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David Mark: Kettle Calling the Pot Black

By Adeola Aderounmu

David Mark has described the Nigeria Football Federation as the most corrupt government agency in Nigeria. This is because he is frustrated with the misfortune of the Nigerian Super Eagles that even failed to qualify for the concluded 2012 Nations Cup in Gabon/Congo.

No doubt corruption is the number one problem in Nigeria and as things are now that disease will continue to see more Nigerians slip below poverty level.

David Mark incidentally is one of the most corrupt government officials that have walked the surface of the earth.

How he got the courage to pronounce corruption on fellow corrupt people is a mystery. David Mark can continue to deny to his grave but he was the one who told us that telephone in Nigeria is not for the poor.

The corrupt attitude of people like David Mark (whether he accepts it or not is irrelevant) is the reason why my family’s land telephone (00234 88 5432) disappeared into thin air. David Mark was part of the evil that ran the Nigerian Telecommunication into irreversible coma.

In summary David Mark along with his mentor Ibrahim Babangida were parts (and in fact are still parts of the evil cartel) that are running Nigeria into penury and widespread poverty.

If Nigeria was a “real country” and not an aggregation of “disjointed nations” David Mark should be cooling off in detention. In China he would have been beheaded for his role in corruption.

But he sits on top of the Nigerian senate pointing fingers at other corrupt institutions like the senate that he heads. Only in Nigeria..!

The Nigerian senate is occupied by looters who are carting away billions of dollars daily in salaries, contracts, allowances and estacodes while over 90m Nigerians live in permanent penury and irreversible hopelessness.

In Nigeria like I have pointed out a million times on this blog, corruption is the king. Even the president is probably stealing as I am writing this. He has depleted the external reserves and he is borrowing money to finance his extravagancies. Nigeria’s president cannot travel in normal aircrafts; he is still buying more presidential planes. He cannot live in a normal house; corruption is embedded in Aso Rock, Abuja. The presidency and other government arms and agencies in Nigeria are borne of corruption and live in permanent corruption.

Nigeria is runned by thieves and gangsters and David Mark does not have the moral rights to call the NFF the most corrupt government agency. There is no shame in being a looter of treasury and there are no consequences for serious crimes in Nigeria. Phone calls from the so called high places have overturned several judicial processes. The judiciary is a huge joke as revealed by the recent Ibori case. Ibori was declared innocent in Nigeria because he stole to make way for Yar Adu, Obasanjo and Jonathan. Useless people altogether!

If things were right, the one who threw the stones and the ones in the glass houses should be serving life sentences.
Nigeria will remain in coma until all these anomalies are addressed and the question is BY WHOM?

One day the people will rise up and take what is theirs. That day, sense and reasoning will prevail.

Nigeria qualify for South Africa 2010

African Representatives at the 2010 World Cup

Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroun, Nigeria and Host South Africa are African representatives at the 2010 World Cup. Either Egypt or Algeria will join the list after the play off coming up in Sudan.

I didn’t believe that it was possible for the Tunisians to give up their lead to Nigeria in the final game when they lost to Mozambique in Maputo and Nigeria beat Kenya away from home. I mean, if Nigeria was the country on top before the last games I wouldn’t want her to slip. I still feel so sorry for the Tunisians: they blamed the heat in Maputo and the artificial surface.

Mozambique has a very strong home record plus the fact that they wanted to qualify for the Africa nations’ cup-Angola 2010. They took their destiny in their own hands because Nigeria could have lost to Kenya anyway. But Nigeria survived even to my own surprise beating Kenya 3 goals to 2. One of the goals seemed to me like it was scored from the offside position. Why the referee overlooked is best known to him or Fifa rules that lies somewhere. Yakubu Aiyegbeni appeared to be alone in the Kenya 6 yard box when he netted for Nigeria.

Congratulations to the Super Eagles of Nigeria. However they do know that they will need more than luck at the Mundial in 2010. It is up to the Nigerian Football Federation to put things in order even before the Nations Cup in Angola. Going to the world cup with a fire brigade approach, ineptitude and useless preparations will be catastrophic for Nigeria. Nigeria should start preparing for the World Cup in South Africa today.

FIFA, Nigeria and Under-17 age cheat: Leave Amiesimaka alone

A message to FIFA

by Adeola Aderounmu.

Amiesimaka is an ex-international for the Nigerian Green Eagles. He wrote about the Nigerian under-17 team and that there are overage players in the Nigerian team. He is right! Nigeria always field players who are older than 17 and that is why many of the boys disappear into thin air after the competitions. Only a negligible percentage of them play football for 5 or 10 years more after the age competitions.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) should leave Amiesimaka alone and stop deceiving the world. As Nigerians we cannot deceive ourselves, we know the truth. Of course there are several countries fielding over age players in these FIFA age group competitions. The only way out is for FIFA to disqualify teams/ countries that cheat. For example countries that cheat should face ban of up to 10 years. Without that FIFA is just wasting time with these age-group competitions, esp the under 17. It’s all rubbish!

Some people argue that Amiesimaka would have been mute if he was part of the LOC. That can be argued. If he was in the LOC, maybe he would have prevented over age players from being registered. Perhaps he could have used his experience to assist NFF in identifying over age players that are not detected or tested by the MRI used by FIFA. We will never know the role that Amiesimaka would have played if he was in the LOC. But it is stupidity to think or conclude that he would be a part to age-cheat. It is carelessness to think that he would encourage that.

The ball is always back to FIFA’s court. The players that Amiesimaka have pointed out should be tested by the MRI. If the players are found to have lied about their ages, Nigeria should be disqualified and sent packing. The country should be disqualified for a decade if possible. As mentioned earlier FIFA should intensity the MRI and try to detect if other countries have also cheated. To do nothing about this allegation is to further encourage corruption in football. It will be true to speculation that football is run like a mafia organisation-that host country/team for example can get away with football crimes.

For us as a country we need men and women of honour. We need people who can speak the truth and live by it. We live in a country in search of honour and integrity. We live in a time when corruption, lies, deceit, unfaithfulness and political madness have destroyed our sense of social responsibilities (including sports). Somewhere along the line (with revelations like this one from Amiesimaka) there are still signs of hope that Nigeria will rise again. This will only be possible with men and women of honour who have what it takes to lead by good examples.

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