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Wanted: A New Definition For Breaking News

By Adeola Aderounmu

I think it is time humans define or redefine the true meaning of breaking news.

For example, I don’t see how a bomb blast in some Middles East countries in 2012 or 2013 qualifies as breaking news. I have heard about that for several years.

I don’t see how the crises in the Middle East qualifies for breaking news alert on my windows mobile. I get so annoyed and irritated that I felt like erasing the alert.

How can bomb blast in Northern Nigeria be a breaking news?

How does school shooting in America qualifies for a breaking news when it is going to happen again?

In my opinion, some news and incidents are so stale and human-induced that they should be re-classified under REGULAR NEWS.

Breaking news should be left entirely to new or revolutionary concepts or information. Indeed one may be quick to add that there is nothing new under the sun. Still I feel that some news are received with calm, indifference and insensitivity that they should never make the breaking news headline anymore.

I can’t remember the last time I felt anything about bomb blasts in the Middle East or a gun massacre in America.

Seriosuly, we need to redefine what is breaking about a news material!

Mobile Phone and Consumers’ Trend in Sweden

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigerians love Blackberry. In 2010 when I was using my IPhone in Nigeria, it was not a fancy possession like the Blackberry phone.

A recent survey in Sweden shows a contrary trend. Blackberry is almost absent in the Swedish mobile markets. I mean you can find them in the stores but I can’t remember any advert where Blackberry has been shown on TV or billboards.

HTC, Samsung and IPhones are the dominant smartphones in Sweden. I hope Nigerians will understand that what they fancy is completely different from what swedes fancy.

I am just wondering if Balckberry has any ambition to penetrate the Swedish “crazy love for phone” market.

The most popular phones in Sweden are:

1 Apple   IPhone 4S
2 Samsung   Galaxy S2
3 HTC   Explorer
4 Samsung   Galaxy ace
5 Sony   Ericsson Xperia Ray
6 HTC   Wildfire s
7 Samsung   Galaxy note
8 Sony   Ericsson Xperia arc
9 Sony   Ericsson Xperia active
10 Samsung   Galaxy Xcover


Source: Metro Sweden 16-Feb 2012


You can see that Blackberry did not even make the 10-list.

It is possible that it will not even make the 50-list. That is how unpopular Blackberry is in Sweden.

Nokia, Made in Finland, is not even on the list of the 10 most popular smartphone in Sweden.

Nokia came out with a series of smartphones recently and maybe they will be able to turn the table around again at the end of this year. But it doesn’t look likely.


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