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Disgraceful Election Set To Hold In Ekiti State, Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

Governorship Election will hold in Ekiti State Nigeria on Saturday June 21 2014.

So many things have happened that simply makes this election a shame or a disaster waiting to happen.

During his campaign the ruler of Nigeria Mr. Jonathan promised to develop Ekiti if the PDP candidate Mr. Fayose wins the election. This is such a stupid comment and it is difficult to ascertain the mental state of Mr. Jonathan is what it takes to develop Ekiti is for the PDP candidate to win.

Mr. Fayose and Mr. Fayemi have been alleged to be distributing raw and cooked rice to woo voters. There are so many pictures flying around on the internet and especially on social network that shows how rice has been used as one of the campaign instruments.

Rice allocation

Rice allocation 2



A lot of monies that will not be accounted for have been spent by both the PDP and the ACP, the two main parties hoping to “seize” power in Ekiti.

Now, the latest in the series of the disgraceful countdown is that the Nigerian Police is now storming Ekiti with guns, ammunition and dogs. When “armed forces” and dogs are unleashed for the purpose of election, you can tell how the mentality of the average Nigerian works.

police ekiti 2

Elections in Nigeria are do or die processes because the next governor of Ekiti as in the case at hand is going to be the custodian of the state treasury. This battle has very little to do with public service but a lot to do with ego and personality. It has a lot to do with the potential looters of public funds in Ekiti State.

police ekiti

These are the tragedies of the nature of politics and public service in Nigeria.

During and after the elections, the death toll will be interesting to know.

When is this country Nigeria going to grow up?

(POLICE IMAGE From The Punch Newspaper twitter page, )


Adeola Aderounmu

You would have thought the season of madness was over. But alas! It has become an established trait-Nigeria will NEVER be able to conduct a free and fair election. In Ekiti state Western Nigeria, the shame of a nation has been brought to fore once again.

We are back to what we discussed in-toto in 2007 when Mr. Yar Adua was forced on Nigerians because that was the wish of those who have taken our nation into custody. Nigerians are still living in custody 49 years after the country became independent.

The election results in Ekiti have now been fully doctored to meet the taste of the evil ruling party. Elections in Nigeria remain a political nightmare. It is still one thing that Nigerians are not good at. It remains a do-or-die affair as Obasanjo mentioned in 2007. It has always been like that before he confirmed it-that politicians are out there to win at all cost!

The underlying factor here is corruption. A politician in Nigeria can steal and loot as much as he or she wants and get away with it. This is why everyone wants to get into political offices. This is why violence, mayhem and absurdity have come to characterize Nigerian Politics. Politics is the easiest way to wealth in Nigeria. Politicians are mainly thieves who want to satisfy their evil desires. There are few exceptional, dedicated politicians in Nigeria-you can count them on your finger tips.

So, the shame of this nation continues. This country Nigeria cannot conduct a single credible election after 49 years of independence. The only election that seemed credible which was conducted in 1993 was cancelled by the military gangsters headed by Babangida. Nigeria is yet to recover from that rude shock and it seems the country is jinxed for eternity.

In Ekiti we have just seen the demonstration of another abuse of the word-democracy. The so called giant of Africa is behaving like a dwarf among intelligent nations. This country needs help!

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