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Things that happen in Nigeria (part 3)

By Adeola Aderounmu

One day Muyiwa got a short term contract to reinstall and upgrade the computer systems at a cyber café at Iyano Iba area of Lagos. Muyiwa is a software engineer and one of the several million Nigerians currently looking for proper and gainful employment.

The cyber café (name withheld) is a stone throw from where Muyiwa lives so it was easy to get him to do the job for in a fair deal with the owner of the establishment.

While Muyiwa was at work (fixing the tokunbo systems) his mother sent Tunji-the younger brother-to help make a phone call at the call centre just in front of the cyber café.

Like a whirlwind the men of the Nigerian Police force from a nearby station pounced on the business centre and arrested all the people inside the cyber café and everyone standing outside waiting to make phone calls.

Muyiwa and Tunji ended up in the same police van along with several other people and before they could shout mummy, they have been placed behind bars like armed robbers.

In the end both were bailed by a sum of N10 000, an amount that is more than 50% of the minimum poverty wage paid by the Nigerian authorities.

The above story is real and reveals one of the criminal activities of the Nigerian police.

Sadly this is what the Nigerian Police do everyday. But who is going to punish these criminals who wear dirty, stinking uniforms around town?

Many men in police uniform are smelly and drunk while on duty. Many of them-like the corrupt politicians-are not mentally fit, yet they are employed to work as police officers.

Many Nigerian police men and women do not know the statutory functions of the police. Their understanding is limited to the conversion of police station to somewhat of a bank where money change hands. For many of them the job is about implicating people and asking for bail.

I have written somewhere before about the Moniya police station in Oyo state where robbers and suspects are shot and thrown into the (Ogunpa) river at night. I know this because I’d lived across the street in 1996 during my service year in Ibadan. I asked around after several sleepless nights of hearing gun shots and my findings gave me shocking revelations.

This is probably a routine in police stations across Nigeria because of the congestion of their cells. Killing robbers and suspects, I was told, was a way to keep the inmates level manageable. So if you don’t pay the bail for the people you know they will be framed-up for more serious crimes or even killed. Policing in Nigeria has become a big deadly business.

After my service year, I did not spend one day extra in Ibadan. I was glad to leave IITA where Nigerian junior workers were treated like slaves in my department (PHMD) and it was also a relief getting away from the crazy police station that was about 3O meters to my all in one-room apartment.

The discussions bothering on the atrocities of the Nigerian police can be project work or thesis for the entire final year law students at the University of Lagos in such a way that it would not even result to repetition or plagiarism. They are mostly semi-illiterates or sometimes complete illiterates in uniform, acting (according to Fela) like zombies, for the most.

Cyber cafés are well known places for yahoo-yahoo or 419 activities and that has been the excuse used by both the EFCC and the other security agencies for raiding the guilty and the innocent. This useless venture by the Nigerian security agencies shows the scandalous lack of knowledge and a near zero-intelligence collection by them.

The right thing to do is to collect information about fraudsters, trace them, monitor them and arrest them with substantial evidence. This is a mirage in Nigeria. Rather than arrest a criminal, the Nigerian police commonly raid a group of people and lump them together. The bail sums will be huge.

If the Nigerian police have a warrant for the arrest of a man who is on the run, they will arrest all the members of his family in his place. This is simply senseless and shows nothing but stupidity and lack of understanding of the rule of law. It shows violation of the rights of those who have been unjustly arrested or apprehended. The act is criminal on the part of the police.

Even when the police in Naija make the correct arrest, they are eager to accept bribes or to extort whatever they can from the criminals and sometimes set them free. They are probably short-changing the judiciary that is also reckless with the spate of briberies, kickbacks and questionable judgements that emanate from the rotten institution. The law system in Nigeria is approaching total senselessness. Corruption has torn it apart.

All cyber cafés in Nigeria are reputed for regularly giving huge sums of monies to the police so that they can be allowed to stay in business. The cafes have both good and bad people as customers but it is the task of a well-trained police force to fish out criminals and let law abiding citizens do their daily chores-send emails, chat with family members in other countries and to maintain touch with the global events.

