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Brothers in Crime: Goodluck Jonathan and Diepreye Alamiyeseigha

By Adeola Aderounmu

What would make the ruler of Nigeria pardons a criminal and an ex-convict? The answer can lie in the fact that they are birds of the same feather. In Nigeria criminals are in power and the world knows it.

Jonathan, Nigeria's ruler pardons brother in crime

Jonathan, Nigeria’s ruler pardons brother in crime

Nigerians know it and they think it is fine and like I always write, they assume that we will all become looters once we are in power. This anomalous mentality will be hard to erode under the insane system of governance in Nigeria.

In my book, The Entrapment of a Nation, I wrote about the monies looted by Alams. He is a pure criminal and as the governor of Bayelsa State, he looted and stole so much that it took the British government to put him on trial. He jumped bail in the UK disguising himself as a woman. He is a thief who has no shame.

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

James Ibori, sentenced in the UK

In Nigeria, the more you steal the less likely you’ll be probed or prosecuted. Nigerian politicians are criminals and the judiciary is a mockery of the law system.

The police is simply a disgrace to say the least.

So you have a ruler named Jonathan who woke up one morning, gradually finding himself a lonely man, and decided to pardon a criminal because he’s probably thinking of his survival strategies for the 2015 elections.

This is 2013 and two years after his selection into power, this man remains a complete embarrassment to the black race.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Yet he finds himself able enough to start en early survival strategy for 2015. His former partner in crime came to mind and he thought the pardon would be a joker. It could be. In Nigeria madmen are in power and they don’t care a dime about your points of view or sane opinion. For them all that counts is how much they steal and how rich they get.

These people don’t know the meaning of life. They have no idea about the values and virtues of the human existence. For them life is about acquisition of material possession and monetary and wealth. That would be fine if it is done legitimately and it would be a matter of the choice they make.

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

Alamiyeseigha became a woman to flee UK

But when the acquisition is from public funds and from a commonwealth such that over 100m people live below poverty level and several other millions living desperately daily unsure of the next meal, then it beat common sense how Nigerians reason.

That Nigerians have not revolted and violently overthrown the government is an aberration and I am as guilty as the next person. I am not even in Nigeria, how can I influence the change that I want down there?

But perhaps there are more subtle ways to change the government and the order of things. What about vigorous campaigns to decentralize power so that as a man from western Nigeria, I can influence how things are done in my region and how we manage our resources in western Nigeria? That for me is a better option to a violent overthrown of the useless democracy in Nigeria.

More than ever before my anger is towards the removal of the Jonathan government so that he does not stay one day longer in the office he has so enjoyed to ridicule. This man has shown that he is a criminal and that is why he can pardon his partner in crime. People should not forget that while Diepreye Alamiyeseigha was looting, Jonathan was doing the same as the deputy governor and later as the governor.

Is anyone surprised why the Niger Delta remained underdeveloped? Niger Delta is probably the richest zone in African but some of the world’s poorest people live there. These brothers in crime: Goodluck Jonathan, Alamiyeseigha and James Ibori are parts of the problems.

So the end is not in sight for the deliverance of the Niger Delta. For as long as their rulers and representatives remain criminals, the people will continue to suffer. This sad scenario is true for the entire region called Nigeria.

The country sits largely on different types of minerals and resources and has an overflowing abundance of human resources to tally, but waste and recklessness are the orders of the day. Nigeria is like a global waste in itself.

When criminals, looters and those who destroyed Nigeria enjoy pardon and make merry at the expense of 150m people then all hope is lost!

The James Ibori Confession

Adeola Aderounmu

James Onanafe Ibori is a Nigerian convicted for crimes in both Nigeria and the United Kingdom but who later became the governor of Delta State in 1999.

His stories have been well documented the latest being a BBC report on the extent of his criminal records/criminal life (

This story of a criminal who found his way to the highest office in Delta State is not unique or peculiar. Many Nigerian politicians are crooks and thieves before they get into offices. Several others join the bandwagon and became part of the looting syndrome. Dimeji Bankole is a proven classical example.

As I have written several times, the worst thing is that these thieves get away to enjoy their loots. The laws in Nigeria are useless or non-performing. Those who stole big now live big. Even ordinary personal assistants in government offices in Nigeria are thieves.

One way or the other all these crooks find ways to enrich themselves and cart away millions. Sometimes it’s just simply sharing money.

Several people have told me that I will never make it in Nigerian politics if I don’t loot and that I will be brushed aside. Whoever told them that I have a Nigerian political ambition? They have no idea I’d cursed the day I was born if I steal public loot.

