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Horrible Images From Kaduna? Genocide?

By Adeola Aderounmu

There are terrible images from Nigeria, allegedly from Southern Nigeria. I cannot share the videos or images that l have on my phone.

There is a need to investigate the horrible pictures to ascertain their origins and implications.

What l know is that El Rufai has a reputation for paying monies to terrorists. You can do a simple google search to find the information about how he had paid Boko Haram and the so called bandits and foreign murderers in Northern Nigeria over the years.

How can you have peace in a state where the governor has a reputation for paying murderers and terrorists?

I just told someone that Nigeria is a disorganised jungle. That is what it is.

If you think Nigeria is a normal or usual country, you are out of your mind!

It´s sad though: to think that the nations within Nigeria have refused to liberate themselves through revolutions or other means, yet the people are killed or slaughetered like rams and chickens.

It´s a mystery.

The Bomb Blasts in Northern Nigeria: The Last Chapter or ?

By Adeola Aderounmu

In Northern Nigeria bomb blasts have become part of daily existence. Terrorism is in full scale and it is only now a matter of time when the real consequences will be revealed.

Churches in Kaduna and Zaria were blown apart today 17th June 2012. There have been five bomb blasts already today!!!

As a country Nigeria is a total failure. Anyone who wants to deny or doubt this is free to do so. But a real check for such doubting thomases will be to attempt relocation to Maiduguri for example. I dare anyone living in western Nigeria to tell his or her family to say that he/she is relocating from western Nigeria to Maiduguri.

Nigeria has never been one country and the terrorist movement in Northern Nigeria is a confirmation of the false existence of Nigeria since the pseudo-merging perpetrated by the colonial masters. It was the height of insanity to carry out such a suicide exercise.

About 100 years after the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria, the false union is about to crack violently. The civil war in the early 70s provided a good opportunity for each region to paddle its own canoe. I don’t know if the Yorubas threw away that first golden opportunity by fighting on the same side as Nigeria.

Boko Haram and the terrorists of Northern Nigeria have emerged to justify the actions of late Emeka Ojukwu. Chief Ojukwu saw ahead of his time and wanted freedom for his people. His tactics and approaches have been criticized but the principle can never be ignored and the face of the evil north has re-surfaced.

Isn’t it time to tear this pseudo-union apart?

Well there are Christians living in Northern Nigeria. But I think through carefully conducted referendum and negotiations it is possible to let people decide where they want their children to spend their future and to form mutually agreed borders that will put an end to this evil blend.

The bloody sacrifices paid so far should do for a meaningful way forward. Christians should not allow themselves to be the slaughter animals and they cannot always live a life of revenge like what has happened today the 17th of June 2012. Many people including women and children have been slaughtered!

Instead of individuals fighting for themselves, they should actually live in a region or state where the governor or regional Minister should delegate armies to defend or fight for them.

Mr. Jonathan said God will intervene. Really? On whose side? The one who said he was sent by Allah to kill Christians or the one praying to God in the church and turning out to revenge? Where will God be in this fight?

If you are looking for the meaning of clueless, look at the face, actions of Jonathan and listen to his utterances, you will find the original meaning of clueless.

The earlier Nigeria is restructure the better for everyone. This daily slaughtering has to stop and keeping Nigeria especially the north in his present state of volatile mix is definitely not going to help. These people have to be separated so that future attacks can be taken as an art of (religious) war. At that point no one will be able to claim monopoly of violence and fear will become a common factor.

What we have today puts power in the hands of terrorists/haters of Christianity and fear in the mind of church goers. It’s an unfair situation. To break the unfairness, the regions and people must be separated. There must be a way out.

It is unbelievable that Nigeria has a government. There are no signs of governing in Nigeria. The only thing that is still showing the presence of government in Nigeria is that there are people in Aso rock and Eagle square in Abuja who are stealing and looting Nigeria’s oil money.

Apart from that there is no evidence to show that Nigeria is governed.

People steal, loot and cart away the commonwealth of Nigeria. Jonathan is the head of these looters. What a disgrace to Africa!

Nigeria’s ruler Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is supervising the worst government ever in Nigeria. Jonathan is conspicuously unintelligent.

Two years of his reign is like Nigerians relocated to hell. Nigerians are killed and slaughtered like goats under Jonathan’s regime. No one is responsible for the security of life and property. In Nigeria under Jonathan the life of humans is not worth more than the life of an insect. People are killed by bomb blasts, road and air disasters and even they suffer attacks by militant on seaways.

These things didn’t start under Jonathan, but they escalated under his regime and they reached new heights. He said these things did not start under his regime and such a speech can only be made by a fool or a clueless man.

Why are you in the number one position of a country and then you say these things didn’t start with you? What are you doing about these things and what are you doing to govern? Doing nothing is not a viable option.

Under Jonathan corruption was redefined. Daily he and his lawmakers are stealing billions of naira and the judiciary and police are looking like zombies, perfect accomplices.

Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and it fits perfectly that terrorism escalated at this time when no one is accepting responsibilities for the evils in the land.

Goodluck Jonathan brought many badlucks and it appears that his regime will be the last in Nigeria.

Has anyone thought about how impossible it will be to conduct elections in Northern Nigeria in 2015? Who will go to the ballot stations when Boko Haram will bomb down the whole place?

How will campaign take place for the 2015 elections in Northern Nigeria when the campaign can be turned to a complete genocide?

Nigerians are planning for nothing but Jonathan and Buhari and even Tinubu are scheming for 2015. Are they stupid or completely insane?

In 2015 there will be no possibility to conduct elections in Northern Nigeria unless at that time Boko Haram is completely wiped off the surface of the earth and terrorism is gone.

As things are now, bleak is the word.

Uncertainty is the order of the day everywhere in Nigeria.

I cannot wait to see the end of the present regime. Mr. Jonathan is a complete failure and a waste of the precious time that Nigerians don’t have.

Nigeria needs a serious referendum where the regions should be consulted and asked how they want to continue the union or as separate entities.

Nigeria is too diverse to be ruled or governed from a dull man in Abuja. No one will be successful trying to operate Nigeria from a remote rock characterized by the world’s worst form of corruption, never!

Each region needs to be independent and seek the leadership of its brightest minds. This was what we had under the old western, eastern and northern region.

The difference is that now, there is a necessity to redefine the regions as more groups will like to go their own ways.

There are several axes of evil to tackle, regional independence and corruption are two fundamental issues that need to be sorted in the nearest future.

The revival of other dead institutions like democracy, education and health would be necessary for the regions to reclaim their glories.

Nigeria is on the brink and the existence of unintelligent minds at the stage is definitely as recipe of a monumental disaster. Let the brilliant, sane and incorruptible minds speak out now, and act too.

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