The Change Must Begin With The APC-Buhari Mandate

I have suggested earlier that it was time for president Buhari to go home and get a deserved rest after his years of service to Nigeria.

When your slogan is change, you must be ready to lead by exemplary changes. The government headed by Mr. Buhari failed to set good examples.

The Change Begins With The APC-Buhari Mandate

By Adeola Aderounmu


In October 2016, in what appears to be my message for Nigeria’s independent anniversary celebration, I suggested that it was time for president Buhari to go home and get a deserved rest after his years of service to Nigeria. He seems to be eager to continue with his journey as one of the worst presidents ever in the history of Nigeria.

On the strength of performance and in the frame of time spent, the Buhari-led government has invariably overtaken Jonathan-led government as the most clueless regime ever. No amount of blame-game can erase the abysmal performance of the APC-Buhari regime in the past 1½ years. No amount of playing or  dancing to the gallery can change this historical fact. No sugar-coating or anti-wailing slogan can overshadow the realities of how we live, what we see, feel and experience.

As a way of reminder, everybody knew the problem with Nigeria before the change slogan was used as a catalyst for regime change. But so far, there is no change and government and governance in Nigeria remain business as usual.

In a rare admission for its non-performance, the APC-Buhari mandate came up with a new slogan tagged ”Change Begins With Me”. The failed government want the people to perform a miracle that could turn around perception of the government.

In Nigeria, it is too late to start trying to change the system using the downtrodden as a platform. For the downtrodden, theirs is already a life of survival, mostly from hand to mouth. They have been deprieved of proper governance for more than 50 years! They are hungry, angry and faced with increasing hopelessness with each passing day of the APC-Buhari mandate.

Nigeria is in a peculiar mess. Change, under the present circumstances in Nigeria, can never begin with the ordinary people. Forget it! It was the government that promised a change and it has failed to deliver. Change in Nigeria must begin at the top.

The first change required in Nigeria is the introduction of fresh minds into the APC change machinery. Nigeria must adopt the standard global approach to the mechanism of change. When people including politicians failed, or know they are going to fail, the standard is that they admit and step aside. Nigeria for long has pretended to be immune to this global standard. Now the results are almost irreparable.

If a ruler is stubborn or obstinate, there is no theory that shows that such traits will transform into prosperity. Nigeria and APC under Buhari’s rulership will never make it. That ability to lead and steer Nigeria to greatness is not going to happen under a trial-and-error type of government for which APC-Buhari mandate has become a specialist.

What some of us saw in the early days on the Buhari-APC mandate is becoming clearer to several other people now. The wailers club has expanded massively. Even the secret, silent and speechless wailers club is overwhelmingly full. Silence, we must never forget can speak volume itself.

What went wrong with the APC-Buhari mandate?

The government has made and continues to make several mistakes. When your slogan is change, you must be ready to lead by exemplary changes. The government headed by Mr. Buhari failed to set good examples.

After wasting several months doing nothing, the government assembled a team of known looters and criminals and presented them as proponents of change. Indeed, everything went wrong before then because it was this team of looters that brought Mr. Buhari to power. It was wishful thinking that we the people thought Buhari will assemble a fresh team. We too, miscalculated!

The APC-Buhari government is daring and provocative. It’s asking the people to change when the presidency, the executive and the NASS is oozing with corruption and parade of looters.

In a previous essay l asked how the EFCC got the information, facts and evidence that are used in prosecuting members of the oppositions whereas we the people were asked to provide the evidence that could be used to prosecute members of the ruling party.

As we write and read, more PDP members are crossing over to APC to avoid prosecution from the hands of law-enforcement agencies. Dictatorial tendencies abound pushing the country to a familiar path of tyranny.

The lies and errors of APC-Buhari mandate are numerous and instrumental to the failure of the mandate. This government is totally hopeless and it will not make it. The Yes-today No-tomorrow concept of governance is a means to aggravating the economic woes.

How can change begin with the man or the people on the streets when the politicians continue to accumulate wealth in an uncontrollable manner? They continue to steal, loot and share the national wealth while the majority of the population live in abject poverty. Rather than cut their demonic acquisitions and primitive accumulations, they want to sell national assets and they want to borrow to culture their insatiations. Greedy lots!