Unless Nigerian politicians are executed or beheaded there is no solution for the looting syndrome. All Nigerian politicians will remain thieves as long as the power and privileges they enjoy remain the same. They have one special and stupid immunity clause that makes crime legal. And when they are out of offices, they still enjoy the immunity in 99,9% cases.

Not even a Ribadu-boast in the run-off to the botched third term agenda could ignite a mass prosecution.

The situation will NEVER change because it is accepted in Nigeria that you have to be rich after your political sojourn. It is okay to be a thief and governor or president because that is what your family, community and associate expect from you. It is what the political parties expected. Nigeria is a program invented to fail.

It was Obasanjo who used James Ibori to sponsor late Yar Adua and Goodluck Jonathan to Aso Rock in 2007. The ring of looters (Obasanjo, late Yar Adua and Jonathan) knew that Ibori was stealing money from Delta State to sponsor a presidential campaign and it was okay.

If the judiciary was effective in Nigeria and if there are no useless immunity clause, the Ibori confession should lead to the arrest of both Obasanjo and Jonathan without further delay. But since Nigeria is program to fail as a result of massive corruption, this will not happen.

Obasanjo and Jonathan have their own individual crimes which are still in progress but these men lead Africa Union negotiations and Nigeria respectively. There is no hope for the future under the present arrangement of things in most part of Africa and locally in Nigeria. We are ruled by gangsters and thieves.

Nigeria under Jonathan is a joke. This guy has taken new loans to finance his personal extravagancy and clueless regime. Nigeria under Jonathan, with the persistent of corruption and the rise in terrorism, is heading for an expected disintegration. Nothing has happened in the last one year to prove otherwise.

The National Assembly is even a bigger joke. Together with the executive these bunch of thieves run the most inefficient yet the most expensive government in history. Despite all complains and agitations they have not seen any reason to cut out their expensive salary and pay packets. The looting continues.

There will be no expectation from Nigerians that their lawmakers should pass a law that looters should be executed because it is tantamount to committing mass suicides. No one will come out alive of the National Assembly and the House of representatives. David Mark would lead the pack of awaiting death sentence if such law is passed today.

This is the severity of the calamities in Nigeria. More than 50 years of executive recklessness and outright stealing and looting.

It will not end because Nigerians are used to it and have come to accept such as norms.

It will not end because Nigerians put their hopes in Gods (Jehovah and Allah).

It remains a tragedy that 160m people think that it is okay. The common prayers have been that everybody’s time to (steal, loot, and benefit) from government should come.

Amazingly the churches and mosques are beneficiaries. Millions of stolen funds are paid weekly as tithes. This makes religious organisations in Nigeria to rank among the most successful business enterprises in Africa and Nigerian pastors especially are ranked among the richest men in the world.

Nigeria is a box of irony and metaphor.

Now and when Nigerians have gone their separate ways through true federation or outright split, it remains a pertinent question of how to solve this social malaise called corruption. Corruption has no tribal marks and it will continue to remain a stumbling block to progress.

Unless something radical is done to all the public servants and politicians who steal and loot, more and more people in that geographical zone will slip below the poverty level and the abundant resources will continue to lie in ruins and waste.

Today more than 100m Nigerians are poor and live day in day out with limited hopes. The situation will be worse if all the Iboris in the local, state and federal houses are allowed to continue to enjoy the useless immunity clause.

Nigerians need to stand up and they can start by asking the blood sucking Jonathan government to stop stealing. They can gather the momentum from the Ibori trial in London and ask the sleeping judiciary in Nigeria to wake up to its responsibilities. It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than to expect the corrupt Nigerian judiciary to be effective. How did I miss that?


A nation in coma: 50 years of bondage, 2 wasted generations and 400 billion dollars Missing..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

A nation in coma: 50 years of bondage and 2 wasted generations

When I wrote Nigerians as captives: 48 years of waste one year ago I was hoping that my pessimism would be overturned somehow. Far from it..! 2009 has gone down in our annals as the worst year Nigerians ever lived. In total, it’s been almost 50 years of bondage, 2 wasted generations and more than 400 billion dollars missing.

It is now accepted that the generation that took over the reign of power from the colonial masters is a wasted generation. Unfortunately they have infected the generation that is after them and it appears the cycle of idiocy is still in motion.

One of the most unfortunate legacies sown into Nigerian politics is the attitude or mentality that if you find yourself in the position of authority or some form of power, you must use that position to steal while pretending to be serving. Ask any Nigerian young man vying for political office what his aspirations are. Young men and women alike have formed the opinion that politics is the quickest avenue to get rich by stealing or just looting. This is one of the reasons why Nigerian politics is full of bitterness and it’s about life and death since 1959.

