Nigeria: Long Road To Happiness

By Adeola Aderounmu

Which Way Nigeria?

I may be going back to the days of shorter blog entries rather than long essays, or a mix of them depending on how time permits.

It’s hard (after more than 10 years on the blog) to keep writing the same thing about Nigeria. But l won’t give up.

The blog roll will continue.

It’s a long road to happiness for several millions of Nigerians. We must never forget even if we manage to escape the poverty or flee from it. There are souls down there yearning for life, yearning for freedom.

At the same time, the criminals spread over all strata of government continue to steal, loot and acquire wealth for themselves, their cronies and their family members.

the tragedy includes the fact that these criminals are our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends who the system has placed above the law. They are everywhere and we know their names but we allow them to enslave us, forever.

One of the biggest tragedies of this century, as l have always stated, is the nature of Nigerian politics and its consequences.

That system and the people running it must be uprooted and it seems that the only way forward will be when people of like minds finally break down the barriers of religion, tribal or ethnicity and understand that freedom has no colour or race. It is just a cause that must be pursued and fetched.

It’s a long road to happiness when only a few men and women can hold more than 150m others to ransom using politics as a weapon and the timidity of the populace as a leap into a lifetime of inpunity.

One day Nigerians will rise, and take back their country. It will happen.

The Cost Of Freedom (Part 2)

So, for how long will Nigerians suffer? How many generations of Nigeria would it take to break this heavy yoke so that freedom can be bought at last?

We must stop this system that puts more than 25 % of the nations wealth in the pockets of the lawmakers and the executives.

The Cost Of Freedom (Part 2)

By Adeola Aderounmu


As far as Nigeria is concern, anybody still thinking about political affiliations whilst trying to suggest the way forward or the solutions to the problems facing the country is insincere and a lover of mental slavery. Such ignorance is incurable.

Until we set our minds free, we will neither see nor comprehend the bigger images. The problems and issues facing Nigeria are boundless and the way out are definitely not within the wisdom of the politicians who are self-centered, selfish and extremely corrupt.

Majority of Nigerian politicians have no jobs or normal lives outside of politics. They have reached a terminal end for their hopes of survival. To them politics is all and everything. It is dangerous that the future of the country lies in the hands of such hopeless citizens.

Nigerian politicians, we must remind ourselves, do not have the interests of the people in their minds or hearts. They do not understand the meaning of public service. They only pretend they do intermittently perhaps to save their faces and jobs.

To them, politics is just the way to make money. It is a means to exploit the system and the rest of the population. They are possessed by evil that deafened them, such evil that continues to speak to their wicked souls that they should continue to steal and stash away money to the detriment of the general population. Nigerian politicians, through the years and by the nature of their persistent wickedness are like immortal zombies.

So, what will be the cost of freedom for Nigerians? What will be the cost of freedom for a people who have never experienced the real meaning of life? What will be the cost of redemption for a life currently lingering in absolute poverty and extreme hopelessness because of the choices of the wicked people that have ruled Nigeria?

Political power is transient even if the effects are life long as we have seen for more than 2 generations of post-independent Nigeria. It is sad and always disheartening that the statuses of poverty-stricken Nigerians is permanent. The urge to keep the status-quo is a life long mission for those who get to control Nigeria or part of it politically. Change is not imminent.

So, for how long will Nigerians suffer? How many generations of Nigeria would it take to break this heavy yoke so that freedom can be bought at last?

Nigeria needs a turning point.

APC is currently shouldering the future of Nigeria but it has not fare well. As at today we read that state governments in Nigeria are donating lands to the federal government for construction of houses. This is an abberation resulting from the faulty political system in Nigeria.

The various states in the country cannot develop without begging from the federal government. Wealth of regions are sent to the center and are partly looted and partly distributed back to the regions (states). It appears to be senseless.

Today, Lagos is at war of words with the federal government because Lagos cannot construct or build roads in Lagos state. It does not make sense. This system reduces the values of human reasoning.

APC must help Nigeria restructure and if this happens before the next general election, the future of Nigeria can be assured to be on the path to greatness again.

Indeed there are fears. There are anxieties and there are antagonists. But that which must be done, must be done. Why postpone the day of reckoning? It will come.

This unitary system must be abolished.

We know that those who have benefiited from the system are afraid of resetting Nigeria.

They will defend the status-quo and go to war if they must do. But they must be defeated so that Nigeria can be returned to the path of glory that she was on before the military coups of 1966.

We must stop this system that puts more than 25 % of the nations wealth in the pockets of the lawmakers and the executives. This system is not sustainable. It will continue to impoverish the people and it will mean an everlasting status of “underdevelop” for Nigeria for as long as the moon and the sun exist.