We complained about the greedy pensions that active and obsolete politicians apportion to themselves whilst our parents who served government in public services continue to be deprived of their pensions. Yet the other day one man who called himself comrade Adams left the governor’s office and he and his deputy had multi-billion naira housing and emoluments waiting for them.

There are so many anomalies that invalidate the change begins with me slogan. Politicians remain greedy and criminally inclined. There is no limit to the categorisation of criminals in the Nigerian political space. There are more than 65 shades of criminals in Nigerian politics. They all get away.

Perhaps Nigerians need to analyze the significance of the change begins with me slogan. In my view, the slogan is bifocal or double-edged.

First, it means Nigeria’s president Mr. Buhari must accept that the change begins with him personally. Therefore he needs to do something phenomenal, accept his weaknesses and begin a process to hand over the APC machinery to brilliant and vibrant minds in the APC fold. Whilst we continue to find all the approaches that will move Nigeria forward, the country does not have the luxury of time for a non-productive president or presidency.

Before he takes a bow, Mr. Buhari should never leave behind the likes of his useless minister for sports. That man is a disgrace to Africa as a whole. If there are others like him, that are easily identifiable as morons, they need to leave together.

Change begins when the one at the top set good examples and meet the followers half-way as everyone shares a common goal of the good of all.

Secondly, l see the slogan change begins with me as a call for a social revolution. If anyone continues to live under the illusion that Nigerian politicians alone will fix Nigeria’s problems, that person is OHO (On his/her own).

Indeed the change begins when Nigerians collectively agree that enough is enough. It begins when thay take their destinies in their hands. It begins when they chase and bring to justice all the criminal politicians, and criminal public and private citizens who have destroyed the country socially and economically. Nigerians must continue to act proactively, ask questions and form pressure groups to influence political changes. The lessons of history are clear: where there is no rage, there is no change.

Change in Nigeria will begin when the present unitary political structure that spreads poverty and hopelessness like wild fires is demolished.

The politicians don’t want the political or social changes because in the prevailing political structure, the winner takes it all. The politicians’ hold on the country’s wealth have made everyone lazy mentally. The political edge gives the elites the mechanism to control the people’s psyche and emotions.

They send the people to church and mosque and even on tax-funded pilgrimages to pray as they continue to breed fat and the people continue to suffer and smile in the presence of all the foreign gods.

Change will begin in Nigeria when the system of government is returned to the regions and when justice, selflessness and genuine service become the keywords in public and private offices across all the nations embedded within the geographical space called Nigeria. Justice itself is never served on a platter of gold.
















US Army, Nigerian Army and Boko Haram Playing Hide and Seek In Sambissa Forest?

By Adeola Aderounmu

I don’t know who is having a laugh or a rough time now among these 3 gangs. I mean the US promised intelligence and provided it. At what cost I don’t know and I’m sure many people do not care the cost as long as the “Chibok girls” are found and Boko Haram esterminated from the surface of the earth.

But many people have been disappointed and they are like: you mean the girls have not been found! You mean the US in Nigeria is not doing the magic? wao!

Well, sources have it that the US provided images on the movement of Boko Haram to the Nigerian Army. But what is the Nigerian Army doing? The Nigerian Army is avoiding the locations where Boko Haram operates. So rather than use the information from the US assistance to curb Boko Haram, it turned out that the Nigerian Army is using the information to actually avoid Boko Haram. This is very serious but laughable.

The Nigerian Army over the years have sold many of its weapons and ammunition to Boko Haram. Boko Haram is a big threat to the Nigerian Army that is full of treacherous fellows. We knew that before the US came, but now we have a confirmation that they are not only treacherous but also fearful.

This is the same army that stopped the war in Liberia, Sierra Leone and made impacts in Congo. At home the Nigerian army is a failure. But this is not a sudden occurence, it was a systematic breakdown coming from the failure of governance and the roles of the Northern elites.

The Northern elites remain pleased with Boko Haram if that is what we bring them back to the presidency in Nigeria in 2015.

The way this whole mess is playing out and with the murder and massacre of Nigerians in Northern Nigerian and Abuja, the Northern elites will wake up soon to realise that they have been chopping off the fingers that feed them knowingly or unknowingly.

Governance in Nigeria is a huge joke anyway with the ruler Mr. Goodluck apparently not feeling safe outisde the Aso rock and bursting off any visit around troubled areas. He is so scared of the Nigerian army he feels like one of them can sniff his life away. This is the state of loyalty of the Nigerian army to the Nigerian nation.