In line with the above it may be pertinent to emphasis how my generation too has started to waste away. Just recently Mr. Bankole literarily told a colleague of his in the House of Representatives to “shut up and sit down” as the fellow tried to bring up the debate concerning Nigeria’s sick ruler. This means if given the opportunity Dimeji Bankole will gladly become a dictator. In other events Dimeji’s name keep cropping up in allegations of scandal, looting and self-enrichment. My generation is wasting away too. Hope is dim. How sad..!

2009 has ended and Mr. James Ibori will still walk free. This is the height of judicial ridicule. The Nigerian judiciary has become a citadel not only of lukewarmness but also of corrupt minds. In Nigeria, an ex-convict both nationally and internationally became a governor. The man is still free! Is Nigeria not yet a failed country?

Mr. Michael Aondoakaa is still the Attorney General of Nigeria. How do Nigerian diplomats cope among their international colleagues? Even as an ordinary citizen attending an international conference on development in Stockholm in 2002, I was quizzed by a number of participants on several issues. People asked me many embarrassing questions about Nigeria. Some of them could not comprehend why several homes in Nigeria are more fortified than European prisons and 419 activities were common.

Look at David Mark, a military man who served under Babangida. Together they ruined the communications industry. Up to this day no one has explained what happened to my family’s telephone number. These men looted uncontrollably and destroyed Nigeria. They are still in Nigeria and the looting game is still on, at various levels. Nigerian lawmakers now headed by Mr. Mark are blood suckers who assign money to themselves and distribute penury to the populace. Even the lazy executives want to build houses worth billions of dollars for themselves in the new budgetary plans while millions of Nigerians are suffering and living in extreme poverty. No greater scandal!

Head or tail, we, the ordinary people continue to suffer. We can go to hell for all the political gangsters care. Two years after the present illegitimate government was forcefully installed we have found ourselves atthe most humiliating position among the comity of nations. No greater shame..!

Our educational system remains hijacked by government officials who are proprietors and owners of private schools and universities. Public schools are in total rot and states of confusion. The quality of education is low as emphasis has shifted to profit and total corruption. Many of the children of the rich and looters have been sent abroad to school right from elementary schools as revealed recently.

We ended 2009 as a dark nation both literarily and proverbially. Nigeria is generating electric power that is embarrassingly low and ridiculous. The output may be less than 3 000 MW! The result is a state of near total darkness over the country. This is real and the effects on the quality of lives cannot be overstated. The effects of lack of electricity on employment opportunities and economic growth cannot be overemphasized. Infrastructures are commonly lacking and hopelessness pervades the land. Nigeria is in coma..!

We have suffered in the hands of those who used khaki, agbada and violence to recapture Nigeria in 2007. At the moment our constitution has been unofficially suspended with the illegal installation of a new chief of Justice. In the last 5 weeks (Nov–Dec 2009) the man who slowly supervised the stagnation of our lives since 2007 has been missing in action and no one knows what his true situation is. We continue to thrive on rumours and speculations about his health. But obviously he’s in a bad shape and that he has not be removed from his position shows that he was probably a puppet in the first place. The situation confirms the fears in certain quarters that Nigeria is ruled by a cabal and not an individual.

Still, we are being tussled around in Nigeria like idiots, all of us. Daily, we are fed with lies and deceits by those who are power hungry and inclined to evil ways. There is no need to ruminate over the implications of a country’s foremost citizen, legal or illegal by nature, lying helpless in a foreign hospital. We continue to spread all our clothes in the sun. The world is laughing at us and I continue to think about the racial implication of the intelligent question. Something is fundamentally wrong with the black race anyway. Nigeria is the largest black nation on earth. Something is wrong with us. I’m sure.

We are like 140m robots, programmed to fail as a nation but instilled with the eagerness of self-preservation and survival instincts. Another year has ended and our unusual resiliency has not allowed us to figure out how to re-engineer ourselves from our stereotyped siddon-look status into proactive agents that will seize the moment through collective reasoning. Why is it impossible for the rest of us to force justice and fairness on our system? Surely we may not be able to attain a common reasoning. Is that the colonial impediment that I was warned about?

Just when we are still pondering and brainstorming on what we can do to save our nation, the corrupt regime in Abuja came up with a propaganda called rebranding. The regime tried to shy away from the problem of corruption and maladministration. The best Christmas present ever to any Nigerian government was handed over by Nigerian terrorist named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. In the twinkle of an eye he laid to rest the fraudulent rebranding program that several Nigerians have criticized times without number. He updated our known reputations by taking it beyond our reach or control.