A few decades ago, we reached a point in Nigeria where what mattered are self-preservation, selfishness, wealth acquistion and expolitations of others and disservice to country.

We reached a point where to be corrupt and greedy became relative rather than forbidden. We reached a point and we thread further on it today that to become a politician invariably means to become a thief.

We accept that our fathers, our mothers, our sisters, our brothers, our sons and daughters can be criminals as long as they are not caught. We accept our sons as gangsters as long as they bring riches and stolen things home for our satisafaction.

We traded our lives and made inexplicable wealths the champion of our consciences. We lost the conscientious compass and allowed cruel animal instincts to dominate our judgements.

We could not find the ways back because we went too deep into anomalies. The politics was left for the politicians and we worshipped them based on how much they stole from us. We made them gods and destroyed the public institutions.

How Nigerians got to this low point will forever be a discourse of intellectual arguments. It is extremely sad and a super disgrace to the civilisation process of the African race.

It is this point of shame and disgrace that we need to depart from. The most obvious way is to reset the system and go back to regional government. It is not a magic swerve but the competitions for development between the regions will reduce corruption and promote accountability to the people. It will bring back the dignity of labour.

We cannot go on like this. If we do, many will die in abject poverty. Many more will be born into a world that knows no peace and tranquality. Several millions will live and die without any experience of joy, peace and stability. They will never know any form of quality existence and they will live in a rat race more dangerous that what it is now. The future will be bleak and the children unborn will curse the graves of the dead and fallen.

There is always a choice even if the road is hard, unpopular and uncommon. But if it will serve the common good on the long run, why not?

The APC Mandate: So Far, So Bad!


Even if the APC mandate meant well, the realities on ground in Nigeria really hurt. In the daily lives of the ordinary citizens, things continue to fall apart. Some groups like the pensioners have even disappeared from the radar of the government.

The APC Mandate: So Far, So Bad!

By Adeola Aderounmu


In about 2 months from now it will be one year since the APC mandate won the elections that brought it to power in Nigeria.

Unexpectedly the story has been very, very sad. So far, so bad!

I know the major arguments in favour of the APC mandate. For example we are quickly reminded that the Jonathan administration looted the treasury.

We are constantly reminded that change is gradual. We are also watching as Buhari is fighting corruption (that so far has excluded the massively corrupt APC-chieftains)

Even my close friends want me to appreciate the war on corruption albeit not perfect. I do. Ese pupo

In previous articles with the banner The APC Mandate, l have stated that there was nothing that was wrong with the Jonathan administration that the APC mandate wasn’t aware of before it took over the mandate of governance.

I have also argued that the APC mandate was aware of these problems before it promised Nigerians change.

I went further to state that considering the backdrop of the APC campaign machinery, APC politicians and tacticians ought to have taken all the challenges that they were about to face into consideration before embarking on a campaign, that now seems to be propaganda.

Today-10 months after winning a major victory at the polls-the APC central government is still mainly without direction.

Summarily, so far, the APC mandate is still a failure. It is just the way it is even if this is not what was intended.

The realities on ground in Nigeria really hurt. In the daily lives of the ordinary citizens, things continue to fall apart.

President Buhari has probably spent more time outside Nigeria than inside of it since he was pronounced the winner of the 2015 presidential election. It is now time to sit down at home and fix Nigeria.

If there is a time in Nigeria’s history when the people need empathy from the number one citizen, it is no other time than now when majority of the citizens are angry and hungry.

The level of hunger and the feeling of insufficiency in Nigeria today are unprecedented in the annals of the country.

We know that change is gradual. We know that monies were looted by Jonathan and his cronies. Who does not know that the looting had been across board since 1960?

No, we were not expecting a miracle from the APC mandate. But no one told us that things will be worse than they were 10 months ago. What did we miss when the APC took to the campaign trails?

Nigerians need to buckle up.

Crime rate may surge in the coming days. People have reached the end of the ropes and tolerance levels have reached an all time low.

The ordinary people are going about with rage, anger and huge disappointment on their faces. They are asking: is this the change?

Frustrations have reached a new high in Nigeria.

By now, it is common knowledge that petrol disappeared from the gas stations. There are more pumps in the black market than at the petrol stations. It shows how bad the government has been in managing patriotism and citizens’ roles in nation building.

The supremacy of the black market in different economic interplay speaks volume of the citizens’ non-adoption of the APC anticorruption struggle. It reflects clearly the rejection of the change slogan. This is simply failure of institutions of governance.

A few weeks ago l wrote an essay titled: We Can’t Go On Like This. I can understand when APC loyalists were quick to run to the defence of their lords. Again reality is what matters to me and today the situation has gone from bad to worse regarding the prices/costs of goods and services.

