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The killing of Chris McManus and Franco Lamolinara: Boko Haram and a Country on perpetual brink

By Adeola Aderounmu

Boko Haram the terrorist organization that has vowed to force Islamic rule in Nigeria have slain Chris McManus (a Briton) and Franco Lamolinara (an Italian).

British Special forces entered Nigeria and headed for Sokoto State in an attempt to free the hostages. The captives died in the failed rescue operation.

This sad development brings to mind a lot of details and underlines the serious fragility of Nigeria. Doubts about Nigeria being among the growing failed countries in the world has longed been removed due to the uncontrollable spate of violence and terror war in Northern Nigeria.

This is in addition to the extreme poverty among over 100m people despite the wealth and potentials of the geographical area called Nigeria.

That British Force can operate in Nigeria is definitely a sign that Nigeria is a “forgone” country. No one needs further confirmation that those who rule in Nigeria are incompetent fools. From the presidency to the local governments, Nigerians have fools in power.
More than 50 years of gross and unhindered mismanagement means that a country founded on false foundations by the British took a fast track from grace to grass.

Nigeria is one of the worst places to live on earth. Before anyone finishes reading this essay billions of dollars would have looted from the treasury and the thieves who called themselves politicians and law makers will walk free after committing such crimes against humanity.

Upon the fact that Nigeria was borne out of the maliciousness of the British is the undeniable truth that Nigerians has been in the hands of fraudsters since 1960 and one of the viable options is to release the nations within Nigeria and allow them to go, and define how they want to exist.

The American prediction that Nigeria will disintegrate by 2015 will likely come true. If it doesn’t, the situation in Nigeria today will surely be worse off. Nigerians and Nigeria are not united and therefore the country has no real development strengths.

Nigeria is kept together for the benefits of the few corrupt and arrogant politicians. It has also been kept one for the benefit of the imperialists. In this new rave of terror, it appears everyone is a loser both the keepers and the imperialists.

The wave of terror has escalated under the incompetent Jonathan administration. In the history of Nigeria, Mr. Jonathan is the most clueless pretender to the throne. He is probably the most disorientated ruler in Africa today. He leads a pack of evil people in the PDP government.

Everything in the Nigerian political circle is about money, riches, contracts, houses, foreign trips, looting, senseless discussions and unbelievable display of stupidity. Nigerian politics is one of the biggest jokes known to mankind.

The politicians have been criticized but they wax stronger and get deeper in corruption. They steal money and they are doing so now.
Oil contracts and oil deals in general are a huge joke for a country with one of the largest reserves in the world, yet an importer of fake petroleum products. The lowest point of any human intelligence is displayed in policy making in Nigeria. When you scroll through the political decisions that are made in Nigeria, you will weep.

I will never understand why Nigeria imports petroleum products. Presumably I will pin it on the madness or stupidity of a person/ group of persons that has rubbed off the intellectual capacity of the remaining 160m people. It is an incomparable tragic occurrence-as well as-an inexplicable expression of dumbness of the highest order.

In short governance in Nigeria is rubbish and it has taken its toll on all aspects of the Nigerian life, from education to health, to whatever you want to name.

The culmination is the terror war in Northern Nigeria that has the potential to spread to every part of the country. MEND in Southern Nigeria is still another terror organization that has the same potential as Boko Haram. The endless riots and forever present mutilations and killings in Jos are swept under the carpet, but they exist even as you read this.

If the British Forces must enter Nigeria to save her citizens, does it mean that Nigerian Special forces can enter Britain to save Nigerians? The answer is No! This means Nigeria does not exist. This means that it is only a matter of historical time before the nations in Nigeria find their ways.

At that time it will not be EUREKA because break up might represent the way forward but definitely not the answers to regional political questions and upheavals that will follow.

I don’t know what or who will lead the African race to her promise land. A lot of things have gone wrong and I have not so many clues on all that needs to be done to change the mentalities of the African men and women as to the significance/ relevance of good governance.

Democracy in Nigeria is an additional curse because of how it has been practiced. It has not worked. So definitely there is more to understanding how democracy can lead to fulfillments that what is portrayed in Nigeria. Nigeria of course has no democracy because of the way the elections are rigged and predetermined.

The judiciary is dead and the people are disorientated. In general in Nigeria the rule of men is above the rule of the law. That is why there are several untouchables and that is why looting is not a punishable offence even after the veil of immunity is removed.

So we have a long way to go after the prediction of 2015 has come to past.