If the owner of a cyber café is a fraudster he should be charged accordingly using the evidence against him. It is wrong to apprehend the innocent because they are present when the guilty person is been arrested.

Nigeria is made to look like a lawless country going by the activities of the policemen. But they will blame it on the politicians and the lack of sophisticated instruments/equipment to work with. The police will blame their criminal activities on poor salaries. One can only imagine the type of training that they received as well going by the state and conditions of their academies prior to the popular Channels TV coverage.

The reputation of the Nigerian police from my point of view is similar to that of any other criminal. The Nigerian police will ask you for the receipt of your television as you take it to the electrician for repair. If you don’t have the receipt, you are in a serious mess. You can be locked up and lumped with real criminals. You can die in jail because you fail to produce the receipt of a television that is not working at all.

If the Nigerian police act on intelligence rather than impulse, they will not stop or question people moving around with their electronic devices. It appears that the code of the Nigerian police is “wear a uniform and oppress the people as much as you can”.

Poverty-both mental and material-has resulted in many atrocities on the side of the police. It is not impossible that greed is also a reason. The states of things in Nigeria are extremely sad. Conventional knowledge tells that the people of Nigeria find it impossible to live on their salaries. That is probably a fact for many people who have jobs. One can only imagine the plights of the jobless in the absence of a social security system. The minds of people have been broken.

What have emanated from the foregoing are different types of evils in different offices or agencies across Nigeria. It is worse on the streets and in homes. People are confronted by the continuous dual threats of robbers and the police.

In a society where people worship money and mysterious riches, in a society where poverty and penury is plaguing more than 70% of the population, anything can be done to get sudden money and overnight wealth.

There are confirmed reports of the Nigerian Police who transport “certain” prisoners from the cell and let them go on free foot. In return they are known to raid bus stations at night (say from 10pm) in order to substitute the criminals they set free with the innocent people they have “captured” at the bus stations.

They do these things because they have been paid huge sums by the criminals and their families or gang. These stories are true even if they don’t make the news for various reasons including the Nigerian factors. People who tell the truth are endangered species in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Police are involved in many more atrocities, they are so lawless! If you report a robbery at the police station physically, you are likely to be arrested and detained. The police may accuse you of being the robber and accuse you of trying to cover your crimes. Ordinary Nigerians are like pawns in the hands of the police. The police in Nigeria are never your friend, don’t be mistaken about that!

The Nigerian police are known to listen to fake reports, collect bribes and arrest innocent people. If the arrested person has no connection, he or she will remain in the Nigerian hell. No one will listen to him or her. The Nigerian police have many bad and rotten eggs parading the streets.

If you have a problem with the police or you are trying to find out the status of the person who is in the police detention, they will tell you that the officer in charge of the case is not around and no one else will give you useful information. Your trips to the station become endless. Imagine that there is an officer in charge of a case, just like in the bank where you have different advisers for different activities. The police in Nigeria think they are running a bank because of the large sums of money that change hands daily at their stations. The police are very unreliable I must add.

Police trouble in Nigeria can take breath out of your body. You need to be mentally strong to remain collected as you try to explain your innocence to the people who understand only the language of money. They are like vultures and they can ruin you and your business. They can shoot you while checking your car or vehicle particulars. Don’t argue with the trigger-happy, drunk police officer in Nigeria, even to this day and minute! Their reputations remain the same, bad!

In some areas of Lagos state policemen and soldiers are now plying the okada trade in the evening and night. What they have done to the okada riders since the Fashola ban are unspeakable things. Passengers and okada riders have died as they try to escape from policemen and soldiers.

Does Governor Fashola of Lagos state know that policemen and soldiers are now into the okada business in certain areas of Lagos? If his answer is no, then he has a real problem with the management of his domain. I don’t support the use of okada because of the dangers involved and I hate with unreserved passion the fact that policemen and soldiers in mufti can use take over this business despite the ban. What a lawless bunch! Criminals in uniform! Mr. Fashola, wake up and smell the coffee in the suburbs.