By putting Nigerian on the map of terrorist nations Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab reflected the failure of Northern Nigeria where Obasanjo allowed the likes of Umaru Yar Adua to disrupt the secularity of Nigeria through the establishment of sharia regimes. These treasonable acts provided the basis for the escalation of Islamic fundamentalism in Northern Nigeria. Innocent people are slaughtered routinely across Nigeria no thanks to the failure of the useless government to bring sponsors and perpetrators to book.

Umar Farouk represents the failure of the central Nigerian government. He is a classical example of failure of both the home and the society. He will stay for a long time as the link between two failed generations and an emerging generation of disorientated Nigerians. His activities, though highly condemnable and disgraceful will probably provide the needed reflection and reasoning over some of the problems plaguing this sick country.

2010 will be Nigeria’s year of jubilee. We should look back at our errors and shortcomings. Then we should look ahead-how do we want to continue this journey? The time is now for progressive minds to take the central stage, it is over due. If we must split back to regions, so be it. We should probably not continue to live as strange bed mates where our individual, wicked ambition is to steal from the treasury or be beneficiaries of questionable wealth through friends and families. Do we have a common national ambition?

We cannot continue to rely on our endless prayers from our sinful lips without the corresponding actions. It is a lame approach. Imagine the progress that will be accomplished if we take the necessary actions to define our mode of existence-regional governments or true federalism. Imagine what we can achieve if we ensure that the likes of Ibori and Aondoakaa are allowed to do time with Mr. Bode George. Just imagine the progress and national revamping if we insist on the rule of law, the end of corruption and the end of tyranny. We must define how we want to achieve these goals otherwise we are facing another 50 years that will remain characterised by waste, slavery, poverty and unhappiness under the cabal and their accomplices.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon..!

Nigerian Judiciary, A citadel of Corrupt Minds

Adeola Aderounmu

When I was a little boy I was told that lawyers are liars. It was a joke but it stuck. I was determined never to become a lawyer but I do admire them.

Almost everything institution in Nigeria is corrupt and upside down. All our democratic institutions that should be protecting the rights of citizens and promoting justice and fairness are all corrupt. Nigeria is a peculiar country.

The thing is, when something fundamental goes wrong, you cannot just point at the person concerned. You have to look at the institution that he or she belongs to and give a summative judgement.

That is why I have the title covering the Nigerian Judiciary. I tried to trust this institution but over the years it has contributed to the destruction of the democratic pillars that it ought to be building. The best way to describe the Nigerian Judiciary is lukewarm. It is very inconsistent and highly fallible.

This week one of Nigeria’s most notorious politicians James Ibori was cleared of 170 charges of corruption – involving the laundering of millions of dollars. The trial judge Justice Marcel Awokulehin was reportedly appointed by Ibori himself! You see, this is why I’ve always said that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world and I will stand by this any day any time, UNTIL I see changes.

No matter how corrupt other countries are, you will never hear of an accused person appointing his own judge! This can only happen in Nigeria. To me the most corrupt people in this world are living in Nigeria..! I mean the outcome of this case became predictable several weeks ago.

So the Nigerian Judiciary has dragged itself into disrepute-stinking, useless institution that should never be trusted. The EFCC-Nigerian anticorruption agency said it will appeal the judgement. Where were they when that hungry judge Awokulehin was hand-picked by Ibori? How much money did Ibori give to this shameless judge? Why did they ignore all the warning signals issued by bloggers and online reporters until the case went as predicted. Yes bloggers and online reporters because the Nigerian media is totally enveloped in fear of “what to report or not”.

It is an open secret that Ibori sponsored Yar Adua’s illegitimate presidency. So it is easy to see that the Nigerian government is in support of this judgement. The AG of Nigeria Michael Aondoakaa has travelled to London several times to defend Mr. Ibori. I cannot believe just how stupid we appear as a country.

The Attorney General of Nigeria went to London to defend a criminal. That makes both of them criminals and the fake president also an accessory to crime. Is this a country? I cannot shout..!

And you don’t even see the end of corruption in sight. It’s just getting deeper and deeper by the day. Ibori stole Delta State to dryness and he is walking free because he gave substantial part of the money to Yar Adua for his campaign. The Nigerian people are suffering no doubt and it is such a helpless situation when you are trapped between the devil and a deep ocean. The only way out is to fight back. When Nigerians do this by protest or revolution, freedom will be earned.

To expect that freedom will be earned by passivity or endless prayers will only add to our burdens. Our lives are in our hands.

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