Atiku and Obasanjo, 2 common thieves

What a shame!

These 2 shameless adults have already washed their dirty clothes in the public for over one year. I am amazed that both of them along with the others who have destroyed Nigeria in the last 8 years are still walking around as free men. There is absence of civility in Nigeria, that is why thieves and idiots parade themselves in power and get away with very bad things.

On May 30th, these men should be in handcuffs and made to refund all the monies that they have stolen from our treasury directly and indirectly. Atiku is telling us now that it was Obasanjo that introduced bribery into the National Assembly. What did he do about it then? He stayed on with a corrupt government because he is also corrupt. Birds of the same feather! If it was not for Obasanjo’s 3rd term ambition, Atiku would not have said anything against this corrupt government that he helped to create. He served diligently until his master showed the animal in him.  

Nigerians are still interested in knowing how these 2 men destroyed the country beyond the level that they met it in 1999. It doesn’t matter that Atiku is fighting with his partner in crime, the relevant thing is that he is a major player and they are both accountable. People like Obasanjo and Atiku should never come near power again. They have made a mess of our lives and their behaviour continue to represent an insult to our collective intelligence.

May Nigeria be delivered from evil and evil men.

Author: Adeola

Born in Lagos in 1972. Lived in Stockholm since 2002. Torn between 2 worlds. A graduate of the University of Lagos.

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