This essay has gone random since the second paragraph. I have repeated what I have been writing about since 2007. But I really feel sorry for the families of the two dead foreigners. They had waited and hoped for almost one year. The waiting, very sadly, ended in vain.

The losses are irreparable because death is the end of all things. But these were avoidable. A lot of chain reactions were set in place and the rescue operation did not achieve its target. Lessons will be learned and history has been re-written.

It is really a very sad situation. The useless politicians from Northern Nigeria cannot be absolve of blame. They ensured, on top of the corruption across Nigeria that their citizens were not educated or enlightened. In a way they promoted the wrong form of education. Northern Nigeria is fragile and the fragility has come upon all Nigerians.

As it is now, Nigeria has at least 100 years to glory. So it really pains to see that the regions within it have not been set free to start this journey to glory. The present order of things is simply a recipe for catastrophe which is what is happening daily.

The nations within Nigeria really need to wake up and make their nations ready for their children and children’s children. Posterity will not forgive those who refused to prepare for the future.

May the souls of the departed find peace and may the family find the strength to move on.

Terrorism in Nigeria May Lead to Disintegration

By Adeola Aderounmu

On December 26 2009 I wrote on my blog page that Nigerians are not terrorists. That statement is no longer valid.

Nigeria is now among the league of growing terrorist nations.

On Christmas day in 2009 one over-pampered kid Abdul Mudallab put Nigeria’s name on the global map. He is the famous underpants bomber.

One year later at the end of 2010 there has been series of blasts in Nigeria. From Abuja to Maiduguri to Jos and back to Abuja.

Terror now has its grip on the Nigerian nation.

At about 1730 Nigerian time on the last day of the year 2010 there was a deadly bomb in a busy area in Abuja. Thirty people may have lost their lives with several others injured.

As usual the Nigerian government is quick to point accusing fingers. The blame has been shifted to Boko Haram, a group whose mission is not really clear to the rest of us.

It is cheap and easy to blame Boko Haram because of their attack on the police and civilian populations in Northern parts of Nigeria. People have been killed in Jos in violence related to both religious and political conflicts.

There are insinuations that MEND could also be responsible for the Abuja attacks.

Nigerian security forces need to step up and try to stay ahead of these terrorists whether they are MEND or Boko Haram. Otherwise there will be no solution to the oncoming onslaught of violence and devastations that will hit the rest of the country.

The current pattern indicates a clear motive to disrupt the fragile peace in Nigeria. We know we have political problems and we are aware of the massive corruption and unimaginable social injustices in Nigeria: it is therefore easy for a group or groups with selfish ambitions to penetrate jobless extremists and use them to achieve a sort of destabilization that will usher in the final demise of Nigeria.

That in my opinion is the goal of consecutive bomb blasts and terror attacks. The aim will be to fulfil the predictions that Nigeria will disintegrate before 2015. I thought there are better approaches. When this country becomes ungovernable I look forward to negotiations that will usher in the separations of its parts. The consequences of war we are all familiar with. The Biafran experience should not be an option.

Whichever way, there are going to be many questions from now on. How did we get to this point in Nigeria? Are these attacks preventable? Are these attacks related to bad government and corruption across all the tiers of government in Nigeria? Are these attacks premeditated to make Nigerian ungovernable for a man from the Niger Delta?

There are multitudes of questions. There will not be simple answers. Even in the Scandinavian countries where it seems that the government is almost perfect terrorism is beginning to take firm roots.

The government of Nigeria is now finding itself in a dilemma. So many things and issues have been neglected since 1960 that it will be impossible for us to fathom the reasons for these attacks and the nature of things to come.

Just as recent as October 2010, we wasted over N20b celebrating a useless anniversary. We made the biggest cake in the history of man. There are over 100m Nigerians who are poor and impoverished. They have no hope and no option to a life of poverty. Yet we wasted so much money for nothing! Stupid people making useless decisions!

The Nigerian politicians continue to steal and loot across all levels. The presidency, the executive arm, the National Assembly, the state government and all places where politicians reign across Nigeria it has been stealing, looting and enrichments as usual.

Our legislators earn the most money in the world. We complained that they should review their salaries to what civil servants take home, all in vain.

In Nigeria there is no electricity. Where I live in Nigeria we have 4 generators and run 24-7 on them. There is no public power supply. We don’t have water from the government. Our roads are bad and we drive at average speed of 30km/ hr or less.

Public Schools are becoming historic. We pay high fees to keep our children in schools. Education is now a luxury. Foods are expensive, quality and standard of living are terrible and unacceptable!

