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Obasanjo to Goodluck Jonathan: YOU ARE SUPER CORRUPT!

By Adeola Aderounmu

If you have not read Obasanjo’s letter, you are in the dark. Nothing said is new but for me it feels fulfilling to get an official confirmation to my blog posts.

Obasanjo said Jonathan has brought corruption to the level of impunity. That is a bloody lie. Jonathan just kept the status quo.

Impunity was there when Obasanjo came in. What Jonathan has done is to raise the bar.

With Obasanjo, Okonjo-Iweala did magic with Abacha’s loot that was returned to Nigeria by the government of Switzerland. Only Obasanjo and Iweala knew where the money went.

Obasanjo came into government in 1999 almost a wretched fellow. When he left government, he was super rich. No explantion for source of wealth. We know it is looting.

Under Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweale has presented herself openly as the ugly face of corruption-several funds have disappeared or gone missing. The largest sum of monies to disappear from the Nigerian treasury have taken place under the watch of Goodluck Jonathan, Okonjo-Iweala, Allison Madueke and Lamido of the central bank.

Obasanjo and even Babangida must be shocked that there are bigger thieves and criminals than them in Nigeria. Babangida must be feeling poor with the 12 billion dollars that the stole from Nigeria.

Obasanjo was been feeling silly by the 16 billion naira NEPA money that disappeared under his watch.

Goodluck Jonathan, together with Okonjo-Iweala and Allison Madueke are today Africa’s biggest thief. If you are reading this, you assignment is to go and find out how much these criminals have stolen recently in Nigeria.

I will never stop to say that Nigeria is the MOST corrupt country in the world.

If the sum we are talking about here disappears from the European Economy, Europe will face a sudden depression and global economy may collapse!

The level of corruption in Nigeria is the single most important tragedy of modern era on the face of the earth when war is not in consideration.

To event think that the name of the ”former pride” of the WORLD BANK Okonjo-Iweala kept coming up everytime money gets missing is a disaster to the reputation of the world bank.

Nigeria’s presidency and executive arms are so shameless and unbelievably corrupt you wonder what Nigerians are waiting for!

To include the legislators and national assembly in the sources of money missing from Nigeria daily is a source of permanent headache and worries.

In the midst of plenty, Nigerians are suffering, smiling and shieding looters! What about the states and local councils? You get Corruption Inc., Nigeria.

Obasanjo’s letter pointed how Jonathan shielded Ms. Oduah from punishment in a crime that is known globally. Goodluck Jonathan is the lowest thinker among the men who have ruled or colonised Nigeria.


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When Our Presidents Are Murderers: General Obasanjo to Jonathan “You are a Murderer”

By Adeola Aderounmu

In his letter, Obasanjo alleges that Goodluck Jonathan is keeping over 1000 Nigerians on his list of ”people to be killed or maimed”.

According to Obasanjo, it is likely that Jonathan is also training his hit squad at the same location that Sani Abacha trained his killer squad as well.

But Obasanjo warned Jonathan using the Yoruba Adage that ”The man with whose head coconut is broken may not live to savour the taste of the succulent fruit”.

What Obasanjo is saying here is that history may repeat itself fatally on Goodluck Jonathan.

I have heard 3 theories about the death of Abacha. One, that he died while having sex with an imported prostitutes. Two, that he was poisoned in Aso rock. Three, that he was shot by an army officer.

I don’t know which of these theories is correct but we all know that the coconut was broken on Abacha’s head. Obasanjo is now warning Jonathan about his killer squad-that the next coconut may just break on his head!

Olusegun Obasanjo was pissed by the fact that Goodluck Jonathan set a murderer free and gave him a royal welcome.

Al-Mustapha was the head of Abacha’s hit squad and he ordered the killing of Abiola’s wife.

But Goodluck Jonathan used presidential powers to indirectly set him free.

Goodluck Jonathan is the WORST thing to happen to Nigeria.

My own reaction to these allegations is that Goodluck Jonathan should be stripped of his presidential powers, arrested and investigated. In Nigeria, the carriage of justice-real justice must start from somewhere and this is a new golden opportunity.

How can you free a murderer in the first place?

Who will confirm or corroborate Obasanjo’s story of a new killer squad?

Jonathan is doing these things because Obasanjo, Babangida and Abdulsalami all got away with murders.

Obasanjo is implicated in the murder of Bola Ige amongst others.

Babangida killed Dele Giwa and probably a generation of Nigerian’s military men.

Abdulsalami has been implicated in the death of MKO Abiola.

It appears to be a tradition that Nigerian’s rulers are murderers.

Obasanjo is exposing Jonathan, the same way he was exposed and nothing happened!

What a country!

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Hypotheses Surrounding The Deaths And Diabolism in Aso Rock, Nigeria

I have a strong feeling that wouldn’t go away so I am “forced” to write about it. These are my hypotheses.

