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Why the Price of Gas May Increase (Even More)

By Adeola Aderounmu

The activities of the Nigerian Militants have ensured that crude oil has almost stopped flowing in Nigeria. This means that tough days are ahead of Nigerians and the rest of us elsewhere in the world.

The pump price of gas may just continue to rise over the whole summer.

But in Nigeria the economy will suffer more dwindling fate. The cost of doing business will rise and the masses will pay more for transportation. Depending on the amount of reserves and the eventual severity of the situation, Nigerian workers must brace up for the worst.

This is the result of 49 years of absolute madness.

The illegal regime in Nigeria is working out an amnesty for the militants. It should actually be the other way round. The Niger Deltans should be the ones working out amnesty for the Nigerian govt and all the oil companies that have devasted the oil rich region. The govt should perhaps take a cue from SHELL that recently paid a token for some of its atrocities in the region.

The Nigerian government is one of the most corrupt in the world. Yar Adua is feasting and merrying with the most corrupt people ever known in Nigeria and he is telling us bullshits about the economy and he is committing genocide in the Niger Delta.

Yar Adua is a very corrupt man and he does not have the interst of Nigerians at heart. That is why he has surrounded himself with the likes of Ibori who has stolen all the money from the Niger Deltan people when he was a governor. Yar Adua has received loads of this money as a presidential candidate and it seems he is ready to get more and more. This is absolute madness and insanity.

In the meantime, Nigeria needs to go back to the days of old when Agriculture was our major earner of foreign exchange. We must stop depending on crude oil and we must stop destroying the environment in the Niger Delta. Until we focus and develop our agricultural systems/products, and until such a time that we remove all these looters who have destroyed the country by stealing more money than even what some african countries do have, we are not ready to move ahead in Nigeria.

Nigeria must also work hard to utilise the vast mineral deposits and resources in the country.

Nigeria’s Government WAR ON BLOGGERS and ACTIVISTS

Yar Adua’s government continues to arrest bloggers and activists. What kind of rubbish is that? Are we not free to express our opinions any longer?

I don’t understand why a civilian regime can undertake such a mission of arresting bloggers and activists. Are we under a military rule? Are we in the Stone Age when people are not free to express their opinions?

Yar Adua and his boys must be called to order. They must stop this mess. They should know that no one has the possibility to stop the flow of information and ideas. They must know that in this age of internet and advanced communication, there will be absolutely nothing they or anyone can do to stop BLOGGERS whether they like or hate the opinions expressed.

And if arresting, torturing, molesting or killing bloggers is what Yar Adua is telling the State Security Service to perpetrate, he is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes of his life. I have written before that this is one BATTLE he will NEVER win. NEVER!

My advice: Yar Adua should do his work and if he has no idea what he is doing, he should just get lost. We are tired of the molestation and harrassment. Leave Bloggers and Internet commentators alone.


Yar Adua’s Clamp Down on Nigerian Bloggers

BY Adeola Aderounmu.

Nigerian bloggers should beware. The latest thing on the agenda of the illegal president in Nigeria is to clamp down on Nigerian Bloggers and make them suffer. It is possible that some will be killed because the Nigerian government does not respect life.

All the bloggers who have been criticizing the government are now more or less on the wanted list of the Nigerian State Security Service (SSS).

These are trying moments for Nigerian bloggers and journalists who are now afraid to say their minds or the truths about an illegal regime and a failed government.

Who could have thought that a fellow like Yar Adua would resolve to this evil path?

He was bundled into our existence by Obasanjo who rather than sink alone decided that all Nigerians must sink with him because of a failed 3rd term agenda.

And in my country, people turned the other side of their faces when you slap them on one side.

Any Nigerian blogger planning to visit Nigeria this christmas should be careful but then you cannot be too careful. The evil people are at the airport, they will pick you up on arrival. Ask Elendu Jonathan!

I heard more people have been picked up. Who knows what Yar Adua and his boys are doing to them. Using pliers to remove their teeth? Wicked souls!

Well, let Yar Adua be told. Nigeria and Nigerians survived Babangida, we survived Obasanjo and we survived Abacha even though many of our fellow Nigerians were killed-for nothing!

Nigeria will be there when Yar Adua is no longer the illegal president.

You can’t kill the truth.

The truth is that Yar Adua was never elected and he is not a legitimate president. No matter how many people he is planning to arrest, the truth is immovable.

And let the attention of the world not be removed from Nigeria even though Congo and Somalia are offering stiff attention. Nigeria is a failed country as much as Somalia that has not been govern since 1991. People must not forget that even though the worst place on earth right now is Somalia, Nigeria offers a mass scale of the dimension of poverty with over 90m people unsure of the next meal.

To add indiscriminate arrest and torture of bloggers to the assembly of problems in Nigeria is unjust and callous. Only a heartless leader will approve of that.

Leave Nigerian bloggers alone. Let us do what we know how to do best-criticize lazy and impotent governments.

Stop arresting us Yar Adua. We are not less Nigerian than you are and we have rights to live and enjoy our freedom. Freedom of speech, of writing and of association. We have the right to pursue happiness and to travel in and out of Nigeria without fear. Stop your mad acts.

I was so furious when a journalist friend started warning me about what to write to him over the internet. What manner of government will create or instil fear in the minds of ordinary people and journalist?

enough is enough…do your work, illegitimate or not and let bloggers live!

Yar Adua………Stop arresting Nigerian Bloggers!

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