Goodluck Jonathan is a coward, but playing smart in a small confine. He should have rounded up all the former and serving generals and civilians who promoted, supported and financed Boko Haram. He was so slow things got out of hand. He may have been part of a terror cell himself which will seem logical too. I agree it is more complicated than that but doing nothing at all because of selfish interest and political power is costing Nigerians innocent life. Add to the injustice and madness of corruption in Nigeria, this is hopelessness for the common people.

So, no the girls are probably gone a long time ago. Boko Haram had all the time in the world to diaply arrogance and “freedom”. The hide and seek game is very insultive to the collective inteligence of informed Nigerians.

I don’t know how Nigerians can co-exist in 2015, it will be one of the greatest miracles of all time if Northern Nigeria (now harbouring PDP “settled political prostitutes”) goes along with a Jonathan presidency in 2015. How are they going to conduct elections around Nigeria with bombs dropping daily? If elections are held only in certain parts of Nigeria, will that count as national elections? How far will Boko Haram take this war as the Nigerian Army plays the handicapp? The thriller will be another box office hit.

Nigeria: No More Outrage Concerning Murders and Terrorism

By Adeola Aderounmu

In recent weeks, Boko Haram are no longer making BIG headlines. The World just got used to the fact that the terrorists will kill, bomb and destroy lives and property when they like and as they like.

There are no more outrages about the terrorism situation in Northern Nigeria. In Maiduguri, people’s Life are expected to be cut short at any time, t, or moment, m.

Even in other places, there are intertribal clashes from day to day that leaves tens or hundreds of people slained. These ugly things are part of “normal” Life in Nigeria so even when they make the news, life just goes on as if nothing has actually happened.

The Nigerian government place no value on human Life. That is why the foolish government officials starting from the presidency usually fly abroad to receive treatment for their headaches and stomach flu. These obvious anomalies need no reflogging, only that it’s Always good to remind ourselves of the sort of useless people who rule NIGERIA and that there is a real need to purge them out. How we do that remains a dilemma when “everybody” wants to steal and not while allowing the system to rot completely.

The other way the Editor of Saturday Newswatch was shot and he died later at the hospital after a successful operation to remove the bullets inside his body. I mean the guy was taken to several hospitals even as his life hung in a fragile balance. Nigerian hospitals are “burial grounds” on their own. If the doctors refer to gun shots as serious injuries and are therefore not able to treat or operate the patient-what then is the need for their services.

I know that Nigerian doctors excel abroad but at home the incapacitation is huge and disgraceful. I mean when operations are done with Candle lights and lantern-this I know more than 10 years ago-how do we expect essential services to be delivered with safety.

The tragedies plaguing that country called Nigeria know no bound. The politicians are crazy robbers, the people are silly followers and the whole thing creates a scenario that presents the largest aggregation of black people are incapable of running their own affairs.

The next time bomb explodes in Northern Nigeria will be a few hours from now and there will be no outrage. A cleric was killed in the NORTH the other day and many people don’t even know about it. The people of Plateau are almost at war and killing one another at the slightest opportunity, millions of Nigerians know nothing about this.

In Nigeria, anything can happen including the worst without anybody blinking.

(unedited post)



Things that happen in Nigeria (Part 2)

By Adeola Aderounmu

When people are employed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, their names are published in what is known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette. Promotions and other relevant information about civil service and civil servants are also published from time to time in the official gazette.

Unfortunately the average Nigerian workers have been reduced to slaves or sub-human beings by the way things are done in Nigeria. In Nigeria, there is something called verification and auditing exercises at the various government institutes/ministries.

In my opinion I think this is one of the several loop holes and financial leakages in Nigeria. Nigeria is among the most corrupt countries in the world because the various governments in Nigeria are very corrupt. The people who run things in Nigeria are unbelievably corrupt and impunity is almost universal in Nigeria.

What corrupt politicians and private/public servants in Nigeria have failed to understand over the years is that every act of corruption adds to the gigantic sum in figures and effects that makes Nigeria probably the most corrupt country in the world and the place where some of the poorest people live.

What is the meaning of verification /auditing exercise in Nigeria? It means that some unscrupulous individuals collude with the Central Bank or the economic departments of their various ministries and allocate millions of naira to take a tour of the various federal ministries spread across Nigeria.