Pensioners are suffering and people get laid off indiscriminately. NITEL staffs were dismissed without the benefits of continuous pensions. What a wicked government! So silly!

Nigerian politicians keep their families abroad while they suffer us at home.

When you add all of these woes together you get a failed country. Nigeria is a failed country. Therefore it appears as a golden opportunity for those who believe in violence. It doesn’t even matter if the stimulating or sponsoring agents are within or outside Nigeria. The fact is that they have found cracks in the wall and it is therefore too easy to penetrate and destabilize the country and the government.

The government of Nigeria will be at a dilemma and crossroad for sometime to come. How do you begin to know the elements or characters that are so angry they only resolved to kill innocent people? The Nigerian politicians have a way to protect themselves and their families. The victims of the attacks in Jos, Maiduguri and Abuja are people or individuals like me. We have no means to protect ourselves and the security provided by the Nigerian government is almost non-existence. Usually troops lined the streets after the evil has been done. Sometimes this fans the violence and lead to more deaths.

Who will save our souls? Evil is on the rise. The government has failed the people. For fifty years, public servants and politicians stole and stole. They are still in Nigeria. Nothing has been done to them. They ruined our lives. They stole our future and they took our hopes away. Until this day the story is the same.

The new found love of terrorism in Nigeria is an additional plague that we will now have to live with. It has taken 50 years to destroy this country. It will take more than 100 years to fix it.

Nevertheless we must start to build this country now. This is a country with vast potentials. The task of reclaiming the glory of Nigeria is before all of us. It should not really matter who becomes the president if we established a sound foundation for our democracy. What matters is that the likes of Atiku, IBB and even Jonathan should be sent to face trials for the mis-governance they have participated in. I see no hope in the present crop of looters and thieves that are in Aso Rock then and now.

If Nigerians think that they have democracy now, they really need to wake up from that nightmare. Democratic structures run on institutions and not individuals. Democracy runs on the rule of law which no one is above. In Nigeria, several people are above the laws of the land. This has made it possible for impunity to reign supreme. Our political parties are so useless they have no clear cut goals and objectives. Their dream is to capture power and loot the treasuries nationwide.

We really need to sit down in this country and think. We can’t afford to get it wrong this time.

The first ingredient for our future attempt at progress and development will be to find a genuine democratic process.

When we do, we must begin to address the issues relating to the rule of law and the promotion of social justice and state welfare. There is a need to form political parties based on ideology and good governance. We need to promote literate participation with the attempt to eliminate thuggery and insanity from our politics.

The people must know that they have government and governance that works.

The Judiciary must be independent and have the possibility to work with the police to wipe corruption once and for all.

Nigerians must start to probe the sources of wealth. People are stealing in government and private businesses. The nation is sinking because of the actions of a few men and women.

We must rebuild all public institutions, not physically but mentally. Nigeria must now tap deep into the cognitivity of its intellectuals with a view to promoting merit over national character. There is an urgent need to revive nationalistic movements that will carry everyone along. A massive re-orientation along the line of nation building is urgent. The goal will be to save this sinking nation.

The other option is to allow it to continue with the status quo and pretend that all is well while the nation sinks. Such pretentions will allow terrorism to take a firm root and grip on Nigeria. One day a new group will declare once and for all “to your tent O’ Isreal!”

At that point, the prediction of the disintegration of Nigeria would come to pass. Our lives are in our hands.

Jos, Crises Without End

Adeola Aderounmu

When I heard about the recent uprisings in Jos, I didn’t show any interest in blogging about it.

Some friends have read tiredness into my recent attitude towards Nigeria. They have asked me not to give up.

I am not giving up. I am writing my book and looking after my family.

For the records there have been series of killings and counter killings in Jos in the past few weeks alone.

I actually have a feeling that people are killed everyday in Jos since the end of the 2007 elections. I have a feeling that there are thousands of unreported killings and extra-judicial killings.

The killings that make the news are the ones that leaked and could not be covered.

More than ever before the government of Nigeria and the Plateau State governor specifically must find a permanent solution to this mayhem.

But what is the solution or what are the solutions?

Since I don’t live in Jos it will be hard for me to proffer a solution especially on the short term basis.

But on the long run there is a lot of work to be done on education of the citizens and massive public enlightenment on the nature of the problem and the need for the citizens to eschew violence and embrace peace.

