide the PDP because Jonathan is becoming full of himself and acting like a dictator, people must know that while that may be necessary for the PDP, it is the last thing that a useless country like Nigeria needs. Nigerians don’t need the re-cycling of corrupt people.

Atiku is desperate to become the president at whatever cost. So, like one popular Nigerian writer puts it, the politicians we have in Nigeria will not solve Nigeria’s problem.

Politics for them is not about serving the people or rendering selfless services. All they aim at is their pocket, their ego and their mad urge for riches. All they want is to loot and deceive the people.

I don’t feel anything by the recent split. Instead it goes to show the claim by one APC chieftain that Jonathan is a kindergarten president. Indeed, he is.

The day after the fatal splitting of PDP, he brought Obasanjo to Aso Rock. Obasanjo is around 80+ years and he is the solution for Jonathan. These people are crazy.

So Obasanjo will help him to either defeat Atiku or beg Atiku? I don’t understand which of these 2 functions that brought one corrupt former ruler against his corrupt deputy. Both of them plus Jonathan should be sent to kirikiri assuming we have a functioning judiciary that is independent of the executives.
Nigeria is no ordinary country. The politicians are insane and the populace is disconnected. The geographical area called Nigeria is occupied by people with very short memories. The region is dominated by a people or a collection of nation that do not learn from their past. This race forgets its history and live in the moment only.

Else what should happen in Nigeria should supercede both the Arab spring and the Ukrainian revolution. No matter the political party that rules in Nigeria, the situation can only get worse. The system of government is bad and obsolete.

The institutions are not working. Security is at its lowest ebb. Schools are decayed. Roads are the worst in the world. There is no electricity in Nigeria. Water availability is a mirage. Manufacturing is zeroing and everything has fallen apart. Injustice is rife and impunity reigns.

Hence a new or factional political group is far from the need of Nigerians.

The useless government today should have summoned the courage to initiate political changes that will bring about true federalism. The people should be given voices that will help them to determine their mode of existence and the type of life that they want to lead.

What the present useless government has done is to promote corruption to a new height. This government is probably more corrupt than any other government ever seen in Nigeria. There is no known plan or direction. The man and woman at the top have made themselves into lord and almighty, taking what they want, as they want it and how they want it. Madness at its peak!

But history is full of details that show that freedom is not given. It must be won. Nigerians are like modern slaves, even many will not acknowledge it. The fear in the minds of the people have not allowed them to revolt and take what is theirs.

The greed that has been sown in people have confused their ideologies. Everybody thinks that their time to plunder Nigeria directly and indirectly will come.

It pains to see the futility of life in Nigeria. Life has no meaning to millions of people down there. Everything must be fought for, even water and electricity. Everyday must be lived as if it is a war situation. It is sad and it hurts when a few idiots loot, merry and carry on as if everything is alright.

One day, one hopes that the people hit the war and fight back.

(unedited entry)

The James Ibori Confession

Adeola Aderounmu

James Onanafe Ibori is a Nigerian convicted for crimes in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom but who later became the governor of Delta State in 1999.

His stories have been well documented the latest being a BBC report on the extent of his criminal records/criminal life (

This story of a criminal who found his way to the highest office in Delta State is not unique or peculiar. Many Nigerian politicians are crooks and thieves before they get into offices. Several others join the bandwagon and became part of the looting syndrome. Dimeji Bankole is a proven classical example.

As I have written several times, the worst thing is that these thieves get away to enjoy their loots. The laws in Nigeria are useless or non-performing. Those who stole big now live big. Even ordinary personal assistants in government offices in Nigeria are thieves.

One way or the other all these crooks find ways to enrich themselves and cart away millions. Sometimes it’s just simply sharing money.

Several people have told me that I will never make it in Nigerian politics if I don’t loot and that I will be brushed aside. Whoever told them that I have a Nigerian political ambition? They have no idea I’d cursed the day I was born if I steal public loot.

Unless Nigerian politicians are executed or beheaded there is no solution for the looting syndrome. All Nigerian politicians will remain thieves as long as the power and privileges they enjoy remain the same. They have one special and stupid immunity clause that makes crime legal. And when they are out of offices, they still enjoy the immunity in 99,9% cases.

Not even a Ribadu-boast in the run-off to the botched third term agenda could ignite a mass prosecution.

The situation will NEVER change because it is accepted in Nigeria that you have to be rich after your political sojourn. It is okay to be a thief and governor or president because that is what your family, community and associate expect from you. It is what the political parties expected. Nigeria is a program invented to fail.

It was Obasanjo who used James Ibori to sponsor late Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan to Aso Rock in 2007. The ring of looters (Obasanjo, late Yar Adua and Jonathan) knew that Ibori was stealing money from Delta State to sponsor a presidential campaign and it was okay.

If the judiciary was effective in Nigeria and if there are no useless immunity clause, the Ibori confession should lead to the arrest of both Obasanjo and Jonathan without further delay. But since Nigeria is program to fail as a result of massive corruption, this will not happen.

Obasanjo and Jonathan have their own individual crimes which are still in progress but these men lead Africa Union negotiations and Nigeria respectively. There is no hope for the future under the present arrangement of things in most part of Africa and locally in Nigeria. We are ruled by gangsters and thieves.

Nigeria under Jonathan is a joke. This guy has taken new loans to finance his personal extravagancy and clueless regime. Nigeria under Jonathan, with the persistent of corruption and the rise in terrorism, is heading for an expected disintegration. Nothing has happened in the last one year to prove otherwise.

The National Assembly is even a bigger joke. Together with the executive these bunch of thieves run the most inefficient yet the most expensive government in history. Despite all complains and agitations they have not seen any reason to cut out their expensive salary and pay packets. The looting continues.

There will be no expectation from Nigerians that their lawmakers should pass a law that looters should be executed because it is tantamount to committing mass suicides. No one will come out alive of the National Assembly and the House of representatives. David Mark would lead the pack of awaiting death sentence if such law is passed today.

This is the severity of the calamities in Nigeria. More than 50 years of executive recklessness and outright stealing and looting.

It will not end because Nigerians are used to it and have come to accept such as norms.

It will not end because Nigerians put their hopes in Gods (Jehovah and Allah).

It remains a tragedy that 160m people think that it is okay. The common prayers have been that everybody’s time to (steal, loot, and benefit) from government should come.

Amazingly the churches and mosques are beneficiaries. Millions of stolen funds are paid weekly as tithes. This makes religious organisations in Nigeria to rank among the most successful business enterprises in Africa and Nigerian pastors especially are ranked among the richest men in the world.

Nigeria is a box of irony and metaphor.

Now and when Nigerians have gone their separate ways through true federation or outright split, it remains a pertinent question of how to solve this social malaise called corruption. Corruption has no tribal marks and it will continue to remain a stumbling block to progress.

Unless something radical is done to all the public servants and politicians who steal and loot, more and more people in that geographical zone will slip below the poverty level and the abundant resources will continue to lie in ruins and waste.

Today more than 100m Nigerians are poor and live day in day out with limited hopes. The situation will be worse if all the Iboris in the local, state and federal houses are allowed to continue to enjoy the useless immunity clause.

Nigerians need to stand up and they can start by asking the blood sucking Jonathan government to stop stealing. They can gather the momentum from the Ibori trial in London and ask the sleeping judiciary in Nigeria to wake up to its responsibilities. It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than to expect the corrupt Nigerian judiciary to be effective. How did I miss that?


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