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I Didn’t Know Donald Trump Was A Real Person

Just imagine a Donald Trump-presidency and a gun-for-all American society. I say a Swedish prayer for all American people, May The Wind Be Your Way..!

I Didn’t Know Donald Trump Was A Real Person

By Adeola Aderounmu


With the title of this essay, l have not lied.

If you think it is funny or ridiculous, you have a right to that feeling especially if you know who l am.

If you choose to continue to read after this point, try to have an open mind and be objective.

I followed American politics for a while especially when Barack Obama became a candidate for the White House. Before the presidential election in 2008, l got a request from a media organisation probably based in the United States to write an opinion about Barack Obama.

So l did a series of online interviews with some people in Nigeria right from my base in Sweden. The results were 3 articles on Obama and the 2008 American presidential election in general.

The media group known as Vote2008 Takeaway has since pulled down all the publications or maybe they moved the websites. I cannot be sure which.

I started to tune down my interest in American politics after Obama’s victory. I read about all the opposition to Obama’s policies from the republican side.  Not that l was very pleased with Obama himself. The last straw was when American drones started to take away lives around the world. I zoomed away from American politics.

Later on, l started to hear the name Donald Trump more often. I must have heard it in connection to the 2008 election and probably did not pay attention to it.

The reason l have not paid attention to the name is because for some (probably strange) reasons l was connecting the name to something about THE SIMPSONS.

I don’t know or recollect how that happened. But it happened so.

For once l never thought Donald Trump would turn out to be a real person.

I mean my CNN channel disappeared from my free cable network and l hardly tune in to Aljazeera after l was unable to get a reply from one of their correspondents after making some enquiries on a subject matter. I felt dumped because l just helped them with one of their programs by participating in a recorded Skype-video conversation.

Anyway one fundamental argument, as l reflect now, why l didn’t think that Donald Trump was a real person was because most of the things attributed to him don’t sound real. So l just laugh and thought whoever invented this comic character is crazily funny.

I also thought: what is the media getting at when they portray such a comic character?

Let me repeat, this is not a joke. There was a time l thought Donald Trump was not a real person.

Yes, l am a writer. Yes l write about Nigerian politics since 2001. And yes l am not ashame to say that in the early days l didn’t know that Donald Trump was real.

I have my priorities.

I didn’t think all the dumb characters portrayed in Simpsons or other cartons or comedies are real.

It was when it dawn on me that Obama’s second term is drawing to a close that l started paying attention again to some aspects of American politics especially the candidates vying for the White House.

By the summer of 2016, l’ll probably catch up with all that is obscure now.

But how did l discover that Donald Trump was a real person?

It is the same way l have checked my sanity over the years. I ask people unexpected questions. Even at meetings or gatherings l have asked questions or make comments off the mark just to do some reality checks.

One day l asked my wife-have you been hearing the name Donald Trump? She said yes. So who is he l asked?  After our conversation, l finally came to terms that Donald Trump actually exists and that he is not just a character in the Simpsons.

My wife laughed, but it was in a good way.  My sanity check was complete.

So, l finally discovered that Donald Trump was actually a real person.

Oh my..!

I couldn’t believe my ignorance. At my age..!

Still, l didn’t pay attention so close enough. Even after discovering that he is a real person. I mean, l thought the media had been unfair to him and that they must have attributed all those nonsense to an innocent man. There must be some of those stories about him that are exaggerated.

My line of thought was liberally, dilutedly objective: if a man is going to become the president of America in this century, he should at least not be dumber than Mr. Obama’s predecessor or McCain’s running mate.

I reasoned further, though l didn’t fancy Obama’s drones, Americans can still produce people who can show enlightenment, grasp of globalization and ability to discern between fishing in Alaska and hiking in Barcelona.

Does anyone remember Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate who does not even have an international passport? Sarah Palin l know. She was for real!

I thought that Donald Trump was a comic media invention that was developed to haunt Barack Obama. I thought it/he was a comic character and how l arrive at that reasoning will forever remain a mystery.

I can quite understandably and easily align with people who think that Donald Trump is dumb. I mean l didn’t even know he was a real person like Sarah Palin.

If 20 % of all the things attributed to him are real or correct as much as he is a real person, l am so sorry for all categories of American people.

In those days when l used to watch Jay Leno’s late night show, l ’d been taken aback several times when Leno went on the streets of America to ask people simple questions.

For some episodes, he asked sometimes very simple questions that sound like: who is the president of the United States? Amazingly some people don’t know, don’t care!

As l reviewed the Jay Leno’s shows that l watched and placed them side-a-side the emegence and rise of a presidential candidate like Donald Trump, my shock about the realness of Trump simply just disappeared.

I mean he is a leader in the race to the White House.

I can imagine that Jay Leno asked other questions like: where is Iraq? Some people would have answered, in Africa. I mean the US invaded a country that majority of her citizens do not know the location even if you give them a map.

The United States probably have the largest accumulation of ignorant people per total population on a global scale. Some will argue. I care less. But l wish they could do their research or possibly go deep into the villages and cities in America.