What worries me is that things are getting worse and l am yet to encounter a national, clear, easy to understand blueprint, known to all citizens on how the APC mandate intends to get Nigerians out of this mess that it inherited and bloated.

Former president, Mr. Jonathan blamed his ineptitude on previous administration before him and wasted 6 years of our lives while he and his cronies emptied the treasure monthly.

The APC mandate is blaming Jonathan and already wasting the remaining days of our lives. Unacceptable! Nonsense and ingredients!

Meanwhile workers cannot go to work everyday. They have to select the days they go to work because of the cost and difficulties of getting to work.

Students of tertiary institutions have expended their pocket monies and have to adopt on-off formulas of attending schools.

What about power supply lately? How many times have we complained about blackout? It is now worse.

I don’t understand why NEPA will be allowed to increase the tariff for electricity when power supply has not improved? It is only in Nigeria that this type of indefensible criminality of government is perpetrated against the people.

How come the APC mandate did not know that there is a need to upgrade infrastructure in the power sector. Was that not already a common knowledge?

Some of us know that the upgrade of infrastructure will definitely take years and when that is done, power supply can be improved. It is at that point that the consumers can be asked to pay more.

Now Nigerians are paying more for darkness.

You don’t have a bakery in your house but you get a bill of N10000 and electricity is not even supplied! The APC mandate is definitely perpetrating citizen defrauding.

Whose plight is not worsened since the last 10 months? Is it the pensioners who have disappeared from the radar of the APC mandate? They are not even paid any longer. Is it the unemployed whose hopes of jobs have faded into oblivion with the mass emigration of companies from Nigeria?

Civil servants now receive salaries sporadically. The calender dates are inconsequential. Yet the government continues to devise several ways to tax and impoverish the people. It is shocking!

Politicians don’t feel the problems or they pretend not to see at all which is why a fool will conclude that those complaining about the problems in Nigeria are PDP loyalists.

The wahala that continued to brew at the Senate is a discussion for another day. But it is sad that criminals occupy such positions in government. Now they hide under imported religions to tell us that women are slaves in Nigeria and cannot be equal to men.

Whatever happens, the APC mandate owes Nigeria good governance and improvement in living conditions.

The APC mandate owes Nigeria a lasting political solution.

By all means, the APC must begin to discuss how to move the different states in the country away from their parasitic existences. We need a debate on how the country can move forward and regional government and self-determination must be on the table.

There were so many promises that came with the campaigns in terms of what ordinary people will benefit.

Days have turned to months and months will soon add up to a year. If things do not improve, the APC mandate should at least prevent them from getting worse. That much the APC-mandate owes Nigeria.

Nigeria is in dire need of leaders and leadership.

We cannot go on like this..!








The Broken And The Unbroken


The Unbroken have destroyed the Broken in different ways. The rules are now largely unwritten.

To Nigeria, my first love.

Adeola Aderounmu


One of my friends wrote something on his social network page recently. He wrote: the more things change the more they stay the same.

Charles Adagbon my friend was reacting to some aspects of the budget proposed by the Buhari-APC mandate for 2016.

The Unbroken in history remains those who are on the sides of the oppressors. They are also the oppressors. They have used many instruments and propaganda mechanisms to create and sustain a system that puts them above the oppressed, the people.

As hard at it may seems, Nigeria is a micro-representation of the persistence of both mental and factual slavery. If taken even more broadly Nigeria is a classical society where all the instruments of mental slavery have become deep-rooted as a result of several centuries of acceptance of lies and fallacies.

The situation in Nigeria has become extremely very complicated because the majority of the emerging generations were never exposed to a life of truth or justice. They neither ask questions nor seek the truth.

At this moment you have an accumulation of different aggregates. The most aggresive and the most vocal have a collective mentality that is deformed or permanently obscured if not damaged.

No apologies writing the truth. Lies have been told for centuries and they have become the truth for the people, even globally. Nigeria is of concern because it remains my first love. My heart never departed from Nigeria.

Now, for more than half of a century the handlers of Nigeria who took over directly from the colonialists have perfected the acts and practise of mental slavery.

Rather then freeing their people by telling the truth and promoting social justice, they chose to develop more along the line of oppressing the masses. They sustained the global stratified-system created many centruries ago.

The handlers of Nigeria belong to the category of evil rulers of the world. They are the Unbroken. They have done all that is necessary on their parts to sustain the lies and instruments of governance that keeps the people as both the slaves and the needy.

While promising the promise land since 1960, Nigerian politicians have continued to steal, loot and accumulate wealth for themselves, their families and even generations unborn. These are typical traits of the Unbroken.