If you live in Nigeria and you don’t have a top police officer or a well-known wealthy, corrupt politician as your family friend, you are probably taking a great risk. I know many innocent people who have been rescued from the claws of the police with a phone call from the top. What if these people have no helper?

Indeed things are not supposed to be like that. I am not supposed to be afraid that the police can do me harm or even implicate me. But these things happen. I am not supposed to rely on a top police officer or a corrupt politician for my freedom. There are internationally recognised laws that guarantee my freedom and human rights.

In Nigeria depending on which side you find yourself, your rights are not guaranteed. The police can do you “anyhow” or “kill and go” as we used to say. Ask around Nigeria, “what is “yellow fever”?

There are bigger questions if you ask the family members of Nigerians who have been killed by state or federal sponsored terrorism. Who killed Dele Giwa? Who killed all the activists and politicians that have died over the years during military and civilian regimes?

In fact Nigerian military dictators and politicians are the greatest offenders here. Through the unitary system of government, through massive corruption and through the destruction of the judicial system, the rights of Nigerians have been taken away from them. Millions of Nigerians were born into a system where their rights and future had already been stolen or mortgaged even before they were born. It’s like been born into modern day slavery.

The Nigerian dilemma is a huge one that did not start with the atrocities of the police or other security agencies. It was a socio-political problem that ravaged the economy and crept thereafter into every known sphere of the Nigerian life destroying whatever/whoever it finds.

The negative activities and criminalities perpetrated by the Nigerian police are also a pure reflection of the failed Nigerian system. What is working as it should in Nigeria? The system does not regulate at all.

Radical political restructuring, massive investments in free public education, unprecedented turnaround in the electrical power sector and out-of-the-world turnaround in technology and manufacturing are among the things urgently needed in Nigeria. Public institutions need to be rebuilt on functionalities and trust across Nigeria. People are too corrupt and the entire system is rotten. It stinks!

The beauty that some people especially the politicians try to reflect about Nigeria are too superficial. Majority are suffering in several ways. These majorities are the category of people who are least heard. Nigeria’s progress will continue to be tamed until the majorities who are living in penury and who are exposed to social injustice are allowed to speak out, have influence on their societies and utilise the best brains for the appropriate tasks.

If Nigerians start on the right path today it will take decades to rebuild the system. It’s easy to destroy and it’s going to be hard to resuscitate. The more we delay the more Nigeria decays.

I think it is so clear now that the major political parties in Nigeria are all the same. It appears that the same old monsters of IBB, OBJ and co. are the deciders of our future. What a hopeless situation!

Do we want to maintain the useless unitary system and the cycle of idiocy? Do Nigerians want to keep fools in power because of the “turn by turn to chop” syndrome? What kind of a country are Nigerians leaving for their children and grandchildren?

When will this shameful circus end? What do Nigerians want and where do they go from here?

Why Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu

If I had any doubts before, it’s all gone now. It doesn’t matter that I have stated this fact before-that Nigeria is (probably) the most corrupt country in the world.

I don’t care what the Transparency International rating of Nigeria says. I am too convinced in my heart and soul that Nigeria is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

In that country Nigeria, many known thieves (popularly called politicians) are parading the landscape free. What is agonizing about the Nigerian situation is that the thieves, criminals and looters are known. They are popular among Nigerians. It is not as if money went missing and they are trying to trace the money. The point is Nigerians know who has stolen the money but they do nothing to bring about any form of justifiable prosecution.

There are uncountable number of probes in Nigeria that are under the carpets. There are uncountable number of government agencies and committees doing ABSOLUTELY nothing but stealing and looting.

This is the greatest tragedy of the Nigerian society-that it is profitable and honorary to be a thief. In fact if a Nigerian politician is not a thief, he is regarded as a fool by his family and friends. I know people who are preparing for the 2015 elections because they want to reap from the Nigerian treasury, not because they really want to serve. Who serves in Nigeria?

Farouk Lawan will get away with the criminal charges around his neck. He will not be the first and he is not going to be the last unless a revolution happens in Nigeria tonight.

Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan got away with her loots. She and her husband have been siphoning Nigeria’s money long before the days of Aso Rock. Ask Mr. Jonathan what has happened to Nigeria’s external reserves since he assumed the position of the chief looter of Nigeria. The answers you get may turn you insane.

Obasanjo and the police funds, Nigerians have forgotten and forgiven. Babangida and 12 billion dollars, Nigerians have forgotten and forgiven. All the revelations made about how Atiku and Obasanjo wasted Nigeria’s money, all in vain.

You can count from now to eternity how Nigerian thieves (popular called Nigerian politicians) have stolen monies that Nigerians know about. But Nigerians do nothing to fight back or send these popular thieves to jail.

In Nigeria it is business as usual.

But they want us to write about the good things from Nigeria. Well, let those who have the feelings for that do so.

I don’t.

I see a country I left behind populated by some of the poorest people in the world. Nigeria is more than upside down. Tropical gangsterism is the norm. People do as they want and how they like and get away with political murders, theft in government offices across the country.

With Boko Haram and uncountable types of accidents life is very meaningless in Nigeria. Insecurity was redefined under the corrupt government of Goodluck Jonathan.

I don’t understand why thieves (popularly called politicians) cannot be apprehended, prosecuted and serve punishments. Oh, I do know. The Nigerian judiciary is so corrupt and morally blind you could almost want to scrap the Nigerian Law school and law faculties across the country.

There are many reasons why Nigerian Universities are not rated or seriously given a punch when rated. What are the roles of the products of the tertiary institutions when Nigeria is ruled by criminals in Aso rock and overlooked by the judiciary? The police are worse than legless animals. The political system in Nigeria makes a complete mess and mockery of the other (parasitic) institutions.

The police cannot arrest politicians because the politicians feed them. Nigeria is not a normal country. The judiciary cannot do a thing because it survives on bribes and kickbacks.

Our indigenous manufacturing industries are dead. Unemployment is all time high and it is almost hopeless to be a graduate without a line of connection that will open up job opportunities.

It is hard to create your own job or business since the government does not think it is its duty to provide electricity. The government of Jonathan is full of fools. Otherwise they should know that it is wrong to increase the cost of what is not yet available.

On June the 1st 2012 the cost of electricity was increased despite the fact that Nigeria has no electricity. It is now morally wrong to call what is produced in Nigeria electricity. It is not electricity or power supply because almost all Nigerian families have generators or power plants.

The environment is seriously polluted and combined with the almost useless public health facilities; life expectancy in Nigeria is hardly 40 years!

So, you see why corruption in Nigeria is the worst in the world. The implication of corruption in Nigeria is one of the greatest tragedies in the world since 1978-the year I started primary 1 as a 6 year old.

There will be no justification for the scenario that allowed criminals to rule Nigeria. It cannot even be blamed on the fact that they grounded public education.

To what extent will the thieves (popular called Nigerian politicians) go before the poor, oppressed and resilient people of Nigeria fight back?

Jonathan who vowed and promised to serve (and loot) for one term is now scheming for a second term. Nigerian rulers definitely are not only idiots; they are the greatest deceivers the world has seen since Judas.

Waiting for 2015 is like waiting for an Obituary. Who knows? By that time Boko Haram may have taken Arewa Republic and possibly Abuja.

The aggregation of people in Nigeria should seek the independence of their regions and tackle corruption before or after that.

At some point the indigenous populations need to take control of their own lives and determine the lives they want to live and the legacies they want to pass to their unborn generations. Present day Nigeria is a monumental waste and tragedy!

My Arguments About Nigeria Being the Most Corrupt Country in the World


Nigerians don’t like the truth about their country.

I have written and argued several times that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. That is a stance I am not ready to shift away from.

Not when Mohammed Bello Adoke, the dumb Justice Minister, said that it was okay and fine to steal, loot and run the country down. Not in those words but by implications.

There has been a probe and many companies and individuals have been indicted for looting the oil resources of the country and stealing massive amount of cash running into billions of dollars.