In the process they send thousands of government workers especially the junior staff members into unnecessary panic. Some workers who are on annual leave (for the first time in donkey years) are forced to call off their leave/holiday even if they have travelled abroad. If they don’t report back to the office, their salaries will be stopped (and someone will be embezzling the salaries!).

Some workers who are not able to appear during the verification/auditing saga have to pay thousands of naira as bribes to their immediate bosses (or the directors as they are called in the civil service) and also to the verification officials from Abuja in order to have their salaries reactivated whenever they are back to their respective posts.

This situation is very similar to pension verification. How can somebody work for the Nigerian government for 34 or 35 years and still be made to go through physical verification? This is an issue of corruption and moral decadence across all strata in Nigeria. It is scandalous, disgraceful and shameful. It speaks volume about the mental cognitive-ness of the rulers and occupiers of Nigeria.

If the people who run the civil service in Nigeria are normal, mentally alert, upright and fit for their jobs then they will never ask a man or woman who worked in the same office/department for 35 years to be verified.

There are instances where people are brought to government offices on hospital beds with dangling nutritional drips attached. During verification, people collapse, faint and even die waiting to be attended to by the “gods” from Abuja. In extreme cases people are summoned to appear in Abuja irrespective of their ages or health statuses. This is wickedness and inhuman.

The bosses at the various federal ministries and auditing committee from Abuja are very well aware of the ghost, ex-employees and dead workers on the payroll of government but they don’t talk about that. In connivance with the various economy departments of the federal ministries, they continue to embezzle the salaries of dead and ghost workers. The spread and intensity of corruption in Nigeria is out of this world.

In a normal country, dead workers don’t receive monthly salaries. Ex-employees are removed from the pay roll. In Nigeria, dead workers, ex-employees and imaginary workers (aka ghost workers) are used by top government officials and their accomplices to embezzle funds.

The situation is made complicated by citizens of Northern Nigeria who are registered into jobs or enrolled into government payroll from birth. Invariably in places like Northern Nigeria where education is almost absent, ghost and imaginary workers are created when babies are born. Who is collecting all these monies? What type of country is Nigeria really?

These offences usually go unpunished because it is made a normal thing and the crimes are covered up by the people who know about it and who share the money from the illegalities.

In Nigeria, trust is alien. In the 21st century a gang travels around Nigeria doing verification and auditing. What happened to the official gazette as the record of government? That is a document that is available in print and most definitely in soft copy that could be used to verify government workers. The gazette is probably not reliable because of the falsification in the various federal government offices. Who is going to punish who when everybody has a criminal tendency? Do you have to travel across Nigeria to do auditing? What happened to computing, accounting and technological advancements?

The severe decadence in Nigeria is revealed in many ways. It is appalling and saddening. It is absolutely impossible to explain how widespread this madness has gone. In Nigeria, everybody knows that there are ghost workers. This means that the economy department in every government ministry is occupied by one or more criminals. This means that the bosses or directors in these ministries are criminals.

It is these criminalities and embezzlements that the auditing and verification officials want to partake in. That is why they fly around Nigeria with huge sums allocated to them. Yet they make additional money on ground through bribes and kickbacks.

These are common practices in Nigeria. The ordinary workers will not talk about these things because they will be killed or booted out of service mysteriously. Do or die is widespread in Nigeria. I wish to reiterate that in Nigeria the people who are not corrupt are becoming endangered species.

It is easy for these criminal activities to be perpetrated because it is generally assumed that everybody is corrupt in Nigeria. When the rulers of Nigeria, their families and friends can use Nigeria’s monies for whatever they want without being prosecuted when in office and after leaving office, then people down the ladder also have their own ways of getting away with crimes and other atrocities.

In top government positions, especially political placements-it is assumed that you get fired or prosecuted when you are out of favour. If you are in any vocal opposition groups, you will be dealt with to send a signal to others like you. The EFCC and the ICPC are willing agents to these anomalies. In an ideal world, it would not matter your position or ideology, you will suffer for your crimes as immunity does not cover your evil, mental status and criminal tendencies.

In Nigeria, people are promoted based on how much they steal or how much they bring back to their bosses. It is in Nigeria that criminals experience elevation especially in political offices. Nigerian politicians are known as common looters of the treasury. Nigeria under a unitary form of government is not working. All indices show us that Nigeria will not work under this useless form of governance because there is no limit to how corrupt people can become.