The takeover from the colonialists was a perfect transmission that could not have been better in the eyes of the colonialists themselves.

Along with the highly-ranked military officers, the Nigerian politicians represent the elites in Nigeria. The ring is expanded when accomplices from the population pool are co-opted and given the means to wealth-an ageless and timeless instrument of oppression.

With propaganda that are well enforced even before 1960 the ordinary Nigerians continue to wait, generation after generation, for the promise land. When lies become permanent, history has it that they become acccepted as the truth by the majority.

Uncountable writers and social commentators have lamented the roles of religion in the institutionalisation of slavery in Nigeria. But the truth is now hard to accept because majority of the people have lost their senses of freedom and reasoning.

Therefore, religion thrives side by side of poverty and vices too numerous to mention. The people who practise religion in Nigeria are the same people who practice the vices. Still, it is impossible for our people to see and understand that the truth is hidden from them.

Some are afraid of learning about history because they think that history is highly distorted.

But the distorted parts of history is what led us to where we are today especially on the African continent which used to be home also to substantial part of the the present day Middle East.

If the original Ancient Egypt is sincerely reconstructed, there will be remarkable peace and understanding on earth as early as tomorrow.

Justice and emancipation will follow because veils and robes will drop and senses will be used rather than emotions attached to faiths and fictitious heroic figures.

But the Unbroken will never allow that. The world order will not allow the Broken to be totally free.

They have killed for it- through Christianity, Islam, crusades and slavery. They will do so again. Fear is one of the secrets behind the success of slavery and all forms of invented religions.

One of the difficulties I faced putting this essay together was limiting myself to Nigeria, my first love. This is because the problems in Nigeria as local as they appear have antecedents that transcend Nigeria.

In my view these problems are not far from the reasons why the African population in America are decimated everyday or why poverty in the African population in America is on the same level of tragedy as the poverty in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

The common enemy is the Unbroken occuring in different shades and degrees in different places around the world.  So, invariably it is complicated. My swing here and there is deliberate, because sometimes people think I blend issues. But my head is clear about where I am coming from on this matter.

But some people will understand these words written here beyond this point. I free myself of the obligation of being explicitly understood.

Coming back to Nigeria again, the Unbroken do not only keep its rank, it also find willing tools easily nowadays. The recruitment process has become automated. It works in many ways.

For example, through the creation of what is known as political parties, the Unbroken have automated the process of willing slaves.

There are people in Nigeria who will lay their lives for their political parties despite the fact that the politicians are the same category of people-oppressors and representatives of the slave masters. Go figure..!

Another process of automation is the escape-from-poverty syndrome. Our people have had their existences reduced to mere survival. Therefore the Unbroken have made a thin divide between themselves and the Broken.

A broken Nigerian becomes Unbroken as soon as he emerges above that thin line. He has been trained as a fighter all his lives. This is why there is no difference between a successful civil servant or corporate worker and a successful criminal in Nigeria.

Wealth and a sense of doing-well bring Nigerians into the Unbroken category. No further questions are asked about wealth. It does not even have to be created. Have you heard about get rich or die trying?

The meaning of life is lost since the mentalities of the people have been permanently destroyed by the existence given to them by the Unbroken and the institutions of the Unbroken in which religion plays a psyche role.

There are other ways the Unbroken have destroyed the Broken. The rules are now unwritten. Physical slavery has longed been transformed to mental slavery.

This is where we are and this is the mountain we try to surmount when we tell the people that the enemy is a common numerator. The rest of us have been splitted into different denominators.

It is a sad situation for Nigeria.

That is why in the words of my friend, the more things change the more they stay the same. Staying the same is the aim of the Unbroken. It is in tune with their mission. We the oppressors can change, but the people we oppress must stay the same.

Is there a way out?

One of the questions we face as commentators is what are you going to do about it?

Adeola Aderounmu will keep writing about these things. The truth is worth dying for. I don’t know about the others because l have seen many people crosssed from the Broken to the Unbroken in the years that l have been on this side of the divide.

I will stand with the Broken Nigerians all the days of my life no matter how comfortable l become and no matter where l am.

The Broken have always lost the battle since time immemorial sometimes through outright massacres. They continue to lose their voices because of the crossover of those who they think were with them.

Why do you think they say, if you cannot beat them, you join them?

There are many slogans and even games that have been used to sustain this global madness.

On historical accounts, the cost of freedom throughout civilisation remains high. The most fundamental ingredient of freedom is the people staying on the same side and fighting the common enemy and the institutions of oppression.

Sadly too, history has massive records of betrayals and deceits.


At War With Ourselves

The importance of a lasting political solution can never, never be over-emphasized.