I think there is a covenant with some blood sucking gods or ritualists that human blood would be shed to keep the powers that be in Aso rock in Abuja on a smooth sail. This can be interpreted in several ways.

Since Babangida arrived in Aso rock, there has been some “necessary” bloodshed within the ruling family and a sacrificial onslaught on Nigerians.
Babangida has been in the killing business for a long time. As a soldier he may find it necessary to plan coups, execute his enemies and do whatever it takes including sending a letter bomb to an editor in 1986. He could have even killed an entire generation of Nigeria’s Naval entourage in the ill flight that ended in the mangrove of Ejigbo in Lagos.

I would not be surprised if he sacrificed his wife since the days he was in Aso rock only for the woman to depart this world later in a country far away from Nigeria. Who knows if blood pact is what keeps you in power against all odds in Aso rock even when the indications are rife that you run a corrupt government that should be overthrown by nothing less than a violent revolution. Who knows?

Who knows why Nigeria remains a single country when all indications are that the different regions will fare better as separate entities? What forces are keeping Nigeria together with over 100 million people living in penury and extreme poverty while the ruling class remains untouchable and merry-ing daily with billions of dollars?

How can we tell that Obasanjo did not sacrifice his wife? Afterall he also killed an entire community in Bayelsa State. Are these parts of the family and national sacrifices that must be made to keep power at all cost? These hypotheses may sound illogical but they definitely fall in line with a known pattern since the days of ruling from Aso rock.

It is easy to argue that people have been killed in Nigeria since 1959’s violent elections. But the pattern since the arrival of the corrupt Nigeria government in Aso Rock is different and resoundingly similar: kill a family member and kill as many as possible within the country! It sounds like the blood of the dead keeps the wheel of corruption and impunity rolling and then the perpetrators remain above the law. Therein lies the diabolism that reigns in Aso rock.

For all the crimes they committed, Babangida and Obasanjo have not been prosecuted. It seems they will never be prosecuted in their life time because they made the sacrifices-family and Nigerians!

Enter Yar Adua. He had been sick for some time and made it through as the governor of Katsina State. Something tells me he could have made it through the first 4 years of his presidency. But of course a humble man he was in some respect and he decided to take the bow himself. He probably thought Nigerians would let his wife rule as planned (or not). Before his departure he did something similar to Obasanjo by wiping a community in the Niger Delta. These men always made the National sacrifices to keep the blood flowing, to wheel corruption and impunity. My hypotheses continue…

I can make a very strong insinuation that Goodluck Jonathan gave his brother in place of his wife who celebrated her return from hospital with an alleged sum of N500 million. Nigerian rulers are insane.

Goodluck’s brother walked into Aso rock but he was carried out a corpse. Goodluck could not give his wife I assume. But something must be paid to remain in “bloody” power. Maybe I am wrong with my hypotheses. They just would not go away.

But in Nigeria, for the love of power, for the love of money, anything is possible.

Maybe I have been thinking too much, I don’t know. But these things ran in my head at the same time. I had to let them out.

In Nigeria, autopsies are rare. It would have been nice to find out exactly what killed Goodluck’s brother. Was Jonathan’s brother sicker than Jonathan’s wife who said she’d been dead for 7 days and her tummy opened 9 times? Her revelations came after all the stupid lies from her husband and the useless presidential spokespersons. We will never know. In Nigeria, secrets and corruptions go hand in hand.

When Jonathan’s brother died, Mrs. Jonathan was wearing gold. Now they have spent over N500m after this burial, they called it their own thanksgiving.

On the Nigerian fronts, it took a long time before Goodluck Jonathan saw anything wrong with the Boko Haram killings. For him, that is the blood needed to run the wheel of corruption and keep the impunity in his government intact.

Even after the intervention processes, blood is shed daily in Nigeria in line with failure of government and negligence.
So whichever way you look at it, my hypotheses follow a pattern that are arguable but definite.

I could have articulated this essay better. I could have added details, dates and all that but I’ll leave it and move on. I’m just blogging.

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Obasanjo, Alibaba and the 400 Thieves

By Adeola Aderounmu

The bitter truth about the whole argument is that Obasanjo’s statement is true. What is also not shocking is that Obasanjo is among the thieves.
The National Assembly is made up of thieves and some of us have argued tirelessly about this fact.

No one essay will be enough to verify the allegations that Nigerian politics and many aspects of the Nigerian public life is dominated by criminal minds-crooks who will doctor facts, records and even do whatever it takes to continue to loot Nigeria in as many ways as possible.

The salaries and allowances of the Nigerian politician is the first attestation that he or she is a thief.

Otherwise they should have reviewed the salaries of politicians in Nigeria to reasonable figures. Collecting the highest pay in the world and spreading poverty among the populace is both wickedness and crime against humanity. On top of that is probably an aggregate of the most corrupt set of politicians on the face of the earth.

When these exaggerated incomes are added to the loots that are carted away daily, weekly and annually Nigerian system of politics becomes the most profitable ever (but criminalized at the same time).

