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EFCC: Mrs. Farida Waziri’s nonsense talk!

BY Adeola Aderounmu

CHAIRMAN of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mrs. Farida Waziri, has said the anti-graft agency is not investigating former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. According to a Guardian Newspaper report of 14th October 2008, she said that Obasanjo has no case before EFCC.

That is very true-Obasanjo has no case before the EFCC. However he has a case before Nigerians. Obasanjo made Nigerians poorer than he met them in 1999. There was partial darkness in Nigeria when Obasanjo came to power. When he left in 2007 and after spending billions upon billions of naira he left Nigerians in total darkness.

Under Obasanjo’s regime, which marked his second time in power after ruling the country as a military gangster in 1978-79, several citizens were killed in a cover-up genocide. An entire village was wiped off the map. The people of Odi saw hell in Nigeria under Obasanjo’s antocratic reign. The rest of us suffered endlessly as we tried to put food on the centre table.

The politicians became richer and even Obasanjo who was a poor man when he came to power became rich overnight. He sold everything that belongs to the government to his families and friends in the name of privatization. A member of his family stole the money that was meant for the reform of the Nigerian Police.

I am not going to waste more time to highlight the many ways that this man deprived Nigerians of a good life. And people should stop giving him the credit for the gsmisation of Nigeria. There is more to the gsm than the gimmick that Obasanjo put up. An idea whose time has come can never be stopped. So whether he liked it or not, the wave of the gsm was destined to sweep over Nigeria as it has done in the rest of the world.

Obasanjo alone cannot be blamed for the woes in Nigeria but he played a significant role and for 8 years he could make enough impact to pull at least 50m out of the poverty zone. Instead more people were pushed down below the survival zone-to absolute penury. This way, Obasanjo ended up in the league of demonic dictators like Abacha and Babangida.

Obasanjo holds the world record for the greatest treachery in modern history. In a country of 140m people, he singlehandedly installed a robot slash puppet called Yar Adua as the president of Nigeria. With the help of one idiot called Maurice Iwu as the head of the electoral body, Obasanjo manipulated the electoral commission to install Umaru Yar Adua as the president of election rendering the power of votes absolutely useless and worthless. The mechanism employed was crude, brutal and non-compromising. Citing Nigeria’s notorious electoral history sine 1959 Obasanjo was proud to say that that is the way to do elections in Nigeria AND the people (including me) kept their calm. What a country!

The EFCC is presently one of the most useless organs of government in Nigeria. It ranks with the likes of INEC and NEPA as essentially useless bodies. OF what use is an institution that has no plan and no purpose? I have stated times without number that as long as people like Babangida and Obasanjo are free men in Nigeria; the fight against corruption does not exist. Imagine a man Like Ibori James living free in Nigeria. Ridiculous and scandalous. The government of Nigeria should stop deceiving people with the EFCC. EFCC’s only job is to burst yahoo yahoo 419 boys who were created by the negligence of the state in the first place.

EFCC should be tackling the head of the problem. Those who are Ex ministers, ex governors, ex dictators, ex state of assembly members, ex senators, ex this, ex that. These are looters, pure and absolute thieves who should be spending the rest of their lives in jails. The keys to such jails should even be thrown in the Atlantic Ocean. And here we are with EFCC telling us that thieves, looters and murderers have no case to answer.

It is simple, all man for himself in Nigeria. The looting continues, the poverty will never end and the devastation will mount. About 100m people living under extreme poverty, working tirelessly under the sun to make ends meet. And a few idiots in power stealing and merrying and gallivanting the globe in splendor.

No case to answer indeed. Madam please shut up! What else does one expect from a Nigerian cop? …….A history of dishonesty, violence, abuse, violation, treachery, dirty talk, meaningless utterances and what else?

Beware of this Scammer!

By Adeola Aderounmu

There is a scammer who’s been going around defrauding women around the world especially Canadian women.

His aliases are as follows:
Reuben Yusuph, Lucky Mike, Ajibola Reuben Yusuph, and Williams Bab Rice. There is a possibility that he has other names.

His telephone number is most likely: 2347028751653 which means that he is probably resident in Nigeria. He has also been collecting money by WESTERN UNION with this name: Ajayi Olayinka Adedayo which may probably be his real names or the names he had on an identity card/international passport that is tenable at a bank.

This scammer may be resident at room 11b in a certain Hotel called Paragon Hotel. It is very possible that the scammer is actually not staying at the hotel.

However the Paragon Hotel in Lagos is at this address:
Paragon Hotel: Address: 24/26 Sanya Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos
Phone: +234 1 833615, 848634, 848802

None of these information are actually indicative that the perpetrator is Nigerian or resident in Nigeria. In the scam world, anything is possible!

I have it on good authority that this scammer succeeded in duping gullible women from Canada but I don’t know if he is still on the rampage possibly operating under other names.

Here is a report from one of the women who had been a victim:

To whom it may concern,

I am a Canadian that would like to know if you have ever heard of a man in Nigeria that would have a scam going on contacting woman, on sites like FaceBook and others stating that there are other that Nigerians.

He starts by contacting you in a very friendly way in getting you to be very open with him and then that day come that he would ask you for money…

For some reason or another, we have here many names but it seems to be the same person, same picture and he has many e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

For us to reach him but it all come down to making up stories that he needs money for …….

I would like you to be aware of this… . we are more than 20 woman that have spoken to this man and we all got the same story I believe that he does not work alone, he says he is in spain, working for a Architec co. and that he lives in the States, you can see his profile explaining it all.

Some of us have reason to believe that this man is a fraud just trying to get Money. I have caught him under so many names and stories that were lies, I just want to know if there is a way to find out more about this scam .

I do know that your country is in need of many new structure and that your people suffer but taken from us is this way does not make things any better for you, and the innocent get punished for what the bad ones do…

Kathleen Lariviere

I feel sorry for these women but again, it takes a greedy person to make a scammer succeed. That is my own personal opinion. If someone ask you for money and promise to give you more money later, common sense dictate that that is simply fraud. It is so unfortunate that victims of fraud always fail to see this and they are so blinded by the promise of earning millions of dollars from nowhere!

Anyway, I hope that all those who are interested in avoiding being defrauded or those who are not sure if a business proposal is true or false will learn a lesson from this. Don’t do business someone who is promising you money by asking you to send a few dollars first.

The fraudster will always come back asking for more and more and before you know it you would have sent thousands of dollars. Scammer keep promising and keep asking for little amount at a time but these little amounts add up at the end of the day.

The fraudster is probably using the pictures of innocent people. I think that the pictures that go with his scam mails have nothing to do with his real person.

I have not succeeded in putting up the images that this guy is using to defraud people but I have it on my FACEBOOK AT THIS LINK

Possibly fake images of the scammer

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