At War With Ourselves

By Adeola Aderounmu


Adeola Aderounmu

Adeola Aderounmu

Our lives remain a struggle of different shades. In Nigeria we need a massive overdose of peace.

Each day still comes with its own struggles and puzzles, and whilst we try to live or make a way, we are sometimes confronted by violent assaults from fellow citizens as if the endless non-violent assaults from the political class are not enough.

When tens of robbers decided to storm Agbara in Ogun State 2 weeks ago (week 47), they were not joking. They made a statement of fact. They are at war with the society. After 90 minutes they  made away with millions of naira.

The robbers did not leave until they have inflicted sorrows and tears by also drawing the blood of some the innocent people around. There are diverse reports on the numbers of people slaughtered during the 90 minutes long operations.

Some policemen working in the Estate/ at the bank lost their lives and some bank customers were either shot dead or injured.

The official police response at the time of the robbery must have been extremely late considering that the robbers took their time, a time long enough to watch a football match. Even if the police took a flight from Abuja when the robbery started, they could still have met the robbers and foiled the operations before the robbers got away.

They got away in style. They shot at people at a nearby market killing a market woman in the process and they blew up a car. The language of war was clear and unmistaken.

This particular robbery by a gang that may have numbered 40 is the latest in the series of aggravated assaults on Western Nigeria. In Lagos State for example, the crime rate has soared significantly, especially since the emergence of Mr. Ambode as the governor of Lagos State.

A lot of things have gone worse in Nigeria generally especially since the emergence of the new dispensation at the center. The gaps and lapses since the month of May have exposed one of the ills of the system of governance in Nigeria. It is rather apppalling that Nigeria goes on recess every 4 years after the elections; a recess that usually means that things usually go from bad to worse.

But now that the federal executives have emerged and with the state executives also in place across Nigeria, a lot of people are looking forward to improvements, at least to the levels things were before the downward spiral. Things were already bad enough, why should they always get worse?

The organised criminal act perpetrated in Agbara was not an isolated occurence. In Festac Town, a similar rambo-style robbery was unleashed on the banks recently. It is time for the banks in Western Nigeria to invest more in the security of their staff and customers.

The ambulance response and the way people flooded the crime scenes after the bank robbery is a note for another day. It was just too awful to behold the non-response to crimes and the violations of crime scenes by onlookers and passers-by.

[The police were later reported to have arrested and killed the gang leader and other robbers who participated in the Agbara robbery]

There are constant sources of worries in Nigeria. The wars are many.

It is when you step into one of them consciously or unconsciously that you’ll know how that heart attack kills just as easily as a gun shot.

Growing up and living in Nigeria has already created the automated and life-time sources of worries. Invariably, struggling for common things like water, transportation and even education is a way of life. It is disheartening.

We are constantly at different types of war, it all depends on how you see life.

Some wars are too obvious you cannot miss them.

The war with Boko Haram is official.

Despite several claims that the sponsors are known, the group remains largely faceless. Recently, the Nigerian government published the pictures of people wanted in connection to the sect. Aside that, no one knows how the pictures were obtained or the stories/history of the accused.

Intelligence collection?

While some say that the group was formed by the Northern elites in an attempt to seize power from the South, others continue to finger the international community as flamers of the war in Northern Nigeria. The North did get back power and the terrorists got more brutal. Is it a case of a machine or robot out of control?

Irrespective of the speculations or the conspirations, Boko Haram has decimated the population of North-Eastern Nigeria and it has sent many people to their graves too early.

Millions OF PEOPLE are displaced within and around Nigeria.

The group is at war with Nigeria and it is shameful and ridiculous that they continue to embarass the Nigerian intelligence agency and the Nigerian military.

I think Boko Haram will last for as long as the rulers of Nigeria sees the decimation of Boko Haram as an attack on Nigeria.

The truth is, in this Boko Harm war, unless the funding of Boko Haram is cut away by arresting and prosecuting the local sponsors, or exposing the international ring if that be the case, the group will continue to re-organise and carry out attacks.

It is becoming obvious that the APC just like the PDP are denying the truths of the matter and they continue to play politics with the lives of the people. In the face of deceit, the war will thrive.

It is in view of this that the recent upsurge of the Biafra struggle is also worrying. Now there are claims again of external and internal sponsors for the biafran proponents. Both may be correct.

Africa continues to hold most of the world’s wealth beneath her soil. Stability in Africa will make her emerge as a powerful continent. So definitely the enemies of Africa posing as friends do not want peace on the continent.

But what do Africans want for themselves? Peace or war? Greed or common good of all?