The fact that 99,9% of Nigerian politicians steal one way or the other makes Obasanjo’s statement more than true. But Obasanjo supervised these criminal acts over 3 terms first as a military head and then as a 2-term serving president (of the thieves and armed robbers he is now pointing fingers at).

If the Nigerian politicians are not thieves and armed robbers, can they explain to the world why a rich country like Nigeria is inhabited by extremely poor folks who don’t even know what the next meal is going to be?

The man who is ruling Nigeria today called Goodluck Jonathan is an epitome of the stupidity of the Nigerian politician. This man is supervising one of the most loot-crative governments ever seen in Africa. His government lack purpose and direction. If you want a definition of failure, look at the Jonathan’s government. They are all the same.
Nigerians deserve a revolution and the politicians deserve several years behind bars. I mean nearly all the politicians should be sent to jail!
Nigerian politicians and military gangsters destroyed everything they took over from the colonial masters.

The roads in Nigeria are terrible and rank among the worst roads in the world.

Nigerian schools have lost their glories and education does not have the prestige it once had.

Nigerian public schools have been totally and absolutely destroyed.

Teachers are not inspired and the children have come to learn a new culture based on living large on fraud and non-accountability-as exemplified in the society where anything goes.

Nigerian hospitals are ill equipped. Old story of course!

Almost everything is in a sorry state.

On the other hand private schools and private medical facilities continue to serve the rich and elites.

The politicians and their families go to school and hospitals abroad starting from Ghana.

In Nigeria electricity is almost absent. Nigeria has the most inefficient power generating system in the world.

We don’t need an Obasanjo to tell us that Nigerian politicians are thieves and armed robbers. We already know these things.

What we have done is to sit, talk, write and jest about these things.
Many of us merry with these thieves and armed robbers because they are our brothers and sisters, or they are our family friends and acquaintances.

So we look away and sometimes even give them awards for service to motherland!!!

But there are over 100 million people who are helpless and resilient living on less than a dollar per day. It is one of the world worst untold tragedies to be an ordinary Nigerian.

It is not worth it any longer feeling sorry for ourselves or the over 100 million poor people.

A people get the rulership or leadership it deserves.


Such actions must however be backed by sincerity and purposefulness otherwise it will be sheer rubbish and repetition of the cycle of idiocy.

On that day, or in those coming days it would be wonderful to witness the gradual return of power to the people and to the regions.

One day Nigerians will decide the way forward for their lives. Just one day!

Freedom or empowerment will never come from the oppressors to the oppressed. History has no such records.

When Nigerians are tired, they will know what to do. Until then Obasanjo’s statement is only an inspiration to the aspiring Nigerian politicians at home and abroad. Their sole aim is to eat from the national cake by stealing and looting. They need to be choked in the process by the people who want freedom.

Babangida, Obasanjo and a Lawless country

Adeola Aderounmu

Babangida marked his 70th Birthday recently with confessions of madness. His deputy during his reign of tyranny died on the same day he was celebrating his madness. Augustus Aikhomu passed away in Lagos after a protracted illness. I don’t know how many Nigerians are praying that the souls of wicked dictators should find peace.

Babangida (who enslaved Nigerians from 1985-1993) has been throwing jibes at Obasanjo about his misrule (1976-1978 and 1999-2007). Obasanjo has been replying with fire.

The bottom line is that Nigerians live in a country where madmen are in control.
Ordinarily these two men should be cooling off in Kirikiri maximum prison for the rest of their lives.

Both of them were former dictators and Obasanjo even ruled again as a civilian president.

Babangida stole more than 12 billion dollars that he still has in his private account. He has not been formally charged for stealing. He is alleged to have killed Dele Giwa with a letter bomb, a crime he is yet to answer for. Babangida did many terrible things including mass murder and spreading poverty throughout Nigeria. His regime gave corruption a brilliant face.

Babangida is yet to be charged for treason for cancelling the 1993 presidential elections.
Obasanjo’s sins range from the probable mastermind of Bola Ige’s death to the squandering of 16 billion naira Power Budget. He also destroyed the democratic processes in Nigeria in 1979 and 2007. On both occasions he ensured that the people’s votes are meaningless.

In Nigeria the Police are like zombies designed to oppress common people and petty thieves.

Nigerian military rulers and civilian dictators are above the law and the police are like their houseboys.

The police chiefs are where they are because the politicians installed them. So it is impossible for example to prosecute Obasanjo, Babangida or Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan who are also alleged to have stolen but are now the rulers.

So the two big fools can continue to trade words. It will inspire neither the police nor the judiciary because Nigerians live in a very rotten system where known cases of executive corruption and crimes are swept under the carpet. It doesn’t matter that Babangida and Obsanjo are exposing each other, no one will act. When Obasanjo and Atiku even went as far as publishing evidence of each other’s corruption on the front pages of National tabloids, nobody acted and nothing happen.

This new episode will not be different.

What a shame! What a country!