The politics of Jos has been mixed with its religion. The results continue to be fatal. How do we resolve this particular issue without arousing sentiments in fanatics on both side of the divide? It’s a precarious situation.

But I’m convinced that there are permanent solutions. It may take time but the crises can all be resolved and the people can live together, tolerating one another and enjoying themselves in peace and tranquillity.

Jos today is not a haven for anyone. That is unpalatable.

The people must be involved at the grassroot level as we seek lasting solutions.

Those useless politicians instigating unemployed people and the illiterates must be fished out. They must face prosecution for the crimes they have committed against humanity. The signals will be strong and definite when people are sent to jail.

That’s the hardest part of the Nigerian judicial system. We don’t send guilty and corrupt people to jail for fear or sentiments that are best known to the political or ruling class. We run our states and national issue like we are mafians.

Certain rotten and useless political Codes must be broken if we want peace in Jos and progress in Nigeria.

Now I’m digressing but I want to stay on this Jos crises.

There are ways out and the governor and all the stupid people capitalising on the ignorance of the people know that there are ways out. But because of the benefits that the political / ruling class get from the ignorance of the people, they prefer the status quo no matter how many people have been killed or how many more that will be slaughtered in the days ahead.

Our country is a peculiar one. We live always in one dilemma or another.

If I am the president of Nigeria I would abandon all the owanbe parties that I have planned or been invited to, I will go to Jos and live among the people for a few days, get a feel of the situation and proffer that everlasting solution. This may mean provision of infrastructure in every community, it may mean provision of good roads, good schools and massive employment opportunities.

I believe that there are ways to take peoples’ minds away from violence and religious fanaticism-find them something to do and give them their sense of dignity. Return to them all forms of social justice and ensure that there is something for them to look ahead to, a bright future.

Nigeria, the issues at stake

Adeola Aderounmu

The news that Mr. Jonathan has dissolved the cabinet today is not to be received with any form of jubilation. If anything it is a new cause for worries.

Mr. Jonathan unfortunately does not have the choice of handpicking the executive members. For several years the system of governance in Nigeria is not based on merits or knowledge of the individuals in their chosen fields.

Right now what is going on is lobbying (which is normal and fair enough) at the different states of the federation where the new cabinet members will come from. At the end of the (new) long wait-which is a serious deficiency of the system-names will be drawn up from the different geographical areas of Nigeria.

The people who will get nominated will be happy for the invitation or re-invitation to loot and steal from the masses. This is the process since 1960-bring in people and let them lie and steal!

The Nigerian National Assembly will also be bubbling by now. We have seen these shameless people in the past soliciting for bribes from nominated candidates so that they can be confirmed by the senate.

For me, history is just going to repeat itself. The senate members will collect bribes, the new executive members will be square pegs in round holes or the other way around. The cycle of idiocy will continue.

There is nothing wrong in dissolving or re-shuffling the cabinets. I’m just afraid that I have seen thousands of that before in my life time. Things only get worse.

We run a system where everything we do is too cosmetic and irrational.

Rather than cabinet reshuffling I would have called these ministers to give an account of their stewardship and achievements. I would have recommended them for prosecution for all the monies that they have stolen. I would have used them as examples of how “not to steal and loot”. I would, as a leader, try to give good examples of what it means to lead.

These men and women will walk away from governance with all the monies that they have stolen and looted. They will be replaced with new categories of thieves. The whole nonsense will continue.

Mr. Jonathan is trying to ascertain his command, but in the end, he will get new people around him that he barely knew.

There are more pressing issues to face in Nigeria.

There is war in Jos. Niger Delta is waging war against Nigeria. There is poverty, millions of Nigerians-more than 70% of the population are extremely poor and living on less than 2 dollars per day. We are talking about approximately 90m people or more. It is one of the biggest human tragedies of modern times. Highly overlooked, but the consequences will make Biafra and Somalia to be children’s plays if Jos and Niger Delta escalate into full blown wars. The rest of the world will not be spared, and this is not going to be the price of gas only.

These grave problems dwarf the significance of the cabinet change in Nigeria, no matter how relevant it seems to the present occupiers of the seat of power.

Nigeria is on a brink, the gun-powders are leaking. Add the wars to the unemployment, insecurity of lives and properties and the uncertainties of everyday life, we are starring at a human disaster on the rise.

Something must give way, otherwise Nigeria will give way and hundreds of nations may arise. No one knows what the consequences and repercussions will be. It’s time for those in the rock to wake up. Even the rock is not immune from weathering. It can happen..!

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