Hence when a character that should exist in a comedy suddenly turned out to be a real life leading presidential character in the US, you can get a better perception of where the world is heading in general.

On a global perspective, the world is in the hands of the wrong people. Are we for real?

Mostly l have read only the headlines since l discovered Donald Trump. That way, I have maintained my sanity since my wife explained to me who he is.

With all that l have to do, think or worry about especially if you love Nigeria and Africa like l do, adding the content of Donald Trump’s campaigns or useless speeches will amount to what the swedish people called slosseri med tiden. Go figure..!

My greater sympathy goes to all those who have suffered persecution, rejection and extreme discrimimation in the hands of Donald Trump-the real character.

Just imagine a Donald Trump presidency and a gun-for-all American society. I say a Swedish prayer to all American citizens (by birth or naturalization), May The Wind Be Your Way..!

AIT’s Upcoming Documentaries

The Tiger Of Aso Rock, TheCrook On The Minna Hill, Criminal Couple From Otuoke, How Nigerian Transgender, Alamieyeseigha Fled London, Telephone Is Not For The Poor-David Mark, Boko Haram Is In My Government-The Inside Story, Drug Baron Heads Yoruba PDP, Sex, Drugs And Aviation-A FFK Story, The Jet-Age Of Looting NNPC, A Diezani history, Mrs. Jonathan, From National To International Embarrassment, Nigerian House Of Representa-thieves and Legis-looters, 30 Trillion Subsidy Scams-How PDP And Jonathan’s Economy Team Raped Nigeria. 

AIT’s Upcoming Documentaries

By Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

African Independent Television (AIT) is running a documentary on Bola Ahmed Tinubu or a man they also claimed is Yekini Ogunleye.

It’s been over 5 years since l last watched any program on AIT. I gave up on them when Ibrahim Babangida, Nigeria’s foremost tropical gangster, bought Raymond Dokpesi, the owner of DAAR Communications and AIT.

Bola Tinubu has taken his case to court. That is not unexpected. He is a grown man and his lawyers are at it.

I may have seen an abridged version of the documentary. I was disappointed that l did not see the names of the producers of the Lion Of Bourdillion. I did not see the name of the narrator. The year of production and all other details that usually go with such a production were missing from the version l saw online.

I simply hope that the original version contains these information.

Some footages that need acknowledgement were also used.  It will amount to an extremely poor piece of journalism if the version l saw was the original version.

In any case, l imagined if Nigerian private television stations have been airing these types of documentaries since 1960, maybe Nigeria would have been a saner country, a better place.

I don’t know what proportion of the report is true or false. That is Tinubu’s headache. He and his legal team can roll with that.

The short arm of the law system in Nigeria has really made a mess of many court cases and proceedings.  I am not a fan of the Nigerian judiciary that is heavily compromised and saddled with corruption. I wish Tinubu and Daar Communications/AIT a wonderful time at the endless proceedings at the ridiculous Nigerian court of law.

Irrespective of what is true or false in the Tinubu documentary which partly looks like an advertorial for the government of Lagos State, it is a welcome development. If the PDP paid for the production and airing of the documentary, it will be a pinch of salt from the 21 billion naira raised in one day by various criminals and vested interests supporting Jonathan’s re-election. I wish AIT goodluck.

Since AIT has now ventured into investigative journalism and digging up both the past and present, it would be more interesting to see the follow up episodes.

I will like to see The Crook On The Minna Hill. In this anticipated episode, AIT should tell us how Ibrahim Babangida stole the money that Nigeria made during the gulf war. They should tell us why or how the same law system that failed to catch up with Tinubu failed to catch up with Babangida. AIT can even extend the documentary on how one Mr. Raymond Dokpesi could have benefitted from the stolen 12 billion dollars several years later. It will be a blockbuster!

I will like to see the Criminal Couple From Otuoke. In this story AIT can tell us how one Patience Jonathan was investigated on several occasions by the EFCC while her husband was the deputy governor and later governor of Bayelsa State.

AIT super investigators can tell us whose money she was looting and under whose watch they were been stolen. An update of the story can include how the Jonathans have looted the Nigerian treasuries directly and indirectly since they got promoted to Aso Rock by Obasanjo.

A documentary closely related to the Criminal Couple From Otueke will be How Nigerian Transgender, Alamieyeseigha Fled London. AIT may find the connection between the father (Alams) and son (Jonathan) of Bayelsans. Sometimes it is the prodigal son that forgives the unrepentant father.

Since AIT knows about Tinubu’s drug business, they may also probably highlight Jonathan’s drinking problems as well as his domestic and official  weaknesses. If some serious investigative journalism is carried out AIT may be the first company to publish Jonathan’s Phd thesis online.

Good luck AIT, hope you hit another blockbuster!

The people of Nigeria will like to see the documentary titled; Telephone Is Not For The Poor-David Mark. When AIT is done with this production they will be able to explain to millions of middle and low class households how there landlines vanished from the telephone catalogues and for real in the twinkle of an eye.