This brings me to the point of the non-violent wars whose consequences unfortunately are physical wars and violence around Nigeria.

By organising corruption, greed and a non-functional system of government the Nigerian politicians have continuously remain in war with the rest of the society.

By some inexplicable means, one generation after the other continue to toe the line of non-functional methods of governance. The greed in people deafened them when it is their chance to effect a change.

In Nigeria’s classical example, the politicians are the same even though they want the people to believe that the political parties count. Since the demise of the UPN, NPN, and the likes of the GNPP, political parties in Nigeria have simply become a group of birds of the same feather in different nests.

What is likely now is that Boko Haram may outlive the Buhari administration the same way it outlived the Jonathan government. This is so because the deadline given by the APC to defeat Boko Haram has expired.

Boko Haram, Biafra proponents, and even the Oodua Republic will outlive the Buhari government the same way they have (under different names and agitations) outlived the different governments over the years.

Nigerians have neglected the voices of reasons that a lasting political solution is imminent for Nigeria. The British formula will not hold water forever.

No one has told us what is wrong with regional system of government. It was amazing for Nigeria whilst it lasted until the regimes became intoxicated with the oil wealth of the Niger Delta.

There are indeed no perfect ways forward for Nigeria but the dirts have been under the carpets for more than 55 years. It’s time to start cleaning and talking.

Once the Nigerian people decide on putting the right amount of pressure on its political class, they’ll be able to force constructive debates and consequently a referedum to decide the political future of the country put together in 1914 for the benefit of Britain and the Western world.

A functional political structure and a working society will reduce the crime rate drastically. It will go a long way to address unemployment issues and tackle many of the societal ills that continue to put Nigeria permanently on the edge.

One hopes that the political class does not take the war, increasing uprisings and agitations with kid gloves any longer. Drastic situations require drastic solutions.

The surest thing in the future is that one day under a certain generation, that political solution which we keep avoiding will stare at people in their faces as the only way forward.

If it is not too late, it will become the only alternative to war.

Life, Still A Passage

Just 2 weeks ago, (actually 3 weeks) l wrote: death either abroad or at home appears to be the only leveler between the corrupt and the saints, the rich and the poor. Life will remain a passage and only fools don’t see the vanity of primitive accumulations.


Life, Still A Passage


By Adeola Aderounmu

I have made references to my essay ”A Passage Called Life” on several occasions. The essay was first published in the Nigerian Village Square on November 7, 2007.

At that time Ms. Bunmi Etteh was already brushed aside as the speaker in the Nigerian House of Representatives.  One Aminu Safana had also suddenly kicked the bucket.

In that 2007 episode l wrote about the recommendations of the Japanese.

I don’t remember where l got it from but the Japanese gave only 3 recommendations for a fulfilling life. These recommendations are 1. Have children 2. Write a book and 3 . Plant a tree.

I wish l knew where l got this from but it does not matter now. I can make my own inferences.

I remember also an ex-colleague of mine who told me that he was no longer afraid to die. When I asked him what he meant, he said now he has a child and all his fears are gone.

The meaning of the expression is deep and l leave it to my readers,the fathers and mothers out there to interprete.

For my ex-colleague, his thoughts may be in line with what the Japanese inferred.

Can everybody write a book? It depends on how you look at it. I think what will be relevant here it to tell our stories. Ideology and traditions have been sustained even in the absence of books. We can tell our stories and the custodians of history can write them for us.

Since we want our stories to be beneficial to mankind or humanity, we want it to contain good deeds.

It will be hard to read the minds of the Japanese but l do hope they realise the imperfection of mankind.

Not all of us will have children especially now that biological rules have been rewritten. We will not all plant trees because we depend on some institutions in the society to do so on our behalf.

Our stories will be our books if we write them. If we don’t, still we should not fail to share them with those we love and trust.

Then, just 2 weeks ago, l wrote an essay (108 Modern Hospitals Now) and in the conclusion l stated that death either abroad or at home appears to be the only leveler between the corrupt and the saints, the rich and the poor.

Life will remain a passage and only fools don’t see the vanity of primitive accumulations.

In the recent essay l threw a challenge to the government of Nigeria and the politicians as the custodians of our commonwealth. It was my response to the death of Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and all the Nigerian politicians who want to go abroad to die.

Why not build hospitals for yourselves and the citizens of Nigeria?

Nigerian criminal politicians and in fact all greedy and selfish people need to be told (because they do not appear to know) that life is transient and nothing last forever.

Was it Akon who sang and mentioned that tomorrow is not guaranteed?

Whilst the poor people and the masses are still clamouring for the dividends of democracy 16 years on, some fools are already scheming for the 2019 elections.