I don’t mind to stand alone to state without fear that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. In my eyes criminals rule in Nigeria right from Aso rock to the lowest level of office somewhere in Maiduguri, Igbogila, Abakaliki or Badagry.

In Nigeria, people walk away with contract funds without doing any work. People kill and go! The judicial system in Nigeria is ridicule to the international law system. What kind of law is practised in Nigeria that makes criminals the freest, loudest and most visible people?

For the Federal Civil Service and by extension the various civil service commissions at the state levels, there is an urgent need to clean up the system. The questions are many though.

Who will punish the cartel stealing through the use of ghost workers and dead employees? When these ghost workers are discovered and reported, who is responsible for their retention or re-emergence on the payrolls? Who will stop the registration of babies as government workers in Northern Nigerian?

In a system where everybody is assumed to be corrupt, who is going to ensure that verification and auditing exercises are done remotely from Abuja? How can criminals be detected without sending out verification officers who turn out to be bribe takers?

Who will ensure that a Nigerian worker on level 12 is paid his/her salary as a level 12 officer and not as a level 9 officer? Who is stealing the balance of the salary shortage? It is pure madness and wickedness to keep paying workers incorrect salaries while politicians and top officials embezzle money freely and get huge wages on top of their lootings. When will all these anomalies end? Who will save Nigeria?

One question or suggestion will lead to thousands of questions and other suggestions because Nigeria is running a worthless system of government that creates a million loop holes. The beneficiaries and custodians of this useless system don’t want a change and everybody thinks that their turn to “chop” will come. This is the absurd mentality which when added to other aberrations makes Nigeria one of the worst places to live on earth.

Some government workers boast of how much cash they share in their offices. This is common in Abuja. All the monies that should be used wisely after budget allocations end up in people’s pocket and they start to boast of how much they share in their respective offices weekly/monthly to top their salaries. Abuja is promoting massive corruption and a lifestyle built on lies, deceits and looting.

Many of the things that happen in Nigeria are abnormal. Many people don’t know these things are abnormal. Many people also think it is alright because that is all they have seen or known all their lives-a nonsensical system where the law is almost useless. The laws of Nigeria, the Police in Nigeria and the courts in Nigeria are made for the further oppression of the oppressed and downtrodden.

A few people in government and in private establishment travel abroad regularly and return to Nigeria with the same slogan-“Nigeria is better than abroad”. They say these things to continue to keep their fellow citizens in bondage and everlasting physical darkness.

There is no magical dose that will solve Nigeria’s problems. If the right things are done today, Nigeria may need another 50 to 100 years to become a normal country. Remarkable things can happen in a decade though. Still and sadly the politicians are not willing to start the recovery plan because of their immediate gains, stupidities and their perception of Nigeria as an investment to be plunged and drained for their selfish interest and their children’s future. Who about the rest of us?

Only the ordinary people of Nigeria can save themselves from the vultures in Aso rock and across Nigeria. The unitary system of government brought this mess that continues to enrich a few and enslave the rest. People must demand for a change and the means to achieve that change must be pursued.

Rather than politics as usual, ordinary Nigerians need to be awaken to the benefits of true federalism or regional governments. There will be no magic dose to the problems of Nigeria but the way things are now, even with the emergence of a new mega political party (old wine in new skin), a violent collapse of Nigeria predicted to happen in 2015 will be a worse option.

(To be continued)

Things That Happen In Nigeria (Part 1)

By Adeola Aderounmu

I remember that sometime in the late 1990s I filled and submitted the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) form for employment in Nigeria. This is 2013 and no sane person in the Human Resources Department of the Federal Civil Service Commission of Nigeria has contacted me to inform me about the status of my application.

I would not be wrong to conclude that no one cares about my application since employment opportunities in Nigeria has been totally reduced to man-know-man and other unspeakable conditions. Unspeakable in the sense that nowadays you can be even employed in certain public and private institutions just like the same way people do “black jobs” in other climes. It is wickedness of the highest order if 30-70% of my income goes to a certain beneficiary because he/she helped me to secure a job.

On the homepage of the FCSC there are no available jobs and that would probably make your online application a ghost search. This is where the paper form becomes a gold search and your personal connection with top government officials a clear advantage.

