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George Bush: The man with the sharpest reflex in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Who else could have been able to do this…check out the close range!

Thinking loud about life after the white house: George Bush will make fortune as a goalkeeper trainer!

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The validation and triumph of evil in Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria's greatest enemies

(Picture culled from the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper)

Look no further! This man Michael Aondoakaa is the face of evil behind the massive corruption and looting in the Nigerian Political space. This is the man shielding all the corrupt governors and politicians in Nigeria.

He can congratulate Yar Adua because together they are strangulating democracy and refusing to prosecute the likes of Ibori who helped them to power.

This is Nigeria, representing the worst democracy in the world. More than 90 million Nigerians are living below the poverty level courtesy of the implications of the actions and inactions of people like Aondoakaa and an extremely incapable illegal president called Yar Adua.

The Nigerian Supreme Court is definitely made up of dumbs and nonentities and that is why they could validate evil and make it triumph.

What a shameless country! A country without real leaders, a country without a president!

Only the heavens know when the people will rise up and take what is theirs.

Nigeria, A fraudulent Presidency

By Adeola Aderounmu

In April 2007 what has been adjudged as probably the most useless and worthless charade (supposedly an election) in human history was conducted in Nigeria under the joint supervision of one incompetent electoral officer called Iwu and a dictator called Obasanjo. The election without doubt resulted to the emergence of an illegitimate president called Yar Adua.

Today 12th of Dec 2008, the Nigerian Supreme Court declared the illegal president as the winner of that sham conducted in 2007. The oppositions could not prove that the anomalies or irregularities were strong enough to influence the outcome of the election.
But that is the most stupid statement that I’ve heard in 2008. The closest to that nonsense is the claim by Mugabe that there is no cholera in Zimbabwe when children are dying on several sick beds.

There is no point to recount the sham that occurred in Nigeria in April 2007 and it still amazes me when people say that there were elections in Nigeria in 2007? Which election was that? Who voted? Which votes were counted?

The winners of the selective process were already known even before the tamed and timid masses were sent out to waste their time at the ballot stations. Only gullible people would admit that a president was elected in Nigeria in 2007. I have always emphasised that in Nigeria, the arm of the law is extremely short. It doesn’t catch up with tangible issues.

Nigeria today has no legitimate president and anyone laying claim to that position is probably the most senile person alive. Only a thief would knowingly accept stolen mandates or goods. So if there is a president in Nigeria today, that person is a complete fraud.

A country that claims to be the giant of Africa is actually a sleeping dog…! If only those sycophants in power know the implications of their attitudes and actions on the image of Nigeria. If only they know just how they are ruining the integrity and personalities of innocent Nigerians. They are so blinded by their corrupt minds and selfish interests that the only thing that matters to them is that money they continue to loot and share at the end of each month.

Every time this sick country gets the chance to make things right, some feeble minds who are entrusted with public confidence always end up blowing things up. If the Supreme Court judges had stayed on the side of the people, they would have provided the people and the system with a new attempt to do just one thing right since 1959. Nobody has said that it would be done right, but still Nigerians deserved to elect their leaders through the ballot boxes. This has not yet happened since the country became independent in 1960.

Anyone who continues to call Nigeria the giant of Africa should actually be sent to a psychiatrist for immediate evaluation. I think it is time for Nigerians to send scholars to countries like Ghana and Sierra Leone so that Nigerians can learn how these countries conduct normal elections.

One of the most senseless public statements in the world was made by a Nigerian. He is called Maurice Iwu. This man has told the United States of America to come to Nigeria and learn how to conduct proper elections. This type of expression summarises the state of minds of Nigerian public officials. It is close to insanity and deserved to be studied or investigated.

It is very easy to fault the opposition and it’s representatives. People like Buhari and Atiku also represent the side of the oppressors but who are now outsiders in the power game. However that is far from the crux of the matter which remains that 48 years after independence, Nigeria has not taken one step forward. I’d promised to write about the options for Nigeria but it was more difficult than I’d thought. This is a country entrenched in a very serious catastrophe of identity crisis. It is now a known fact that Nigeria is actually a collection of several nations that remain knitted together to perpetually serve the purpose of a few individuals.

The cabal and their progeny remained perpetually behind the scenes while their evil machinery continues to unleashed terror on the poor masses. All attempts like the anticipated verdict of today to change the status quo has been met with dictations from back stage-unseen hands and unheard voices but perceived effects.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to engage in the Nigerian debate except to occasionally bare my mind that the country is rapidly becoming an hopeless entity not faring better than Somalia that has not been govern for more than 15 years.
Everytime I am reminded about the evil nature of governance in Nigeria by these types of occurrences, I can’t help but think about those masses numbering possibly over 100 million who are living from hand to mouth, unsure of the next meal.

The day of reckoning has been pushed forward several times in Nigeria and one can only hope that the principle of natural selection and the knowledge of the advantage of numbers will someday tilt to the side of the majority. On that day, the majority will realise just how easy it is to earn one’s freedom. From now and until then let the cabal and their messengers of evil continue to spread poverty, ignorance and penury

18 months after, Osamuyia laid to rest

Original story by Kanu Ahaoma

My friend,Kanu Ahaoma, who has been following and reporting the story gives an account of the burial. The names of the murderers are also mentioned in the piece available at the Nigerian Village Square.