This means that they are already looting and stealing monies in small and big amounts from different corners of the country and piling them up to execute the 2019 elections.

At the same time, they-the politicians continue to earn undeserved wages, award themselves contracts and buy houses from Dubai to the US, from Britain to the Carribean.

The tradition of the Nigerian politicians since the exit of the colonial thugs remain to suppress the people and continue to impoverish them. To an extremely large and unbelievable extent they have succeeded.

Hence no matter how we have preached about the need and importance of good governance, the priority remains their selfish gains and how to make their families and friends wealthy.

It was not a good omen when people jubilated in the streets in those days when dictators or crook politicians died.

Nowadays the jubilation is on the social media. Invariably the majority of Nigerians wish that many of the politicians could drop dead one after the other.

So far, many have dropped dead actually. There is no pity here because like l mentioned in 108 Hospitals Now, we have all lost some of our loved ones due to the recklessness of governance and disorderliness in the society.

Nigeria is on rampage daily.

But our political problems are not solved by death at home and abroad because the spread of wickedness and insensitivity are still irredeemable in the souls of the conquerors of Nigeria.

Today the conquerors are the men and women parading themselves in APC and PDP folds.

I have come to the conclusion that the APC and the PDP are birds of the same feather in different nests.

Fot them there are no lessons to be learnt about the transiency of life. No lessons are learnt from history.

Nigerian politicians do not give a damn. As long as there is yam, they are glad to remain the goats until they drop dead, whichever way.

So once again, as Nigerians continue with their daily struggles looking for food and water to put on the table, one hopes that sense will prevail and that gradually Nigeria will move towards finding a lasting solution to the problems plaguing country.

Not least is the political solution that is even now more urgent.

If a man participated in an election in the morning and dropped dead in the afternoon, then it is not just tomorrow that is not guaranteed but also the rest of today

Life will remain a passage. We are all here, only for a while.

Nobody leaves this planet alive. Live and lets live..!


The JETS Club, We Were Members!

In this jet age and in the JETS CLUB, they don’t sell jets, they fly them! Moreover when the king’s house is burnt, the new one becomes even more beautiful.

The Jets Club, We Were Members!

By Adeola Aderounmu

I remember many things from my days as a child and as a young boy growing up in the city of Lagos. I remember many things from my school days as well. At school we had a group called the Science Club. I was a member of that group from my early days in secondary school. So l had the opportunity (a few times) to interact with my seniors and l look up to them.

Attending the Science Club meetings every Wednesday after school was also a way to introduce myself early to my future science teachers. Some of them stayed long enough in the profession to see me off my school days. Many of them left somewhere along the time. The global movement of teachers remains a syndrome to this day and is a point of discussion for another day.


Later on the science club did not exist anymore. The nomenclature became JUNIOR ENGINEERS TECHNICIANS AND SCIENTISTS CLUB-JETS for short.

Suddenly the hall became full every Wednesday when we had extra-curricula activities. I was now one of the senior students and the turn outs were massive from both the junior and senior classes. The new name-JETS was so captivating that everybody wanted to belong there-to the club.

So this week l read about president Buhari and the APC government still hanging on to the JETS bought by Jonathan and the PDP. Who no like jets? Why should Buhari sell the jets?

The other day vice-president Osinbajo went to Kogi state to support one of the most corrupt Nigerians alive-Abubakar Audu-in his bid to become the governor of Kogi state. Did we expect him to trek to Kogi ni? He has to fly in the corruption ballon called presidential jet in order to get to Kogi now. Abi?

How else can you support corruption if you are not dwelling or flying in corruption? Abeg o, naija people, join the JETS CLUB.

How many times have Mr. Obasanjo and Mr. Jonathan visited their friend President Buhari in Aso rock? Do you want them to trek back and forth? Nigeria needs even more presidential jets to fly all the corrupt ex-presidents and all the former and serving corrupt ministers and government official. Why is this hard to understand? Please stop complaining.

Leave the science club and join the jets club o jare, please!

Let APC fly!

Can’t you see that the presidential air fleet is the Nigerian national carrier? Book your tickets online or get connected to the Aso rock villa. Abi?

So you want Buhari to sell the jets? Really? How else can the Buhari government and the APC family fraternise with one another and the corrupt elites in Nigeria? Do you want them on our dangerous roads? We don’t even have a reliable railway line yet.

Did you think that all the overnight trains and railways commissioned by Mr. Jonathan were real? Ask Dr. Okupe for more information. You actually think your rulers are ok?

How did you think the Abacha family got to Aso rock in 2015? Did you think they trek like the refugees? They are not internally displaced people now?

Get it now, Buhari and the APC need the several jets to fly the likes of Abacha’s family in-and-out of Aso rock for dinner, prayer and merry making. Who no like jets?