This year (2013) you will need about N25 000 to collect the civil service application form for employment. This fee may not be an official requirement but since we are talking about Nigeria many idiotic things are deniable yet applicable. I can only imagine how many Nigerians have applied for employment into the Federal Ministries over the years.

In Nigeria unemployment is at a world record level. Around 90-100 million Nigerians are unemployed-that is ten times the total population of Sweden! More than 30 million of these people can be categorised as youth under 40 years of age. This is a large market for fraud (and other atrocities that have invaded Nigeria over the years) if you ask me. Just like in the cursed oil business in Nigeria, there is a likelihood of a cartel presiding over the direct embezzlement of the applications fees for the jobs that do not exist. Nigeria is a failed country I have no doubts.

One of the problems with Nigeria is that you don’t even know who is doing what. Nigeria has excessive administrative jargons which promote inefficiency and aid massive corruption and ineptitude. There is a man called Alhaji Bukar Goni Aji who is the head of the Civil Service of the Federation and there is a woman called Deaconess Joanna Ayo who is the chairman of the Federal Civil Service Commission.

They can now start to look at my application and let me know where I stand regarding my application submitted several years ago. In fact the Director Generals in the various Federal Ministries in Nigeria who are given 4-5 allocations of the application forms need to bury their heads in shame too. Not a single job is advertised today on the FCSC homepage!

But wait. Who talks about shame or crooks in Nigeria? Nonsense! Almost every civil servant and private employee in Nigeria will do whatever it takes to earn substantially above his/her income because of the unrealistic and useless wages approved by the corrupt federal and state governments in Nigeria. I mean who can live on N18 000 monthly in Nigeria? Is there any family in Nigeria that can live on N50 000 monthly? The latter would be still almost impossible if all the children are deprived of any form of education. Those who earn bigger still try to live above their incomes.

The systemic nepotism and corruption that has overtaken virtually everything and anything Nigerian has become an almost incurable spiral network that span from Aso Rock in Abuja to Igbogila where my grandfather lived and died several years ago. If you are not corrupt in Nigeria you are an endangered species.

Aso Rock in Nigeria is where all the monies from the four corners of Nigeria are supposed to be gathered before being re-distributed to every Dick, Tom and Harry that govern one way or the other in Nigeria. This type of government that creates a million loop holes is the most useless form of governance that I have seen in my life.

It must take nonentities to start and sustain such a system of governance. Posterity will neither forget nor forgive those who destroyed the Nigerian Federation and substituted it for the destructive unitary system. It must also take a great deal of indifference and careless followership to allow the reign of a useless and worthless system. My anger knows no bound.

A systemic destruction of the moral and social system in Nigeria and a parallel replacement with the business of trust in God and Allah rather than the entrustment of societal and ancestral values in capable hands have derailed and submerged Nigeria/Nigerians in what looks like an everlasting doldrums.

I’m never going to be able to calculate the amount of money that has been stolen from innocent and desperate applicants in the name of Civil Service Employment opportunities. The affected departments in Abuja should stop this exploitation and looting.

Once upon a time in Nigeria merit took the forefront when people were given jobs and responsibilities. We know how times have changed very badly for Nigeria. Today in Nigeria any useless or insane person and even a criminal can occupy any position in public service as long as the person is connected. Gone are the days when things were done correctly in Nigeria.

Federal character destroyed partly the merit system in Nigeria. An inexplicable affinity for sudden wealth and insatiable greed aggravated the situation. Tribalism and nepotism completed the destruction. In Nigeria today public trust is zero. The governments are not working. People do what they like and live recklessly. Life is not appreciated in Nigeria. In extreme situation, the people and the government bend the constitution/law to perpetrate their evils, in broad day light!

How can you change for better a system where everybody is looking suspiciously at the next person and over their shoulders? How can you change a system where people believed that their neighbours can be responsible for their misfortunes and bad luck? How can you change people who in these entire dilemma run between mosques, churches and fetish shrines while perpetrating all sorts of evils in offices, environs and homes?

Personally my mind has continued to jump between hope and hopelessness for Nigeria. I feel hopeful for the great minds that are produced in Nigeria. I feel hopeless because in public and private enterprises everybody becomes a vulture ravaging what is left of the national cake in the name of self-preservation. Nigeria is not working.

