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Who is this fool called Labaran Maku?

Adeola Aderounmu

If people don’t have any sense to make, why can’t they stop insulting the intelligence of “the intellectual pool in Nigeria”?

This Labaran Maku is probably living in on another planet the way he has been going around to blow Goodluck Jonathan’s trumpet in the past few days.

These are the type of people Obasanjo warned Jonathan about. It was Maku who said that Jonathan is the best thing to happen to Northen Nigeria. Really?

What does he mean? Northern Nigeria is at war with Nigeria via Boko Haram. Is that the best thing to happen to Northen Nigeria? I recommend a psychological evaluation for Mr. Labaran Maku.

I heard he was a student leader in his youth days who fought against the increase in the price of petroleum. As a government spokesman, he was ready to lay his life for the reversal of ideology that gave rise to the increase in price of petroleum. You can tell he is not ok.

Now this “fool” wants us to commend Jonathan for his leadership style. Really?

What kind of a mad leader or ruler steals so much money ? Goodluck Jonathan may be your president Mr. Labaran. In my eyes, he is a pure criminal who deserves the longest jail term ever.

There are serious allegations of missing trillions of Naira and you are commending him. He is your boss, do his biddings. But please stop insulting the intelligence of the rest of Nigerians.

Your boss cannot deal with corruption in his family and he cannot deal with corrupt men and women in his executives. It seems that they are all “sleeping together” and cannot get rid of the corruption that binds them.

Please Mr. Maku, stop fooling around.

If the people in Nigeria and the people around you cannot tell you the truth because many of you lose your senses because of food and money, those of us who are not around you and who are not partakers in your destruction of Nigeria will be bold enough to tell you the plain truth-You are all criminals!


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Dora Akunyili: How to Destroy a Reputation

By Adeola Aderounmu.

If Dora Akunyili doesn’t understand the plan of the illegal regime she is serving in, she is about to be taught a lesson. All that we know about Dora is that she has served meticulously well as the boss of NAFDAC-National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control.

During her tenure, she has saved millions of lives in Nigeria by preventing the spread of fake drugs in the Nigerian market. Obviously some people have been put out of business by her candid service and honest disposition. These people are annoyed and angry because they cannot import fake drugs into Nigeria from Asia.

It is such people who have “pressed the right button” and have now made it possible for Dora to be removed from NAFDAC and made the new minister for (mis)information in Nigeria. In my recent memory, I haven’t seen or heard any sane pronouncement from Nigeria’s Information Ministers or Press Secretaries. Once you get into government in Nigeria, you become stupid. Your morals are gone and your wild instincts take over you. It’s a curse!

All you do as a Minister for Information in Nigeria is to sell and propagate propaganda. Does anyone remember lesser hajj by Yar Adua-The worst lie in 2008! Dora is about to be messed up in the Nigeria Media Warfare. I feel so sorry for her already because I’m one of those who will be bashing her lies into the gutters. I’m sure I will not hesitate to call her a liar or basket mouth once she starts to say the wish and minds of the cabal or junta in Abuja.

Public service in Nigeria has a way of turning sane minds into stereotyped buffoons. Not many people have returned from Ministerial posts, governor’s position or such as normal people. They end up mega-rich from stealing and looting without limits. They forget what they see on the streets and they live behind closed doors or take endless trips abroad. Suddenly, it becomes-I’m fine, what do I care?

I am feeling sorry for Dora big time. Money, fame and power cannot be it all. There should be a time to say goodnight. It’s always when the ovation is loudest. I’m afraid she’s going down with this illegal regime. She fell for the plan and it seems she’s bracing up for the challenges.

The strongest battle in information right now is that Yar Adua is clamping down on bloggers and internet news service that are critical of his illegal government. Time will tell how Dora fits into this and we’ll see if she will endorse the “arrest or kill bloggers” policy of his master and dictartor-Umaru Yar Adua. Yar Adua must know that some of us are prepared to die for the truth. It’s a course we cannot turn away from. He is their president, our tormentor!