Ask you minister of transport Rotimi Amaechi what he went through when his cousin from the Niger Delta Goodluck Jonathan grounded his (or maybe it was Rivers State) governor’s jets. It was like his world was turned upside down!

So now as the transport minister, Nigerians wants Mr. Amaechi and his boss Mr. Buhari to sell the jets? In this jet age and in the JETS CLUB, they don’t sell jets, they fly them!

Amaechi will now mock Jonathan in a thousand ways. He will fly around in jets as the minister of transport. He needs many of them just to show Jonathan that when the king’s house is burnt, the new one becomes more beautiful.Ha ha ! The JETS CLUB.

How many times has president Buhari attended events outside of Nigeria? Many, many times of course. If the tempo is maintained he will break Obasanjo’s record and make Jonathan’s flying habit a child’s play. Then you want him to sell the jets. Seriously?

President Buhari needs one jet per day for his trips. He will change them like l change my underwears. Each time has to the different from the previous one. Sell Jets? Sell fire. Abeg carry go, bad market!

Nigerians should praise this APC and Buhari government abeg. Before Emperor Jonathan was deposed, there were plans to buy more presidential jets. It was already in the budget. So if Buhari has not bought any new jets, he has saved money for Nigeria.

Under Jonathan, and probably now sef, the number of Nigerians belonging to the JETS CLUB was used to measure our national wealth and economic growth. As l remember now, l’m wondering, how did all these coconut heads become rulers of Nigeria?

Am l supposed to cry or laugh remembering that Jonathan said Nigerians are not poor because more Nigerians own private jets. To even remember the paperwork that Mrs Iweala did in order to deceive Nigerians and the world on the status of Nigeria’s economy is more disheartening. These people are not normal.

Who can forget the acknowledgements that the various African countries accorded to Nigerian diplomats and government entourage. In Nigeria there is no electricity to boost the standard of living or employment situation but the low thinking politicians continue to fly around Africa and the world in jets. No greater shame!

But for the APC and the Buhari intervention, it appears that Jonathan’s white elephant goal was that every household in Nigeria will own a jet. They already started with the ministers, their wives and husbands and their children.

The social media connected to Nigeria celebrates the looting of the Nigerian treasuries by the politicians by ways of writing and publishing images of ministers and their families flying in jets while the rest of us can trek or go to hell.

The cost of service under Mr. Buhari and the APC mandate? Was it 6 billion naira already? So how much will this corrupt government spend on jets before the end of the year? Before the end of the APC mandate?

If this wasteful government does not know how many homeless or poor people that could have be housed or taken off the streets by 6 billion naira, they should please employ Lateef Jakande immediately.

Since this government does not believe in the youth, they will need an old reliable hand like Lateef Jakande. They need him for the UPN blueprint on housing for all in western Nigeria. How many Jakande type of low cost hosuing estate can be erected with 6 billion naira?

How many junior civil servants who have no access to looting or organised crimes could have been made happier and healthier with 6 billion naira housing estate? Don’t ask google. Ask Jakande!

Anyway, in Nigeria that attitude of putting political party before sense, political party before reasoning remains constant. Therefore the government of APC with president Buhari and Mr. Osinbajo as the flag-bearers are not seeing the nonsense that they have been involved with lately.

Vice-president Osinbajo was in in Kogi to support corruption. What the APC should have done in this era of their stillbirth change is to at least struggle to present a new candidate in Kogi. They did not. They went ahead to fly corruption. It is amazing and very shocking. It is so disgusting one could throw up on the faces on all pro-APC ranters!

President Buhari is still living behind time, mostly showing insensitivity to current issues. He needs to be schooled and updated by his media team and advisers how the majority of Nigerians feel and their expectactions from him.

He must be able to leave the years of tyranny behind as the citizens try to forget the wounds of the military years which he contributed in inflicting.

lt was also an insult and a spite to the families of those murdered by Abacha and to the rest of us who (almost) gave our lives so that democracy can survive in Nigeria. Some people paid the ultimate price in the fight to wrestle tyranny under the watch of Abacha.

As for the JETS CLUB at Festac Grammar School, l wonder what happened to it especially when the 6-3-3-4 system that came behind us crashed with the same speed as it arrived.

What did not crash in Nigeria? Health care? Housing? Basic infrastructure?

I know what didn’t crash.

The sustenance of the Nigerian president air fleet did not crash. Not under Jonathan, not yet under Buhari.

Who cares about the revival of the Nigerian Airways? In Nigeria, there is a flying JETS CLUB.

In Africa we have the giant, the Ethiopia Airline, in whom we trust!