By doing some serious journalistic work like they did with Tinubu, AIT may sucessfully trace Nigeria’s budget for communication under David Mark and Babangida to some Islands or Tax Havens around the world. Let the search begins!

AIT can even continue with the story of Mark by analysing how much money has disappeared from the Senate under his watch. They may even uncover his plot to rule Nigeria under the rumoured interim government. Who knows?

In the world of documentaries and investigative journalism, there are no limits. AIT can look at the option of making a documentary titled: OBJ, Poor Farmer, Rich President. They may uncover how Obasanjo’s salaries helped him to rejuvenate his farm.

To make the documentary interesting they should look at the role of Obasanjo in the emergence of Yar Adua and Jonathan.  Where did the money for the campaigns come from and which state suffered for it? AIT can even tell those who do not know where the man who sponsored the campaign is today.

There are so many attack and watch dogs in and around Aso rock today.

What about AIT trying to make a documentary about a story or two that I’d written about. Imagine Sex, Drugs and Aviation! AIT, you have my permission to use my research material to do a series on Femi Fani-Kayode. He is a drug abuser, a woman beater and a former looter of the Ministry of Aviation. Don’t you think it will be an interesting investigative documentary to see the kind of campaign coordinator superivsing the Otueke couple?

One Doyin Okupe was alleged to have stolen from the people and government of Imo and Benue States. For him, you can do the Tiger Of Aso Rock. The documentary will show where to run for cover after perpetrating crimes at the state levels, a kind of graduation that is.

My parents are from the South Western part of Nigeria which makes me a yoruba by birth. I will like to see a documentary on The Drug Baron Leading The Yoruba PDP in South Western Nigeria. As my contribution to this documentary, I will like to pay for his return trip to the United States. Please mail me when he’s ready to fly, it seems you have him in your good books.

AIT common now, there are many, many series you can run. Your followership will grow nationally and internationally you’ll never go bankrupt again even after Jonathan’s reign of tyranny.

There is a man called Ali Modu Sheriff. He is a close associate of Jonathan and an alleged sponsor of Boko Haram. Go deeper into the allegation and tell us what you find in the Revelation Of Sambissa.

An alternative to the above will be How The Opposition Sponsors Terror. I think Nigeria and Nigerians will be intellectually richer when you have produced all the above documentaries. Perhaps you’ll help clueless Jonathan unravel the missing links between the opposition parties and Boko Haram.

Oh, l almost forgot. You should make a series on Nigeria’s House Of Representa-thieves and Legis-looters. You will not lack the materials to work with on this one. You just need to prove or disprove that the Nigerian National Assembly for example is the most expensive to run in the world.

You need to help Nigerians uncover the mysterious sums that go down the drain daily. Do a statistical analysis and see if the amount of wastage is positively or negatively correlated to laziness and the sleeping hours in both houses.

What about a neutral topic like Religous Country, Wicked People? Make several visits to the churches and mosques, try to explain the poverty index, crime rate and mumuism followership both religiously and politically.

You can show or disprove that religion leads to intellectual laziness, negligence of social obligations, lack of tolerance, bad government, blind faith and organized political crime.

To ensure that your documentary series last for several seasons, here are more suggestions:

  • Memory Lane, the Politicians And Soldiers Who Looted and Destroyed Nigeria, 1960-2015 (Part 1-20)
  • The Chibok Girls, Jonathan’s Changing Tunes
  • A Dictator Turned Democrat-Mission Impossible 4
  • Boko Haram Is In My Government-The Inside Story
  • Fashola: Productive or Destructive Product Of the Lion Of Bourdillion
  • APC States Versus PDP States: The Lions And The Tigers
  • Multiple Cross-Carpeting And Mental Health In Nigeria-A Political Approach To Medicine
  • APC To PDP And Vice Versa: The Recyling of Political Morons In A People Passive Society
  • Clueless Personified: Stealing Is Not Corruption-Evidence of Stupidity
  • Mrs. Patience Jonathan, From National To International Embarrassment
  • 30 Trillion Subsidy Scams-How PDP And Jonathan’s Economy Team Raped Nigeria
  • The Jet-Age Of Looting NNPC, A Diezani history
  • The Useless Roles Of Private and Public Media In Nigeria

Dear AIT and management, these suggestions should keep you busy for the next 10 years. When you start, you will see that there are several more areas of investigative journalism that will make your station the envy of global journalism.

Please feel free to contact me for more suggestions should you and your production crew run of of ideas or scripts.

I hope you find genuine sponsors from around the globe and that your employees will receive local and international awards for their investigations. This will move you and your employees away from the disgraceful brown enevelope, food-for-the-belly syndrome.

Nigerians will be more enlightened, the politicians may sit up. The judiciary may have finally met their own watch dogs. The disoriented police force may find their lost ryhthms and start doing their jobs rather than shooting civilians at the ratio of 20:1.

The documentary on Tinubu should not be the end. DAAR Communications, go to court and fight your case.

I wish you goodluck at AIT and at the trial.

The pen is mightier than the sword!

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