Since it appears that only a handful of people are genuinely interested in saving Nigeria, I have for the moment aligned my mind along the possibilities of the changes that may come with self-determination, national conferences, referendum or outright political re-structuring that will bring back regional governments. I will continue to argue that there will not be a magic formula for Nigeria (if she is to recover say in the next 50-100 years) but not even getting started along that recovery road remains a lingering sad situation.

3 Lebanese, 1 Briton, 1 British, 1 Greek, 1 Philippino and 1 Italian murdered in Terrorist- Occupied Northern Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina fi Biladis Sudan, otherwise known as JAMBS has claimed that it killed 7 foreigners kidnapped in Bauchi State Nigeria.

If the world was sleeping before now, maybe it is now awake.

If anyone was in doubt that Northern Nigeria is in the hands of terrorists, maybe that doubt has now been cleared.

You can tell that the system of government in Nigeria is a complete fraudulent system where money comes in from the oil region and is paid directly to the state governments. In some northern states, these monies have been used to sponsor terrorism: that was why Jonathan said that Boko Haram was in his government.

Now Boko Haram has a breakaway group even more deadly than Boko Haram.

Since the system of government and the nature of Nigerian politics are all about fraud and been irresponsible to the citizenry, it has been relatively easy for terrorists to establish themselves in northern Nigeria.

Nigeria is not working and those still clamoring for the continuity of Nigeria are either selfish or shallow minded. For example, I will not be able to associate myself with the terrorist-occupied Northern Nigeria. How then can I say that those terrorist and myself are from the same country? I forbid that.

I am a yorubaman and not a fellow citizen with the fools killing foreigners. They do not represent me and they are not close to my line of thoughts and way of life.

More importantly we now have a wake up call to their resolve Nigeria’s problems through the constitution and referendum or keep with the terror from the north and maladministration from the center. The 2 latter receipts are sure bets for violent disintegration of the British invention of 1914 called Nigeria.

So, Goodluck Jonathan’s visit shuts down Maiduguri!

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria’s ruler is visiting Borno State on Friday the 8th of March 2013 and it appears the state has shut down already.

Reports have it that the “entire” Nigerian security has been deplored to Borno State with high and tight security in place ahead of the president’s visit.

Residents are in panic and have piled up food and provision as it seems that there will be movement in Borno State on Friday.

In my opinion this is a very sad development from several perspectives.

This visit will not allow the ruler of Nigeria to see firsthand how the people of the states have lived under normal circumstances being murdered and decimated daily by terrorists (aka Boko Haram) and through government recklessness/maladministration.

Goodluck Jonathan may be visiting Borno State as a ghost town. Little wonder he said he can’t grant amnesty to ghosts. Of course he won’t see any terrorist during his visit because the state if shut down for his visit. If he is unlucky Boko Haram may disguise and blend in with his security men and do a great harm. A ghost town sometimes is more dangerous than the town of the living.

But trust the deceit of governments in Nigeria. They can rent a crowd at any time, t, and moment m. they can even bring the government-owned crowd from Abuja.

Does anyone remember the mad women and other people who demonstrated against Wole Soyinka recently? Some people in Nigeria are inexplicable useless and worthless, like the ones who organized and participated in the “rent a crowd” against Wole Soyinka after he took Patience Jonathan to the cleaners.

In any case, as per the matter at hand, would it have been out of place if Goodluck Jonathan paid an unannounced, unscheduled visit to Maiduguri?

That would have given him the opportunity to see a real life situation of life in Borno State.

This is a state that collects money from the Niger Delta oil revenue every month and yet provides no form of security for the people living in the state. Borno State doesn’t appear to be under the control of the Nigerian government. All types of terrorism network are fully established in Borno State. They come from far and near and settle in Borno. They are above the law and above the government of Borno. They have network across northern Nigeria.

In the past 2 years it is hard to know if a governor representing the Nigerian government exists in Borno State.

Suddenly the governor is giving a Friday-holiday. Why? What for?

The streets are already drying up of human and commercial activities. The holiday further makes it official that no one is expected to be on the streets when the ruler of Nigeria comes visiting.

How would Jonathan be able to access the real situation on ground after creating an artificial environment for his visit? I think, before his arrival, the purpose of the visit is defeated. For me a visit to a ghost town is useless. Why not visit the grave year instead?