Election Campaigns in Nigeria are total Lies and Deceits (Video Message)

By Adeola Aderounmu, aderounmu@gmail.com

My messages these days are coming on in video forms. Here I discussed about the stupidity of election campaigns in Nigeria and how the politicians have lied since time immemorial.

They make promises only to turn around to steal and loot.

Author: Adeola

Born in Lagos in 1972. Lived in Stockholm since 2002. Torn between 2 worlds. A graduate of the University of Lagos.

2 thoughts on “Election Campaigns in Nigeria are total Lies and Deceits (Video Message)”

  1. In as much as we NIGERIANS allow this people to polarize us using region,ethnicity and religion they will loot and recycle back their puppets to continue with the looting therefore it is high time we go out there and spill our blood and save our children from the slavery we are into unless we still want these idiotic ,myopic good for nothing individuals that are not competent to be leaders in an ideal society to hold us hostage till we die and offspring will continue to there slaves (police ,soldiers,thugs,prostitute,hired killers,praise singers even in the face of abject poverty which is synonymous to death and the cowards who has everything but confronting only to be bribed into hell with them) ADE continue to inspire us and one day the people will wake up from their deep slumber…thanx dude


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