Mohammed Bello Adoke, shocked Nigerians (not me) when he said there will be no prosecution for those implicated. Therefore it is ok to steal, loot and enrich yourself in Nigeria just as Jonathan and his cronies have been doing for years.

I still cannot believe that Mrs. Sirleaf Jonathan wrote that rubbish about Jonathan in the TIME MAGAZINE. She must be a crook herself, having sponsored Charles Taylor at some point in time.

It’s just sad that some people will defend Nigeria no matter what.
That is why this type of nonsense will continue.

In a normal situation, as I have also argued many times, Goodluck Jonathan should be cooling off in detention as well. All these people are thieves and looters and they are not hiding it.

There are many corrupt countries and governments all over the world. Many try to hide their corruption and many are exposed.

In Nigeria corruption is not hidden. It is a way of life. In fact the anomaly is not to be corrupt. Otherwise how do you cope with
18 000 as minimum wage? Some do. But many find short cuts and it is ok to do so.

Jonathan is leading a pack that will go down in history as the most corrupt collection ever seen on the face of earth. Nigerian government is so corrupt I can say it is full of shit! It stinks to the highest clouds.

In my opinion Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world because despite that fact that we know that we are ruled by corrupt people we do nothing to stop them. We have come to accept that you need to “chop your own” in Nigeria.

In Nigeria everything and anything goes, that is why fools are in power.

Nigerian Judiciary, A citadel of Corrupt Minds

Adeola Aderounmu

When I was a little boy I was told that lawyers are liars. It was a joke but it stuck. I was determined never to become a lawyer but I do admire them.

Almost everything institution in Nigeria is corrupt and upside down. All our democratic institutions that should be protecting the rights of citizens and promoting justice and fairness are all corrupt. Nigeria is a peculiar country.

The thing is, when something fundamental goes wrong, you cannot just point at the person concerned. You have to look at the institution that he or she belongs to and give a summative judgement.

That is why I have the title covering the Nigerian Judiciary. I tried to trust this institution but over the years it has contributed to the destruction of the democratic pillars that it ought to be building. The best way to describe the Nigerian Judiciary is lukewarm. It is very inconsistent and highly fallible.

This week one of Nigeria’s most notorious politicians James Ibori was cleared of 170 charges of corruption – involving the laundering of millions of dollars. The trial judge Justice Marcel Awokulehin was reportedly appointed by Ibori himself! You see, this is why I’ve always said that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and I will stand by this any day any time, UNTIL I see changes.

No matter how corrupt other countries are, you will never hear of an accused person appointing his own judge! This can only happen in Nigeria. To me the most corrupt people in this world are living in Nigeria..! I mean the outcome of this case became predictable several weeks ago.

So the Nigerian Judiciary has dragged itself into disrepute-stinking, useless institution that should never be trusted. The EFCC-Nigerian anticorruption agency said it will appeal the judgement. Where were they when that hungry judge Awokulehin was hand-picked by Ibori? How much money did Ibori give to this shameless judge? Why did they ignore all the warning signals issued by bloggers and online reporters until the case went as predicted. Yes bloggers and online reporters because the Nigerian media is totally enveloped in fear of “what to report or not”.

It is an open secret that Ibori sponsored Yar Adua’s illegitimate presidency. So it is easy to see that the Nigerian government is in support of this judgement. The AG of Nigeria Michael Aondoakaa has travelled to London several times to defend Mr. Ibori. I cannot believe just how stupid we appear as a country.

The Attorney General of Nigeria went to London to defend a criminal. That makes both of them criminals and the fake president also an accessory to crime. Is this a country? I cannot shout..!

And you don’t even see the end of corruption in sight. It’s just getting deeper and deeper by the day. Ibori stole Delta State to dryness and he is walking free because he gave substantial part of the money to Yar Adua for his campaign. The Nigerian people are suffering no doubt and it is such a helpless situation when you are trapped between the devil and a deep ocean. The only way out is to fight back. When Nigerians do this by protest or revolution, freedom will be earned.

To expect that freedom will be earned by passivity or endless prayers will only add to our burdens. Our lives are in our hands.

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